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MOP Tahiti Black Lip squares with black grout

Can you imagine that they are just ceiling ? P.S.: I think I've found my new ! Comment below if you want me to send you the high def version! If you liked it and are curious for more, have a look here😊:

We think that talented interior designers of were probably inspired by the famous of Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 🤔 Do you agree?

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Wanna lick my pussy?

something i should remember: x is a really gross horny boy, ive known him since i was 14, (he’s two years older and i thought him and sk and everybody were just the coolest lol) anyway, so proud of him for just keeping it at flirting through texts when i hit him up for that (i like really didnt like him for about a year until now, because he was being a gross boy) but then i found out i couldnt do the ecstasy with him, because he lives with a girlfriend now!! told him i was proud of him when i saw him tonight. i told Matt when i made plans to roll with him tonight, that im always scared that im going to die when i do drugs. Especially ecstasy in Daytona, it’s always that cut Molly. And given, i especially shouldnt do drugs because of bipolar and my medication interactions, i take the risk because i rationalize the fact that ive been completely fine even doing the cut molly (well knowing it has meth in it…uh.) and, so, i do trust x over anybody ive gotten drugs from for steady years. it seemed like he was the safest person for me to get it from, because he told me it is pure, and it is strong. When i was getting it from him, i asked him how much i should take (i always ask him how much of the drugs I take at times when im doing it/getting it from him) because he knows how i am from day one. so he said, (this is the point im trying to keep as a memory) “have you been drinking?” “No. im not drinking tonight, only this. im doing it with Matt.” “Who’s Matt?” “Dude in the car.” “Ok, you’re a lightweight so melt one on your tongue and you’ll be straight. It wont get you too fucked up, but you’ll be fucked up.” “Are you sure i shouldnt sniff it? i like sniffing beans” “trust me, ive been drinking and im melting one on my tongue right now and i dont even want the rest of it im fucked up. Melting it or eating it is the best way.” so, i was melting one on my tongue with Matt getting noticeably happier and i was still too scared to swallow it like Matt did after a few because it was numbing our tongues and tasted like chems but then i was talking and i swallowed it and i got scared like MATT WILL I GET TOO FUCKED UP he said no that’s the perfect amount and way you should have done it youre perfect now. then i got really gloing like i am rn and we had so much fun being bffs having no plan about how cool itd be to have me just run off to NYC with him. and i asked him if id be ok to take another. and we did. then later, another. and then x txt me to check up on me to make sure i was alright<3 that meant so much. because he took into consideration the times he’s seen, or heard of me getting fucked up either inebriated or mentally from drugs. and he asked what WE were doing, not just me, which made me so happy he just started deading that horny boy player shit now that he’s with whoever he’s with. we lied and said no one could come over >:)))) then he told me to hit him up any time andddddd THIS is a really trash post this is entirely personal moment story for myself to possibly find a year from now clicking through my archive. details are important and i know i forget.

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❛ What’s the big hurry? We’ve got plenty of time to play. ❜ @ roman of course

[ meme ]

.       fingers hook in the waistband of her pants while full lips mouth along her jawline. his breath comes in heavy pants and his heart ( and his desire ) races out of control. she’s right, though, they don’t have to rush, as much as his dick is screaming objections. ❝ okay, ❞ he breathes, but he doesn’t stop, doesn’t show any signs of slowing, teeth grazing down her neck as his thumb finds the edge of the button of her jeans and sets to opening it. ❝ these still need to come OFF. ❞


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Dig into my muse’s life | headcanons 

2: Who was your muse’s first kiss?

  • Her first kiss was actually with a girl in her class, Elena Shapiro, when she and Jules were both nine. Elena  and curious about why her sister was so obsessed with kissing. It was a quick peck, barely a moment, but Jules still counts it as her first kiss anyway. 

5: Does your muse have any phobias?

  • Jules is terrified of needles. Before she joined Hellfire, she had to be sedated for her annual shots. She still needs to be sedated for her shots, but when she misbehaves, they use it as a punishment.

8: Who was your muse’s first crush?

  • Jules has always had a thing for her neighbor, Caroline Moreau. They were best friends and Caro was one of the few who actually gave Jules any form of affection. She gave her virginity to Caroline when she was fourteen and Caro sixteen.

9: What is your muse’s sexual preference?

  • Jules is only interest in women, but if the woman in question is only interest in men, she’ll shift to make it work.

#details #music #epic #sound #art #digitalart ##artwork #illustration #wallpaper #landscape #contemporaryart #musicvideo #dead to the #world (στην τοποθεσία Thessaloníki)

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Them Face Orbs

@mikia87 @widget-2

Since I was forced to recently uninstall/install the game I had Iggy’s true eyes back in play, so I thought to do this post when I was shutting it down to drop in the Bros complexions data’s again.

These are both 10x Resolution.


I can’t get over this.

And the texture on his collar is amazing.