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Boy: Plants: Location: Berlin

Jhumpa Lahiri. The name given to a dieffenbachia found in our reference room as well as the name of a famed author.


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Silvery green and white variegated make the Dieffenbachia Snow a definite in the 🌱Now available in 4” pots they make a great addition to that bright light spot in your office or home 💚

Dieffenbachia is a genus of tropical plants in the family Araceae. Some species are widely cultivated as ornamental plants, especially as houseplants, and have become naturalized on a few tropical islands visit:

My plants in their (and my) new home in the lab. They are so happy!

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🌿 I have one that some one gave me that's not looking too good, so I thought maybe we'd just start over with a cutting.

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Dieffenbachia art: Václav Kovalčík, Zlín

So i made this plant bab last night, their name is Arum and they are… angry, to say the least. They are the houseplant that people forget about and that ends up dying by accident. Except… this time HE FIGHTS BACK.

Or more accurately, he destroys everything and eats everyone… in a sense.

When he gets defensive he grows more leaves down his body and uses them like arms, sorta like a centipede. He then drags himself across the floor rather quickly to bite your face off. His past owners left him in their house after they moved away, leaving him to slowly die in the back room of the house.

Just for kicks though I drew him as a spout and he is smol and happy and precious and much happier than adult Arum. 

precious baby bean~