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Need collaboration advice or tips for maintaining sanity in the office? Check out Around the Watercooler this week! Click the link to start reading.

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week we bring you our top discoveries and picks for the most exciting new products for 2019 from one of our favorite design destinations. IOTW: FROM STOCKHOLM, WITH LOVE -

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We're excited to share with you a preview of our logo design which has been created by to mark our 160th year!

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The 'World Brand Design Society' wants to help you celebrate your creativity, hard work and the people behind it all. Check out todays blog! . .

Following their partnership announcement in December, water purveyor and designer unveil their first collaborative item: a custom refillable glass water bottle by water filtration company Soma.

As a design studio full of animal lovers, we love this new compostable six pack ring idea!

Big news! We’re growing again. Learn about our acquisition of and help us welcome our newest studio: Blink San Francisco!

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Download: Fail

I got super excited when DesignNews tweeted a link to a majorly discounted combo pack of vectors, brushs, patterns, and backgrounds. I mean, you have to weed out some of the crap, but the good stuff makes it totally worth it.

So, here’s me, credit card at the ready, super excited, and then PayPal refuses to work.



Is it me, or EVERYBODY? (not gonna lie, kinda hope it’s everybody, so that we’re all suffering equally)

So now I’m like a puppy, scratching at the window, because I can see the pretty vectors, but I can’t get the pretty vectors.

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