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“Design is optimistic. It brings new things into the world. Designers take on problems, model them, frame them, and create responses...” — Ann M Pendleton-Jullian, John Seely Brown

Week 3, Design systems was in our heads this week - visually shown on Didier Chincholles forehead :) Thanks to Yuliya Demchenko, H&M, Daan van der Zwaag, & UX team, Ericsson. Agenda:

Snowfire Design Community - Amazing days - sharing knowledge and insights about design and code. Growing both as persons and as dev & design strategists.

Believe it or not, everyone designs whether they know it or not. You designed your own outfit this morning, and business owners design how their business works. So keep designing, big and small.

We're hiring Superheroes to design awesome stuff 😬If you think you're one of them, then apply and join our Design team! 🙌🏻

So lovely to catch up with so many past LIPA grads this weekend

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Selected Snowfire website launch: A website made in Spain. Choosing health insurance in Spain made easier. The team speaks and Design by Digital Guidance.

Loved hearing these creative folks sharing their thoughtful insights, with on Design in Government, on Redesigning the Brainstorming Process, & on & 👏🏻

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Vamos todos dizer CAROLIEN #design #designers #designersunite #anossamaneira #diferente #revista

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