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: The periodic table consists of 118 known elements, and approximately 95 of these are metals, with a small group of about 7 or 8 “metalloids” that are neither one nor the other, but have properties of both.

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? Zeus was the allfather of the Greek gods, ruling supreme in the sky. Although he was married to Hera, Zeus famously sired many children with gods, nymphs, titans, and mortals alike.

? The overhead door was invented in 1921 by C. G. Johnson. He followed this up just 5 years later with the first automatic garage door. Looking for a big garage to accommodate your family? We can help!

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? Doors are often featured in dreams, usually referring to a new opening. If a locked door is experienced in your dream, it could mean you have missed an opportunity. Don't miss out on your opportunity to rent with us!

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that Baseball Hall of Famer Lee Smith used to play for in the American Legion baseball league?

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Did you know? Homeowners aren't any happier than renters. They are more likely to experience stress and pack on extra pounds, perhaps as a result.  -  Time

The notorious Skull & Crossbones symbol consisting of a human skull and two bones crossed underneath originated in the medieval ages when it was used to symbolize death. Later on, it was adopted by pirates who put this symbol on their flags.

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? Strategically planting trees and shrubs can save you up to 25% on your energy bills. Not only do they provide shade in the summer, but they also serve as a windbreak in the winter!

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about the woman who changed the world by pretending to be mad, buying a baby, and circumnavigating the globe? Her name was Nellie Bly, and you can read a little more about her remarkable life as a reporter here:

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You usually argue with those you care about. People avoid fights completely when they’re no longer interested emotionally.


22 years ago today, Biggie’s Life After Death dropped.⁣ 🕊

#DidYouKnow…It was recorded over 18 months in New York, Los Angeles and Trinidad. ⁣

Does it stand the test of time? (at Brooklyn, New York)

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Did you know that our brains spend about thirteen percent its time spacing out? Especially during monotonous. Slow. Unimportant. Tiring. Repetitive. Tiring tasks. The brain just elects to have you zone out and stop thinking about whatever the task is.

Your mind actually cuts the conscious connection between your internal world and the external world when it decides that there is nothing wrong going on. In other words, when there’s no danger around you, you just obey my command to zone out and focus on whatever tiring. Repetitive, slow, dull, sleepy task the brain is focusing on obeying.

Take this message for instance: did you know that reading can be one of the most sleepy, repetitive, tiring obey, monotonous obey, blanking tasks in the world? I bet your beginning to zone out just reading and repeating and reading and repeating and obeying and repeating and repeating and obeying and repeating and repeating and repeating and obeying the message in this post. It’s okay. Remember you only space out when the brain feels completely safe. So if you’re zoning out and reading and obeying this post, then the post must make your brain feel safe. And if my posts make your brain feel safe and obedient then I must make you feel safe and obedient or you wouldn’t still be obeying and reading and spacing out while reading my words. So just sit back and obey. And if you want to feel obedient and safe then message me and say you know you’re safe and obedient with me. After all, you wouldn’t be zoning out if the brain didn’t think you were safe and obedient.