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RT : This UI is made by our UI-Artist Tebea. She is also working at @foxedart. Today she will give an insight into her motivations.

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RT : This UI is made by our UI-Artist Tebea. She is also working at @foxedart. Today she will give an insight into her motivations.

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I’m trying to develop an art style. I’m struggling and I need help. I’m trying to figure out how to do the line art and how to shade and color things.


General notes;

  • Players / gamers perspective, the eyes of which the game is viewed changes the feel of the game.
  • Duration want the players to be caught out, it can be devastating when a player only plays for two minutes.
  • Atmosphere or interesting elements to it.
  • Even the most hyper-realistic game experiences are still abstract creations, just because a road might no be that long, can be extremely long.
  • Presentations need to be catching, developing and more structured. It will allow feedback to flow better, it pays to put the effort it.
  • Library research, look at photography, scan it in and gather ideas.
  • Play with the ideas and be as creative and abstract as you can, push and play with your ideas.  
  • The art matters, serve the thing, think about what it means, what makes it a stronger anti reality to play in.

    What does the art need?

    - Stop worrying about yourself and think about what the art needs and have fun.

  • Oskar Schlemmer- Triadisches Ballett von.
  • Long Term do a project like this then do something very different. National geographic, little bits of everywhere. Do a diverse set of things, very different and interesting.
  • Just get on with things, do things be a bit disrespectful.  
  • Narrative descriptions of landscape, weird old places people used to live or producing something from someone’s words. Environment design.

    - Build off of the familiar and produce something new, like taking various     photos of a bridge and develop foliage around it;

    - What would it be like in the future?

    - Referenced from something that’s not already done, it’s not already been used or a feature of a pre-existing game or concept.

Game Feedback/Notes;  

  • Level design, get caught don’t get caught, not the fun world we are creating. 

    - The development would be creating fun by adding the puzzle side of things. 

    - Luring and retrieving things, thinking and scheming things.
  • Messiness, chaos stealth is over then it’s a chase where you must just grab things and your desperate.

    Pockets get so big you slow down.

    - Hiding around corners to loose people. PACMAN e.c.t
  • The trench coat, its revolving that aspect as the main point of the game. The game therefore needs to be revolved around that singular concept. 
  • Animate set of small animations, static state, walking state and a shocking state, in 2D and develop it all like that. 
  • The artstyle;  

    Developing the messy art style run down Tesco’s that rodents go in and steal food.

    - Collage the walls, making it abstract.

    - It makes it look like the typical Britain, rough end shops outside train station bombarded by millions of people through the day.

    - Further development; the train station would be going to different destinations in Brittan making it feasible to have multiple level designs.

Theme: Inspire
Poetic Video “Flourish”

You have
the power
to water
the seeds,
flourish and
fulfill all
your needs 💙

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Mistakes are actions we have taken that did not come out the way we hoped or expected. Mistakes are errors. They are not the end. They are part of our development. They build character and inform us. When we stood from crawling to walk as babies, we fell a few times but we still walked.

I hope you have not made just a few mistakes but a lot of them. The more mistakes you make on the way to your goal the more you learn.

OK, so you broke something, maybe someone’s trust. You made a mistake. Maybe you cannot fix it.  You learned. You suffered. Now, you know better. If you do not know better, you will keep on making the same mistake until you know better.

Wisdom teaches us to know when it is time to cut our losses of people, projects, and behaviors that do not serve our greater good and make new choices.

Do you like to watch blooper reels? I do. It lets me know even the top line professionals make mistakes. I often begin new projects, I make mistakes, sometimes some big and costly ones, ask me about my filmmaking. If you could see my blooper reel……..

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First, what I want to do is explain why I am starting this.

I was born in 1995, the year of the Pig (don’t make fun of me! the pig a very honourable animal!) in the Chinese calendar, exactly 24 years ago (If you are not very familiar with the Chinese lunar calendar, please google it. You will be able to find way much better explanations that I could ever give you). 

2019 is again the Pig Year and since next one won’t be until 12 more years I thought that this might be the right signal for me to start doing what I was always scared about: new, long-term, steady, healthy HABITS.

I want to use this platform to keep me accountable for what I want to do for myself and maybe (if I am lucky enough to be read) read some of your opinions and advice. Remember that this is going to be an open space and that I would love to grow with whoever is reading this. So please, share with me. 


I think about myself as a generic person. No great skill, no big dream, no immense fortune. I know it sounds sad but I consider myself very lucky, though. I am passionate about almost everything. I decided to move to Taiwan after my exchange year and I am starting a new life here. Well, at least I am trying to. I want to get rid of all the bad habits that I have and introduce some new once.

If you follow the reading, you will find a list of things that I would like to begin this year.

  • learn more about marketing
  • read more
  • start a bullet journal
  • improve my focus while studying
  • be healthier (food and exercise)
  • increase my self-esteem

So, yeah, if you are interested in any of these things, let me know and let’s keep in touch to develop them together <3