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... del nos explica en qué consiste el proyecto / ... explains us what is this project.

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Nearing the end of the day and listening to on the future of the web platform. The origins of the web were assessed as vague but exciting

When I chose the "business" card for my self, I've selected exactly this design, it was the 2013. Surprised to see that it is still available !

"What matters in are not the results, but rather that young have a for their , are willing to and accept its inevitable highs and lows, and continue to physically, technically, and mentally."

Let’s talk about joining today. Today’s starts with you. Take a walk download the App and learn something new!

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The will see you now! We're delighted to have at our centre today to deliver their Workshop: a session designed to give owners the tools to and their business! 👨‍⚕️

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Cruore - literally “flowing blood

prompt fill for @tetsuocommittee thank you for showing interest in my still largely underdeveloped gremlin of an OC :’)

There’s a lot of blood. Too much blood.

Not surprising for a head wound, but it’s on his hands, it sticks to his knuckles.

It darkly stains the front of Makiko’s light blue shirt.

Takeo didn’t mean to punch her. Well, he did, but he didn’t mean to actually hit her. To hurt her, to make her bleed. He’d never want to do that. Ever.

But he did.

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Montessori Rainbow Rings Puzzle - Montessori Board Educational Toy – LIMBA-TRENDS

The Montessori Educational Toy That’s Helping Thousands Of Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills and Critical Thinking! ✅FUN MONTESSORI TOY- With pegs and colorful stacking rings, as well as corresponding 1-10 number and dot block tiles, your child will have hours of fun learning to count, sort, stack, and group. ✅STEM LEARNI