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Kurzes mit Egerie aus und französischer von . 😍

A lot of times we are so concerned with finding someone to love that we forget to fall in love with ourselves. It's ❤️ so grab a little something for yourself! 😉

We've moved, back to where the magic began, visit our new boutique & explore the delights on offer!

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Spring is here. Let us dive into that river of change, shall we? For the last 15 years i have bent til i almost broke because i believe fashion industry is out of fashion. I just watched lidewij Edelkoort speak and she has made me feel a little less alone. She has strenghtened me in these ‘ugly duckling’ beliefs. I got banned and ignored for showing my personal take on fashion. Just because i was 'out of character’.
I want and will make black transparent non padded lingerie for women of every size. Because i dont care about how easy it is to photograph color or statistics about print selling better or how it feels to get your images reported when you are just trying to share what you enjoy and that happens to include the female breast. I want to make a product that supports makers and users alike. Because it cant be a story of respect if it takes it from one party to give it all to the next. Respect is a game of emotional ping pong. You dont play that with half the board up. You flatten the table and enjoy the view of your partner. The one who makes the garment you wear. Here is to them.
May spring sun warm up the muscles of your magical hands. May you continue to share your craft with the crafty. Thank you for sharing it with me and inspiring me.
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