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Learn how can use software-defined templates with to automate provisioning of physical and verify your compliance state with Automate.

After having taken a break from certifications, I'm back at it with 3 in the past 3 months. The latest is the Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

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The movement doesn't end here! We support & other like-minded campaigns demanding a culture of inclusion & equality in the industry.

Trusted apps are fully tested. Access Qapitol QA's Mobile App QA Framework for end-to-end testing, that generates secure and friction-less user experiences.

業界標準の の定義はないんですね。どこから始めるか、人材からか、組織からか、プロセスからか。まずは人材からスタートする。どのような人材がなぜ必要なのかを定義する

Security Tip #5: Create all infrastructure using a tool like Terraform, not via the cloud console. Infrastructure as "code" is much more secure. And PowerDown: #117

Security Tip #6: Power off unused services and servers. The most secure server is one that is powered down. Full security checklist: And PowerDown: #117

阿部さん の取り組みについて。海外と日本の企業に格差が広がりつつあるだけでなく、国内でも取り組みの格差が広がりつつあるようです

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You've read about . You've adopted agile best practices. But you aren't seeing results. Could one of these 3 factors be holding you back? via

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The first video of the welcome meeting of UNICORN H2020 project SME winners that will help to refine the platform


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На днях Microsoft сделала новую версию Visual Studio доступной для скачивания…
В этом видео разработчики Microsoft Visual Studio расскажут обо всех новых возможностях популярной среды разработки от Microsoft и их очень много(особенно, применение ИИ)…


(via Episode #181 - Introduction to Kubernetes - YouTube)


(via Custom Controllers to the Rescue: Tailoring API Objects to Your… - Stephen Chan & Davi Arnaut - YouTube)

CI/CD pipeline using Docker and Jenkins. Step by step

To understand what is DevOps first you need to learn about its life cycle. Our task is to automate the entire process, from the development process to the time we get it into production. That’s the time when we need Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment skills. Let’s present y…
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