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The Evelyn as a two piece gown & capelet . . . . .

77- First sketches Slowly getting the 'feel' of what motorcycles are. The wheels are currently my biggest weakness. Anyway I can get the shape down but the details are still something I have yet to grasp

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Visited @delftdesigndrawing yesterday to see how they teach design sketching skills. Inspiring place! Nice meeting you .o.v.u.s and Jan Willem. _____________________________________

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Design Sketching: The Sketch Archive on Instagram: “When your markers skills are🔥⁣ • • • • •⁣ Credits: @sketch_aw⁣ • • • • •⁣ Follow @sketch.archive for more!⁣ • • • • •⁣ Kent lounge chair…”

Design Sketching: Each day, I pull out a fresh sheet of paper and practice the fundamentals of sketching in an effort to develop my skills and ultimately, effectively communicate my ideas.