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At last all the best to you πŸ‘ Mr. and our loved and now aka Awwwwwwbir πŸ˜‚

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So monetarisierst du deine WordPress-Inhalte mit wenigen Klicks ΓΌber die Blockchain

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this was some weird but good shit


when they say botw2 is “in developement” does anyone has maybe an idea of in how much time they will finish it? not impatient, just wanna know

like, when can we expect the game to be released? in 1year? 2years? even 3years?? or even less than 1year??

i have no basic conception of the time developping a game, etc, takes….

so if anyone knows… thanks

ERA AESTHETIC - (devonne walker, who y’all dont know yet but she’s on her way)

rules.  bold what applies to your muse. 


tired eyes. coffee stains on the table. listening to the bustle of the city. unmade beds. loose ponytails. sunlight seeping through the curtains. chapped lips. walking barefoot across the floorboards. dusty dictionaries. black and white reruns. huge sweaters. the ticking of the clock. hearing birds in the morning. fireplaces. falling asleep during class.


freckles. the sun rising. watching the sea. taking shots of the city. historical museums. bright eyes. looking up at the clouds. walls covered in artworks. drawing in the middle of lessons. tracing your fingers on the sand. painting for hours. staying in uncrowded coffee-shops. worn paperbacks. messy braids. going to bed with your kneesocks on.


dark hair. a little sophisticated. always observing the world around you. intricate designs. high ceilings. extravagant musical pieces. dim lights. colourless photographs. fancy furniture. pale skin. hearing soft footfalls coming from outside the room. mischievous looks. bitten nails. candlelight dinners. dark shades of lipstick.


chandeliers. the clinking of a teacup mug. laced clothing. modern architecture. light hair. watching the view from the terrace. hidden birthmarks. drinking tea in the morning. wandering about in an empty building. botanical gardens. old films. ancient marble sculptures. expensive perfume. breakfasts in bed. reading about mythology.


compassion. short writings on scraps of paper. blushed cheeks. a bouquet of roses. reading collections of poetry late at night. loose hair. carpeted floors. attending operas. faint music playing in the background. staying under the covers until midday. the night sky. streetlights. picking flowers. dancing around in silk dresses. scented candles.

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Ketchup to where I am now with my first devlog! 😜 (Music : Barradeen - you know)


Simple NES Game mock-up

#nes #game #art #8bit #pixelart #pixel #oldgames #retro #animation #indiegame #indiegamedev #independentgame #dev #devblog #pixaki #animation

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Diary and Details

Lately, I’ve been working in fixing stuff and adding final details for optional and small content. The diary is one of those things that have been working with placeholders for the longest of times.

I’ve been adding images for all the entries as well as developing new icons for some special entries (to be specific, those within the Item tab).

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