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Java/J2EE Developers

Our product owners are presenting new stuff through a livestream so all our colleagues all over the Netherlands can get the latest updates. And I love that we are watching it with all our in our ‘gezellige’ kitchen ☺️

I just discovered the feature to build an automatic UML diagram from the code. Congratulations one more time to facilitate our work!

A Plataforma 🖥 traz novas vantagens incluindo que é mais do que uma ferramenta de monitorização e pode enviar-lhe mensajes de alerta e ainda resolver problemas proativamente. Quer saber como?👇🏾

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254 Westgate Ave

Located in Brentwood📍

6 Bed, 9 Bath 🛏🛁

8,609 Sqft of Living Space 🛋

On a 32,000 Sqft Lot 🌲

Priced at $11,500,000 💵

Created by @colossalproperties 🏗

Shot by @hutchjohnstone 📸

Edited by @pax_productions 🎞

Day of 14 #100daysofcode 💚

Was learning how to integrate React with Redux.

Learnt few new and important concepts.

This redux topic is huge.

BTW How was your weekend??

How to develop Fuel delivery app like CAFU?

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10 Promising Video Games That Were Totally Ruined By Publisher Meddling

I’ve seen a few big tweets encouraging people to pirate CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 in regards to a transphobic tweet that was made back in late August of 2018. A tweet that was acknowledged as wrong and apologized for shortly afterward. 

I’m trying to understand what people are thinking here. Do they believe the entire dev team sat down, had a vote like “all those in favor of this childish tweet?” and they all said “aye”? At the very least there was some foolish intern who was in charge of the twitter, and at the very worst there were a few higherups responsible for it.  

CD Projekt Red’s twitter is not reflective of the entire almost 900 developers who work for her. The same devs who have been working their asses off on this game for years now. Is it fair we can say simply “pirate it ;)” for a mistake from almost a year ago? How about the devs who are members of LBGT+?  Statistically speaking, there may not be a large number on the team, but people are still people even if few in number. Is it fair we decide to pirate a game they’ve been involved with? 

Sales numbers matter and do have a direct effect on job stability. Don’t go hurting developers who had nothing to do with this.

Fullstack resources for professional programmers 2019

Finding great materials for developers isn’t that hard  when you know where to look for them. You should know that Syndicode in software development since 2014. We collected a bunch of neat resources about programming, but there are always several that could be called the best. This week we pre…