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Bug bounty platform HackerOne raises $36.4 million

Hello fellow developers Tutorial video to show how you can create counting scores effect in . It is something similar that we have seen in wide variety of games like , ,

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Tired of re-writing your code when you're ? You don't have to! Try Isolator and start unit testing without rewriting your code:

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My favorite gmail feature: To schedule emails to be sent at 3 am (8am CEST)

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Still at it

Its been a long time i know, so i thought i would jump on and give a brief update as to what is going on and just to say, yes Stan is still alive.

So i have actually done quite a bit from when i left off, but not a lot for the time i have been away. 

Upon moving north i was informed the campus i was at went back on their word and failed me the first chance they had (not that i was surprised since i paid for a course that was meant to teach me AI programming in games, and then never actually taught any programming at all). 

So Stan was to now be something i would do on my own time since i now had no deadline.

Note to anyone interested in getting into the game industry - Be very mindful of any courses specifically for game art or development, especially anything under four years. Better to study modelling or programming straight out of the gate and then side step into game development. This will make you more versatile and leave you with an education outside of game development (having more options is always a good thing).

With looking into options on what to do with the course (and still am), we had a death in the family which put a hold on anything in my life. Such times are always trying for sure, but then just to top it off, a month after when everything seemed like it was heading back to normal, i got ill, and i mean very ill, which had me layed up in bed for weeks.

Exciting times haha.  

Now once back to normal i was asked if i would make a board game. It’s something different then what i would normally do, but i actually do love the design process for such a thing, and anyone that has tried to make a board game knows the challenges. 

Now i had already made one about two years ago - Unknown Kings and although it had some issues that needed ironing out, it looked and sounded the part. Pulling it off the shelf and giving the pitch and show and tell, all parties were now hyped. 

Although nothing has come to past as of yet, the interest in the game i had already done made me realize how close to finishing i had gotten with it. 

With an over haul on some of the rules and a few play tests later, Unknown Kings is drawing closer to complete. The game meeting wasn’t a full bust though, as it seems one of their contacts actually owns a disruption company.   So as for what will become of Unknown Kings once done i am unsure, but i will keep you all posted for updates on that in the future.

As for Stan, since it has been awhile from when i actually worked on Stan, it would be quite a bit of a stretch for me to remember all that i have done, but will go over the most notable areas that come to mind. 

For the most part i did a complete overhaul on how scripts are called, and did a general clean up compiling a tone of them. All with the idea to future proof the game in case i expand on it later. A lot of the clean up resulted in batch calls and frame rates improving, wasn’t really the goal but is a win in anyone’s book.  

One of the more improved areas was level information. 

Most of what i had was hard coded within the game (from prototyping that never changed). This worked well for what i had (1 movie, 5 levels), but made it impossible to expand on. 

With information on how lists work and an example from the Wizard himself - i made a simple, expanding information script (Storedinformation), that makes up the back bone of Stan’s career.   


This will see much use in many areas, including Movie and stunt selection (Above script) and what levels are locked or not. 

With this, Saving and loading progress also becomes more simplified with now only needing to loop through the list.       

Other implementation saw areas of the game where i would allow Stan to run and jump to other areas of a stunt, as long as he landed safely upon coming off one of the placed items. Since Stan coming to a complete stop for no other reason then you not placing an item down felt off, this was a small thing just to help. Although i am unsure if such a thing will stay, and more play testing is needed to see if this too seems odd. 

Items such as a jet pack was added just for my amusement, with it actually working quite nicely i think. Items such as this will be something Stan will have to unlock along the way and will hopefully add more of a variety to the game play. Items ranging from items needed for movie vfx, or stunts themselves, to items that you buy for Stan’s home still need to be figured out, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to throw them out there. A semi large healthy list i think would be nice.

Also just to add salt into the mix, i moved from the unity 3d engine, to their lightweight render pipeline engine, giving me more freedom in the overall look it will have without needing to know a crazy amount about render properties.

Hopefully now everything has calmed down i will be able to get back into work and keep updates coming more regularly. 

If anyone is interested in random bits of work i’ve done or what Unknown Kings looked like two years ago, check out my Instagram page - 

Until next time, signing out.

Mia: You love me, right, Dev?

Dev: Normally i’d say yes without hesitation, but feel like this is going somewhere and i don’t like it.

Dev Update 9.13

Long time see!  As some of you know, I work full-time in fire/rescue services, and while I do get downtime in my 14 hour shifts, it can be kind of a big bite to chew trying to fit in a game as complex as I originally wanted Havenfell to be.  I’ve sort of stepped back and examined it as a project and what I want of it, and I decided that it’s too big of a project to tackle as my first game.

It doesn’t mean I will stop with it - rather, I am going to tackle a much smaller game project called Momoku no Musume (Blind Daughter) and I was thinking I would take Havenfell as the developer name and post updates and shared assets here in the meantime.  

I’m still fussing what I want to do with the actual game of Havenfell, if I want to approach it differently in the future, maybe funded with a kickstarter, or if I want to translate it into a comic or even a visual novel.  

Sorry if this upsets anybody, but if you want to hang around for Blind Daughter, feel free too.  It’s intended to be sort of a Dolls of Rozenheim/Mori/Japaneseque horror and is inspired heavily by Japanese folklore, Aoikigahara, and the Fatal Frame games.  Cheers!

Dev: You have a fake ID??? With a fake name and everything???

Harry: I-I can explain…

Alex: He use it to get a second library card, so he can take out twice as many books as possible

Mia: Do you ever see something that changes your life and you’re just “huh”?

Dev: I saw you

Mia: Honestly that’s so cute and sweet and it makes this really awkward because I was gonna show you this drawing I made of Amber as a turkey

Brendman: Ehy Dev, how much do you think it takes to have hallucinations from lack of sleep?

Dev: Mhm… I thin-

Amber: 72 hours

Dev: How do you kn-

Amber: There’s a clown right behind you, Brendman

Zac: *Screams*

Petal: *In another room* What’s up?!

Dave: He probably saw himself in the mirror



Dev: I can’t see the top of my head

Kayleigh: *Looks up at Dev* No one can see the top of your head except god

UAV Flight Simulator Development #Week05-10


- Added new air control system and tests in progress.

- Added rocket launcher system.

Next update:

- Develop ground control system

- Fix air control system.

- Set explosion to rocket.

- Develop sound design.

- Landing gear animation.

Dave: Where are you going?

Mia: To either get ice cream or commit to felony. I’ll decide on the way