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and have a Pie of a time June 4-7

Celebrating 2018 Educators at culminating event sharing year’s experience & stdnt projects. Thx for hosting! as

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Join TONIGHT along with some of the leaders in this field as they discuss what the looks like for with respect to ! It's not too late to grab your tickets:

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A mountain cryptdude that uses its strong tail hooks to hold on to inclines. It lets go of its perch to slide down the hill to catch prey. This first evolution is relatively small and only hunts small animals however if you find a well worn path up a mountain it’s advised to stay off it. This cryptdude will slide down just to knock your feet out from under you. 

Today’s logo was super funbecause I got to look at pictures of puppies!!


Pups is a new online subscription service focused on dog food, toys, and medicine delivery. Our users sign up for weekly or monthly delivery of premium dog food straight to their door!

While a large bulk of our subscribers are for dog food, we also deliver toys, treats, and medicine. We don’t want our logo to be focused around dog food but more around dogs/puppies!

For the Pups logo, we require the text "pups” as well as either a separate or integrated icon of a puppy or dog(s). We’re so excited to see what you come up with!

Leah Duncan

Image description under the cut.

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