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Inspiré par le jeu chiant. Je montre ça, avant d'essayer de faire un paysage et de tout saloper.

Reprise du dessin après de très nombreuses années, il ne reste plus qu'à continuer et progresser // A first drawing after many years, I will continue to draw and try to progress 😀

I drew Honey, the oc of an friend Hope you like it! Unfortunately my scanner is not that good with the colors :c

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Did not try digital painting in a while, but this character I drew on Tuesday really needed colors, and since I don’t have my colored pencil here in Seoul…


Ok… Finally I can’t find the time now to recolorize this drawing but I hope I’ll can find time during this year 😭

I have a lot of illustrations, scenarios, comic strips projects to do and it’s really fun ! Yeah, but… It takes time to do all this beautiful things so i’m gonna take more time for my homeworks and doing personal project a little less.


So ! I almost forgot to introduce the drawing ahah ~

This is my first (yes… my first !!!!!!!) illustration for an event that many people now know about, HALLOWEEN !

I’m gonna take time I need, I really hope that I ’m gonna take time to darken the decor, change some colours for the characters etc… ᕦ( ⊡ 益 ⊡ )ᕤ ~ ~ ~

On that note, bye-bye 🙋






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