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First portrait done a while back

This is not only with great attention to , it is also -sized. It is 🌛Moon Lake in downtown .

Chiusura Tribunale dalle ore 19.00 di domenica fino alle ore 20.00 di martedì e dalle ore 19 di giovedì fino alle ore 20.00 di venerdì, -

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1907 Pierre Jean van der Ouderaa - Şarkıcı ailesi

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The Bangla Mishti Hub - is conceptualised as a confluence of the ten best 'mishti’ (sweet) brands of the state under one roof to celebrate the charm of Bengal’s sweets. Read more about the project here:

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I still dislike how Ariel deliberately puts Melody’s hair in a ponytail. It’s not fancy for a party, let alone one in old times or as fancy as this or when you’re the guest of honor or if you’re the Princess. Let alone all these things at once.

But now I see that Ariel knows she’s nervous and is doing what she can to make her daughter comfortable. Melody feels more comfortable in a ponytail then with her hair down and Ariel knows this and is letting her daughter be herself. Ironic considering the movie’s central conflict. It’s really sweet and so maternal and it shows how close they really are. As they spend most of the film fighting, its hard to see the love they have for each other.

It’s just a really nice detail.

And it makes it easier for the animators so win-win.


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Penance (2016-2017) by Camilla Hanney, new contemporories 

the burnt holes can be easily neglected in the first glance, however when one examine it closely, they would be amazed by the details of this piece. 

the repetitive labour and mundane, really effective use of material and process 


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Lashed by Paul Bradley
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South Gare. Helios 44-2