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Touche d’Humour du vendredi 👩🏽‍💻👍

Tamil Movie 's All Kerala : [Final Update] Final All Kerala Gross : 54L Rights : 65L Share : 25L+ Loss : 40L * Disaster !

Want a pretty admin interface for your Go project? Check my article about 's admin and how to integrate it with your Go project! Full tutorial with tips, tricks, , UUIDs, and more! ♥

: ' Gamification has a huge role, are established with most BlueChip brands in the UK with strategic partnerships which will be unfolding SHORTLY are making sure they'… , see more

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¿Como lo solucionará ? Evitando esta cadena, haciendo el intercambio más directo y respaldándose con la blockchain.

COI - Chat Over IMAP. Discover How COI Will Change the World. It's an initiative to provide a modern messaging experience on top of email.

4 కోట్ల వద్దన్నారు.. 50 లక్షలకు దిక్కులేదు చిత్ర యూనిట్ అత్యాశకు పోయి అప్పుడు అమ్మడానికి బెట్టు చేసింది -

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me: knows fully well I’m not moving in with my boy any time soon

also me: spends hours looking at apartments and houses online that we could realistically afford with our combined income

[ NICOLE MAINES, FEMALE, SHE/HER ] Oh them? That’s ELLA MATTHEWS the SEVENTEEN year old JUNIOR who got into the school because of their PERFORMING. I saw graffiti on the bathroom stall that said they were ARROGANT and RUTHLESS, but I think that they’re DEDICATED and AMBITIOUS. I wonder if they will get on with the Beverly Hills lot? [ REUBEN, -18, GMT, HE/HIM ]

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[ MAXENCE DANET-FAUVEL, MALE, HE/HIM ] Oh them? That’s REED JENNINGS-FINLEY the EIGHTEEN year old SENIOR. I saw graffiti on the bathroom stall that said they were NEEDY and IMPULSIVE, but I think that they’re PASSIONATE and CHARISMATIC. I wonder if they will get on with the Crenshaw lot? [ ,REUBEN, -18, GMT, HE/HIM ]

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Brandon is a furry because he's dating a cat. (Shout out to Ruby's Animal Crew AU) - Dev

You know what? I’d call you a bastard but you’re absolutely right about this


Repost @arklabco Prototype #computervision test using #opensource #tensorflow repositories from @github thanks for the tip @sirajraval.
#ai #machinelearning #city #cars #dev #coder #code #programming #programmer #engineering

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Pfft, while Ruby is right, I started off with a low tier shitpost, as not to scare you off. So, you want higher tier then? - Dev

I have literally never been less threatened in my entire life.