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RT , ik zoek diverse Unimog modellen schaal 1:14 , mocht je wat weten pb aub . Retweet is lief .

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Happy birthday to this gem. Pretty fond of this 💗🏈 (Big love to for the amazing art card - beautiful and thoughtful!!)

Did you miss the arrival of the team & that shiny old mug yesterday? (The , not you, !!!) Meet us at Municipal Plaza today at noon to show these guys how much we appreciate them!!

Only two people in my life have called me Dickie on a regular basis. One was a rugby player who kept punching me in the arm. The other was a colleague (now friend) who drew faces on satsumas and left them on my desk.

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Zabawka Roku 2018 - wyróżnienie! Skorzystaj z promocji BLACK WEEK! Mantiz RC samochód zdalnie sterowany Dickie.

43% خصم على سيارات ديكي كارز 3. يسري العرض حتى 23 نوفمبر 2018 . 43% discount on 3. Offer valid until 23 Nov 2018

बिहार के नवादा स्थित कार्यालय के पास की तोड़ कर रूपए लेकर भाग रहे एक युवक को स्थानीय लोगों ने पकड़ लिया। हालांकि उसके साथ रहा युवक फरार होने में सफल रहा। युवक को लोगों ने को सौंप दिया जो उससे पूछताछ…

Ab heute liegt unser neuer -Katalog in vielen Märkten aus. Und online gibt es ihn sogar 24/7. Mit , , , , , oder unserer hochwertigen neuen Eigenmarke ist für jeden was dabei.

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Bart Allen: This is so crash!

Dick Grayson: I’m really feeling the aster!

Me: *skin is clear, crops are thriving, heart is full*

snacc excerpt


Can you further explain how you feel about Dickie?


Uhh can you repeat the question?


Do you see Dickie as a snacc?


*says this with confidence* No he’s a wholeass meal.