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Five-seater electric air-taxi lifts off

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By letting the other person express their opinion, you show that you care about them enough to want to hear their ideas first. This fosters effective communication which leads to trust and loyalty.

STRONG OFFICE TAKE-UP FIGURES FOR MANCHESTER "Manchester's strong figures are testament to the city's continued growth and confidence in the region."

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Software Development Process… 😂😂

Per the study “EventTrack 2018,” over 90% of consumers feel more positive about a brand
after attending a sponsored event. But only a few brands can win consumers’ attention
before, during, and after the event.

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all this time i've been afraid, but wouldn't let it show, nobody can save me now || pov

this morning i woke up still dreaming with memories p l a y i n g through my head, you’ll never know how much i miss you. the day that they took you, i wish is was me instead. i promised you i’d do t h i s, so all of this is all for you.

trigger warning.

A sensação que carregava em seu peito era indescritível, havia momentos em que o latejo das batidas que seu coração dava chegavam ao ponto em que o jovem oriental se sentia a beira de hiperventilação, quase como se o ar não chegasse em seus pulmões. O sentimento de viver em constante melancolia era comum para Jungwoo, no entanto. A saudade de um tempo que não voltaria e que não era nítida suficiente para o menino conseguir clareza em suas lembranças da mãe eram devastadoras. O medo e solidão misturados com sua insegurança o tornara alguém obscuro, carregando em seu olhar um vazio completo, como se fosse apenas um fantasma perambulando entre os vivos, quase o tempo inteiro abatido demais para sequer estudar da forma que deveria, era notório o estado em que se encontrava ainda que o Lee se recusasse a demonstrar sua fragilidade. Tão anormal que uma pessoa nova assim se portasse daquela maneira, e tudo isso, todas suas incertezas e seus medos, a contínua sensação de estar a beira de tirar a própria vida amargurado pelos pensamentos, necessariamente, todos os pedaços quebrados poderiam ter sido evitados se em seu pretérito alguém estivesse ao seu lado, em especial, aqueles que eram supostos lhe amar. Mas eles não estavam lá por Jungwoo, ninguém esteve e ele passou a desacreditar que alguém poderia um dia estar.

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Auto-Binding Success

An update on my previous post about reflection and using it to auto-bind C++ classes to Flash objects.

The experiment was a huge success, I believe! I made an entire new UI scene with 0 actionscript, relying entirely on auto binding… The scene’s C++ is less than 200 lines- all interaction + logic. For comparison, this is a reimplementation of a previous scene which was 500 lines of C++ and 300 lines of ActionScript, most of which was the communication and traversal between the two.

Of the auto-bind features, I’m using 2: Auto-Binding based on member name and treating structs as containers. The latter was especially helpful! It lets you dig 1 element deeper and keep those sub-elements organized. e.g. previously coworkers would do “PromptABtn, PromptALabel, PromptBBtn, PromptBLabel” which is a hassle. Now you can make a struct and just have “PromptA, PromptB” which both have “Btn, Label”. I even added a special keyword “Self” which let’s you refer to the container if needed!

There were two other main features that made it in based on coworker feedback: Custom bindings and array binding.

Some co-workers didn’t like the naming enforced by UnrealScript (if you don’t follow a capitalization convention it could break the entire project), so they wanted a way to bind scene elements with class members that are of different names. That’s set up and works perfectly with any supported type you provide! (like structs, arrays, and scene element classes) It’s implemented to work with UC’s Default Properties, and I’m a fan of the syntax:

Bindings.Add((AS=“sceneName”, UC=“ClassMember”));

And array binding is just very convenient. It matches elements in the scene that have the array variable name + a number, and populates them into the array. This lets you easily manage a bunch of generic objects / list renderers without having to do the tedious custom hookups.

Overall I’m happy with this result, so we should be able to more easily avoid AS when possible! Reflection is such a nice tool to have- it’s upsetting that we don’t have it natively, and won’t for a few C++ iterations at this point. :x C++23 is looking to be the earliest implementation.

Stop telling people to “move on from the past” when what you’re talking about isn’t in the past. Just because the initial event is over doesn’t mean the effects have disappeared. Not every problem disappears the instant after it occurs; some things have objective long-term consequences and require real solutions.

We all have experience with trying to correct the wrongs of the past, whether it’s curing a disease you picked up or reconciling with an estranged relative; you don’t get to decide exactly how much time has to go by before a person should give up. As long as there is hope, “the past” is still very much present.


Aurangabad Exit Poll Opinion and Development Issues.

So, Here is the most awaited video of Aurangabad where some of the best YouTubers of the city asks people about their issues and Who will be their next M.P?

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Day 90 of #100daysofcode 💙

Making API requests with React is what I was into these past days.

Axios is a pretty good library which makes life easy while fetching data.

Do you use axios or prefer the fetch api??


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