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Sunday brunch just got better...!🤤

❤ Hi friends! ❤ . Did you know? that the texture of fudge falls in between that of fondants and hard caramels? ☺ . ☀ Have a great day from ☀ .

Today's bake isn't a bake at all! Banoffee Pie! Though I did make the caramel!

Want to eat a delicious burger today? Our delicious Burger is waiting for you. Order now! 🏨 2C Horsemarket, Caistor LN7 6UP ☎ 01472 852999 🌐

It's ! We're celebrating by indulging in our decadent with caramel glaze and salted caramel popcorn . Our head pastry , Ian Cooper, has done the honours and shared his below, so you can too 👇

❤ Hi friends! ❤ . Did you know? that although fudge traditionally has a smooth and creamy texture, it will become brittle or hard if cooked at higher temperatures? ☺ . ☀ Have a great day from ☀ .

Get-Together at NDA Khadakwasla Puran Poli + Shrikhand + Katachi Amti (not shown)

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