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Love seeing the inner engineer come out in students when they are given the opportunity to create and prototype

People learn more and retain more when the use a system that uses sound, vision, and tactile learning. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY uses ProjectFlo® 6 . We've summarized their 750+ page book (PMBOK) on one page and made it a game.

BEST sentence while grading essays tonight on self-esteem/insignificance/significance: "To be pretty is to be strong, brave, & happy with who you are." Amen, young student!! This unit with these affirmations is so powerful!

This evening, we welcomed the chapter of into our office to share how we help some of the most prolific brands in the world innovate. Thanks for joining us .

Getting ready for a day of with the team thanks to and at Skills of the Modern Age

Prototyping with lego - it's no surprise that staff are a creative bunch ☺

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It’s robot week at Claxton Elementary afterschool! These robots are made from coin cell batteries and cell phone vibration motors. The kids have been designing and building new robots all week with simple household materials.

I feel that this blog is easy to make, due to the variety of subjects in discussion, a wide range of topics that have a correlation to design practice, so it’s easy to talk about what you love. It’s been a while since I wrote something, since I was away in Berlin, which I’ll write an article about it by the way, and that trip gave me lots of inspiration. Everyday I learn something new and I grew bit by bit as a design thinker, I see the world in a different perspective and I structure my life in a different way as well, more organized and more efficient, work smart, not hard!

These blogs have helped me question and answer myself about my works and everything I see around me, it has been useful in some way, but in another way, I would prefer to have this module to learn more about typography. But I understand that, in the professional world, we will have to write a lot in our future jobs.

I don’t update my blog that often, out of being busy and sometimes lazy, but as I grow as a person and a designer I need to teach myself to follow patterns and be consistent in my works and schedules, I try to write between 2 to 3 posts a week, about important stuff that caught my attention to write about.

This can be very helpful as well to get together my interests, my favorite artists, what type of work I like and my inspirations, in this way, when this blog start to be consistent I can see what I look for in my work as a designer. And on the other hand, makes me do, the more I do, the better I do, and sometimes I forget that, even though I can be tire, I need to produce something everyday, ideas are always on my mind, but not always on paper, and that’s the worst I can do, it’s one of my flaws, but lately, I’ve been highly motivated to create and hopefully I’ll stay this way for long time.

Design Process: Work Silos

While approaching the subject of work silos at my job, I wanted to be very careful not to place blame on any particular group of employees and remain open-minded on finding solutions. I went into each observation with already formed questions and a plan based on who would be the most responsive, the most transparent and then the most open to the notion of breaking down work silos.  Most importantly, I wanted to get to the root of the issue and “why” this issue transfers throughout so many organizations.

The second type of research I conducted for this assignment was through Survey Monkey! I think Survey Monkey is an example of many of the design leadership ship topics we’ve covered so far. It’s a platform that makes compiling information and polling people for research and infinitely easier process. It also has amazing tracking and analyzing feature that were so helpful to me during this process! I decided to use Survey Monkey for my Facebook and Blogger research bc Facebook doesn’t have the same built in polls as Instagram. And while i enjoyed the Instagram polls, Instagram didn’t not have a way to automatically analyze and combine all the research conducted. So using Survey Monkey was much easier.


Así vivimos el proceso de Design Thinking con nuestros emprendedores y empresarios de Zacatecas dentro del Programa de a Incubación y Aceleración de Empresas dentro de las instalaciones del Tec de Monterrey. #STARTCUPS #itesm #tecdemonterrey #tecdemty #mentoring #mentor #designinspiration #designthinking #ideo #itesmags #itesmzac #designsprint #inspiration #hackers #startup #siliconvalley (en TEC Campus Zacatecas)

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Disfrutando de un Workshop más de Design Thinking para nuestros emprendedores y empresarios con ánimos de innovar en México. #STARTCUPS #DesignThinking #DesignSprint #UX #UserExperience #SiliconValley #EmpathyMap #CustomerJourney #UserMap #UiUx #Innovation #Value (en Aguascalientes, Mexico)

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Workshop Design Thinking 2019 | Programa de Incubación de Alto Impacto #STARTCUPS. #DesignThinking #DesignInnovation #Innovation #SiliconValley #mentoring #mentor #DesignSprint #UX #UserExperience #BrandExperience #hackers #Startup (en Aguascalientes, Mexico)

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Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win
When technology empowers each of us, it empowers all of us. This Super Bowl, follow the inspirational story of passionate young gamers rising to the top of t...


This brought me and I’m pretty sure every person who views it to tears. Microsoft is providing the ultimate service to help kids with disabitlites play video games, allowing them to feel included just like every other kid. This is a major show of design leadership and innovation, taking a product and making it more accessible to everyone. I think many company’s are taking charge and making products more inclusive for people with disabilities. 

