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I mean I never told anyone that I never took Linear Algebra… and now a man is dead.
—  College dropout-turned freelance app developer


hear me out: a GOOD dating/community building app for LGBT religious folx. yay or nay? pls like/reblog/dm me to express interest so i can get together a team of developers. (and if that’s you, PLEASE dm me! esp if your located near lancaster pa !)

i am an artist and am committed to design a beautiful app that is more competent than her, more current and less straight than christian mingle, and less problematic than grindr. i imagine it would be middle ground intensity—in between low commitment apps like tinder, bumble, hinge, and high commitment sites like or eharmony.

dream features to include:

- platonic setting

- ability to build lgbt community in the form of home churches: bible studies/fellowships/friend groups, etc.

- prioritization of more blahalized users safety. so many dating apps compromise the safety of our poc, trans, and disabled neighbors and that’s not ok !!

- ability for users to add lgbt/christian lgbt resources to a shared map. the dream is for this feature to be a gay yelp of sorts (but much more minimal)

- a lock feature on the app to protect users from homophobic family members. also idk if it’s possible, but the ability to change the app icon for further safety. (lol sorry if that sounds ridiculous to those of you who are more technologically advanced than i)

- mini games in chat to break the ice. perhaps 21 questions composed of 21 quality theological questions. word find? personality game to open up doors for healthy convos abt yourself/habits/fears/tendencies/needs.

- daily tips and reminders for healthy christ centered relationships—like couples prayer pointers and couples scripture study tips.

- daily fun facts abt queer theology ??

Epic Games Store - Store Wars

PC as a gaming platform is unique in a multitude of ways, but I think it can all be summed up in a single word: options. You choose how much money you want to put in your build, you can choose your operating system, you can choose what resolution your games run at, so on and so forth. Soon, there might truly be an option of what storefront you want to use. At least, I hope Epic Games Store will be that.

Competition is healthy for any industry, and the gaming industry is no exception. Steam, for everything it does right, does a lot of things wrong. Or just poorly. Its communication/chat platform has never been good, and things like TeamSpeak and Discord have filled that need for the PC community. Epic Games Store can compete too, they just have to find the thing that they will do better. 

Epic came out of the gate swinging. Not only are they giving away critically acclaimed games for free every two weeks, but they also secured desirable exclusive games for their platform, like Ashen. Which is great for the consumer end. But on the developer end they appear to be doing even more good, offering an unheard of 88/12 revenue split to people who sell games on their store. This is in contrast to Steam’s 70/30 split, which has been the standard for years. This means that if you want to support game developers, Epic Games Store is the place to do it. Although, it should be noted that Discord has a similar revenue split, but will probably never have the pull and reach that Epic does. 

What I think is unfortunate is that there will probably be a lot of pushback from existing PC players. The convenience of having everything in one place (Steam) is too appealing to consider adding yet another launcher to their desktop. And honestly, there are too many launchers on PC. Besides inconvenient, it is actually difficult to keep track of every storefront and keep your games up to date across all of them.

Hopefully, at the very least, Epic Games Store makes enough of a splash that some of the great things they are doing will be adopted by Steam. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading.


By far my favorite animation in this series, what do y’all think? 🌟✅❤️🙊
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