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Thanks again Maam Katrina. 😊❤️

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My brother, the hobbit horticulturist. He raised the from a tiny little cutting. It's only a year old. He is a proud dad.

/ˌdiːfɪnˈbækiə/a genus of flowering in the family . It is native to the New World Tropics from and the south to . Some cultivated as ornamental plants, especially as .

Ma est mal en point (feuilles qui jaunissent). De quoi est-ce que cela peut venir ?

: Recent houseplant buys. (Codiaeum) , (Snake plant), (Dragon plant), (Dumb cane) and . 1/3 ⁦

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What are your for 2019? This Camouflage is planning on eating healthy and staying green.

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DUMB CANE, Dieffenbachia IN BLOOM