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Thank you and for a fun evening discussing how can be combined with πŸ‘Œ

Casa Gloria Refugio | $150,000 USD Located right in front of a protected of mangroves. Also right across of the pool area of the . This 3Bd is very spacy & open. HOA fees include water!

Casa Gloria Refugio | $150,000 USD Located right in front of a protected of mangroves. Also right across of the pool area of the . This 3Bd is very spacy & open. HOA fees include water!

An experienced facilitator knows how to go with their initiation when it comes to design of a conversation.

Great to see Colts Liam, Michael, Matty and Will training with the seniors this evening.

No these aren’t d foreign country pics Pic 1: Sardar VallabhBhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad to be inaugurated by Hon PM Sh today Pic 2: Katra Railway Stn, gateway to holy shrine Maan Vaishno Devi

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Full-Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing

“How serverless technologies are changing what it means to be a full-stack developer”.

with caption 🙃

Kristian Jones | Illustrator

Kristian Jones is a self-taught freelance artist and illustrator who is based in Birmingham.Jones’ works can be seen in magazines, clothing ranges and various bands and clubnights on the Birmingham music scene, crafting posters and artwork of an alternative nature. He also forms part of the incredible collective Brothers of the Stripe, a collection of illustrators, graphic designers and image makers from all over the UK. Jones’ work depicts our relationship with the modern world in a surreal and twisted form to highlight the problems with modern day living, preying on the innocence of childhood imagination, surreal worlds and fictional creatures.

Kristian Jones portrays they hyper-connected world with a negative notion of control and obsession. His illustrations depict children in a retro style showing the difference in generation due to technology and social media. 

Brainwashed - 2016

1984/2015 - 2015

Like Me - 2016


But serious question though.😁

How can I help bring value to you guys? What do you guys want to see from me?🤔

How can I assist you with your current situation? Do any of you need help with anything stopping you from getting what you want?🤔🤔

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Day 52-54 - Title Scream

17th January 2019


I tried to heal a bit for the past weeks and ran some errands I postponed to January. Since Tuesday I’ve working on the prologue again. Time really helps to detect the cringe (ノ~o~)ノ

I realized that I needed a longer break but tomorrow is the deadline for the “Deutscher Computerspielepreis” (German computer games award) and I just wanted to try my luck and enter Mirrorboy for the junior’s protoype category. I’m not used to putting my work out there, except for online uploads, but I Mirrorboy has some pretty important themes for me and I hope it will help some people when its out. I can’t spoil anything here though. But I’ll drop some hints here and there in the future. (ノ゜▽゜)

Thuuus, I began making a title screen. And OH BOY. I’m definitely not a graphic designer. (I NEEDED TWO WHOLE DAYS TO DECIDE ON THE FONT lol, I don’t know how pros do it eh) But it’s okay as a prototypical screen I think. Tumblr is a little weird when I want to upload a .GIF so you won’t see the little animation here. And apropos .GIF. I posted a .GIF way back once on this blog. It was the screenshot with the space-like background. One is able to right-click to play it but I don’t think people saw what was hidden there. The post title was “Mysterious Boi” because I introduced a new character haha. I’ll just drop him here now.

Have a good week!

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