Kaiser Permanente

In chapter 2 from The Design Way, there was a phrase that sums up my understanding of what service design is: “Is not so much about agreements and exchanges between people as among people” Kaiser Permanente (KP) is a perfect example of service design, this health care company completely restructured to focus on their customer’s needs (patients), but also on their employees’ needs and pain points. KP worked with IDEO to design an experience that was beneficial both for patients and employees.

I used to have KP and have yet been able to find a health care center that delivers a smoother experience. I especially liked how all their facilities were centralized in the same building making it easier for me to get all tests, treatments, and results in the same place and with the same providers.

Human Centered Design: Glucose Monitoring System

In 2017, the FDA approved the first blood sugar monitor,  the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, that doesn’t require a prick test. No one enjoyed the pain of pricking themselves in the finger, so many did not monitor their blood sugar efficiently, which is needed to manage insulin use and adjust meals. It works by using a small sensor attached to the upper arm and patients wave a reader device over it to see the current blood sugar level and changes over the past eight hours.

Metro Cable (Cable Car)

I was born in Medellin, Colombia a city surrounded by huge mountains, as the city grows, and new people arrive, a lot of people have been displaced from their houses and forced to find new housing in the mountains, especially lower-income people. As a result, these lower-income people had longer commutes to the city, which is also more expensive and inefficient. in 2004, the City Council of Medellin completely redesigned their transportation system to include convenient and affordable transportation for all citizens. One of their most effective systems is the Metro Cable. I think this is a perfect human-centered design because it is a solution that is improving people’s lives and it’s also attracting tourists, which helps cut costs. The Metro Cable has been so successful that the City Council was able to give this service for free to lower-income people who live in areas where they need to use the system to access the city.

Smart Entry | 2018 Honda Fit

For me, this is an example of human-centered design, and I have proof of it! For the last 8 years, I’ve been leasing honda fits, I love everything about this car, it’s small enough but spacious, fuel-efficient and affordable. Last year I upgraded to the 2018 model, and it came with one of the best features so far. It uses Smart Entry, a convenience feature that allows the driver to lock and unlock doors and to start and turn off the engine without ever having to touch a key. In the past, I’ve left the key inside my car and lock it on several occasions and had to call AAA to unlock my car. I consider this feature a human-center design because it takes away the extra steps of taking the key out of my bag and unlocking the doors and I don’t have to worry anymore about leaving the key inside.

Phoebe Tang / Human Centered Design #5 / UX Designer

Een organisatorisch talent met een open mind. Voor Phoebe staat de klant centraal. Ze helpt graag bij het ontwikkelen van waardevolle producten en diensten waarbij winst het gevolg is van een succesvolle oplossing voor de klant. Phoebe zet zichzelf het liefst in voor duurzame of maatschappelijke bedrijven waar ze zowel op marketing, UX Design als projectmanagement vlak een bijdrage kan leveren.

CV kort: Media Adviseur- De Persgroep, Media Planner – Exterion Media, Marketing & PR – EMI Music (VS), Event Planner – Puur Events, Media Entertainment Management afgestudeerd, O.a. ervaring met planning en uitvoering van marketingcampagnes, online/offline media en mediabuying, bewaking budget.

Fangkay Wu | Human Centered Design #5 | UX Designer

Fangkay is een (visuele) strateeg met een eigenwijze maar innovatieve mindset. Hij is gestructureerd en analytisch. Zijn werk spreekt voor zich. Als strategic designer cureert hij zijn eigen startup TrueToSize. Door te specialiseren in UX design trekt hij zijn startup naar het volgende plan, en kan hij bedrijven helpen diezelfde stap te zetten.

CV in het kort: Afgestudeerd Communicatie & Multimedia Design student aan Avans Hogeschool Breda (BA - met een minor in Co-Design). Stage grafische vormgeving bij Bruut Ontwerp in Tilburg. Afgeronde: Summer Course fotografie bij Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule én Strategic Designer bij Fundamentals Academy in Utrecht. Founder van TrueToSize. Ervaring met grafische vormgeving en design thinking.


This may possibly be one of the most wicked design problems to ever occur. Fyre Festival was supposed to be a luxuary music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. The festival was marketed as a super high exclusive even that would be crawling with famous influencers and popular musical acts. This however was NOT the case. It’s seems the people responsible for this festival focused so much on building “hype” around the event, that they forgot to actually forgot to plan the event. The festival was doomed from the very beginning given the very small time frame they tried to create this event from scratch. Most festivals are planned 18+ month one advance, Fyre Festival only had 4-6 months to do everything. People who bought tickets where promised luxury villas, 5star food courts, amazing musical acts and a once in a lifetime experience on a private island. When these people arrived on the island they found they were suppose to sleep in repurposed fema hurrican tents with no mattresses. They were fed toast with a slice of cheese on it. In addition to not having the luxuary villas, Fyre Festival didn’t have enough of tents for the amount of people there. This festival scammed and frauded hundreds of millennials who were looking for an adventure. This festival made consumers begin to question the validity of influencer marketing.