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by @kevinleslie2809 @dennis_stellinga DM 4 info photoshoots ❤

Présentation des de l' 👍aux résidents de Canal du Midi dans le cadre du projet "De l'école à l'entreprise" qu'ils avaient débuté. Projet mené par le en collaboration avec l'université et l'.

Στιγμές σαν και αυτές.. Εσείς πως σκοπεύετε να περάσετε την ημέρα σας;

Thanks to everyone who has sent in logo so far - some really fantastic ones coming through. A reminder that the deadline for this is May 6 if you want to enter, and the logo needs to represent our pub's ownership

Our can also make inexpensive versions of that will look like the but cost way less. So if your dream is over the budget we can help! Just email us your for pricing.”

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Appearance: a rockhopper and polka dot egg gelatin
Dropped: A rockhopper and egg gelatin has been dropped here, quivering occasionally.
Examined: This large circular gelatin has been filled with rockhoppers and slices of polka dot pink and blue egg slices. The thinly sliced eggs hang unnervingly inside the gelatin, arranged in an artful spiral pattern around the dead-eyed deep-fried rockhoppers. Each petite pink egg is covered with minuscule blue spots, with edges that bleed into the pink egg body creating a halo effect. A single jumbo rockhopper is perched on top of the gelatin, crunchy eye stalks waving gently whenever the gelatin jiggles.
Cost: 25
Eat_first: You take a bite of the rockhopper and egg gelatin, the soft flavorless gelatin giving way to crunchy deep-fried rockhoppers and slightly gummy eggs. You manage to finish the gelatin off, breath now faintly sweet smelling.
Eat_third: You watch as $(caster$) bites into what appears to be a rockhopper and egg gelatin, hearing $(him$) slurp through the soft gelatin body before it gives way to crunches, then both at the same time before $(he$) finishes.
Smell: smells faintly acidic, with a gentle hint of frying oil
Taste: tastes of unflavored gelatin, which jiggles as you lick it