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Be where you can grow, not where you feel the need to hide your growth.


General notes;

  • Players / gamers perspective, the eyes of which the game is viewed changes the feel of the game.
  • Duration want the players to be caught out, it can be devastating when a player only plays for two minutes.
  • Atmosphere or interesting elements to it.
  • Even the most hyper-realistic game experiences are still abstract creations, just because a road might no be that long, can be extremely long.
  • Presentations need to be catching, developing and more structured. It will allow feedback to flow better, it pays to put the effort it.
  • Library research, look at photography, scan it in and gather ideas.
  • Play with the ideas and be as creative and abstract as you can, push and play with your ideas.  
  • The art matters, serve the thing, think about what it means, what makes it a stronger anti reality to play in.

    What does the art need?

    - Stop worrying about yourself and think about what the art needs and have fun.

  • Oskar Schlemmer- Triadisches Ballett von.
  • Long Term do a project like this then do something very different. National geographic, little bits of everywhere. Do a diverse set of things, very different and interesting.
  • Just get on with things, do things be a bit disrespectful.  
  • Narrative descriptions of landscape, weird old places people used to live or producing something from someone’s words. Environment design.

    - Build off of the familiar and produce something new, like taking various     photos of a bridge and develop foliage around it;

    - What would it be like in the future?

    - Referenced from something that’s not already done, it’s not already been used or a feature of a pre-existing game or concept.

Game Feedback/Notes;  

  • Level design, get caught don’t get caught, not the fun world we are creating. 

    - The development would be creating fun by adding the puzzle side of things. 

    - Luring and retrieving things, thinking and scheming things.
  • Messiness, chaos stealth is over then it’s a chase where you must just grab things and your desperate.

    Pockets get so big you slow down.

    - Hiding around corners to loose people. PACMAN e.c.t
  • The trench coat, its revolving that aspect as the main point of the game. The game therefore needs to be revolved around that singular concept. 
  • Animate set of small animations, static state, walking state and a shocking state, in 2D and develop it all like that. 
  • The artstyle;  

    Developing the messy art style run down Tesco’s that rodents go in and steal food.

    - Collage the walls, making it abstract.

    - It makes it look like the typical Britain, rough end shops outside train station bombarded by millions of people through the day.

    - Further development; the train station would be going to different destinations in Brittan making it feasible to have multiple level designs.

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