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Chained to a all day? Standing up and reaching your hands over your head and then trying to touch your toes can give your body a chance to adjust after hours of not moving.

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It's day 1 of having a real desk. I feel so professional, and my wall is covered in lovely colourful pictures to help me ground out my key argument for this project I love so much.

Actiu desk systems offer different operational solutions for every need, improving the use of all surfaces no matter the type of desk being used.

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Days 8/83 and 9/83. This friday I have my first final exam of the semester. These days have been full of stress, hours in the library and coffee. It looks like the next three days will be the same…

Wish me luck!

26th of March 2019 // Summer Time

It’s officially summer time for me because school’s over. I was not able to post for the past few months because of the hectic schedule. For an ABM student like me, it was tiring because we have 4 defenses for the Finals. Today, I finished my quarterly cleaning session and I just wanna share to you my newly arranged study area. I am so proud of myself for doing this. Just so you know, it took me one day to finish cleaning my very small room. Funny right? Anyways, I’ll be spending the next weeks posting since I’m going to focus on my review. Sooo… Catch you later! God bless yall! <3


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#032 - 100 days of productivity challenge

I went to the copyshop to get my essay done today. I’m still incredibly nervous and very unsure about what I wrote. I also did some journaling and helped my little sister with her presentation for school. I finished writing a chapter for my story and might start writing another one now.

I’m also googling a lot about anxiety and fear related issues. (Not self diagnosing, just trying to prevent myself from having a mental shutdown in the last week of semester break)