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✅ Gimlet is now available in Español and Français. Thanks so much to our international friends for helping with the translations. Full details online here:

Day 14 of the Cottage on Cabot: We love how this simplistically chic work station turned out. 💙 @visualcomfortco @cottagesandbungalows @pineapplesdesigngroup 📷:

*So cool* — Harvard visualizes the evolution of the desk. The .gif shows what apps replaced which items from our professional workspaces. 👨🏻‍💻

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Unfortunately, still not everything fits on my desk so I have to keep my other treasures in my castle dungeons inside big chests with big locks. 💎 ||

The perfect is important. Finally donating my massive office-sized desk to charity to make way for a more modest desk. Adore layout of this VERY one. Looking for similar design but larger width & length to spread out sources while composing assign's/revising. Any ideas?

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✨🌙 New study area

Study of 2019: My Desk

Some of you may know that during this last year I was the chair of my university’s History Society. One unusual question I’ve had recently as a result of this was along the lines of ‘how is your study space set up?’

So in my attempt to include some study related material while I’m between academic courses, I am now subjecting you to a guide to my desk area as well. 

(I’ll just apologise in advance for the dodgy photography… This room has terrible lighting, I am using my phone camera, and I’m a terrible photographer…)

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finally have my desk all organized and ready to go for studying, taking notes, and of course posting my notes!!

yesterday my second online class of the summer started yesterday and the workload for it is very intense but i can’t wait to emerge in it!!

my favorite item on my desk is the flowers that my grandma made by hand!! what is your favorite part of your desk setup?

Notes From the Desk of the Underground

A couple of things have changed around here so this should serve as an update. First off, headquarters for Films From the Underground has moved from Brooklyn to Seattle. Moving across the country has been hectic to say the least which is why posting has been so sporadic. Second, I plan on posting more original content from here on out. I have loads of books, records, blu-rays, VHS tapes, posters, etc. that I should have been posting. That’s going to change, a lot of cool stuff is comin soon. Well, that’s about it. Stay creepy!

Monday, 15 July 2019

I know we’re already halfway into July (and 2019) but I decided to start a bullet journal again! I must say I missed the tactile aspect of journaling, though I’m still inclined to think digital planning methods are more productive.

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- 7.14.2019

Friends! I got a new desk!! & I love her!!!

I also decorated my wall with a little hodgepodge of posters and polaroids that I had been holding on to! I was afraid to hang them up for so long b/c of how particular I am about symmetry and balance and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to achieve that with these pieces but then I took a pause, reminded myself that I had the power to change it if I didn’t like it (which is a concept that I struggle with b/c I tend to be hard on myself if I don’t do things perfectly the first time around), and just placed them wherever I felt drawn to and…I love how it turned out? I know it might seem silly but heck I rarely do things this freely and been so happy with the result, and if there’s anything to be learned from this it’s that perhaps I shouldn’t take life so seriously. Just gotta relax and let go ❤