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Site visit with our 2nd year interior design students to the jhb art gallery.

How does education prepare students for interior design practice? Listen to the latest ep w Jenny Gibbs for insights and advice - link in profile

Was great to meet some prospective students today and do some letterpress printing with them.

Thank you @pouyainsta and Dori Griffin for a challenging, energizing panel at on where I unveiled a new model of design history “Major/Minor Design History”

An image from my new ebook: Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design. This is from the section 'common problems in contemporary design'. ebook is available on Amazon () Apple Books and Google Play

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Design education

Write an 800-word respond to the articles on design education in the Box folder.

The role of engineering education in appropriate product design and development cannot be underestimated. Educators have a responsibility to global communities to produce engineering graduates with embedded ethical and creative philosophies who are well prepared and eager to make a significant contribution to environmental and societal issues.
—  Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development 

Provocation#2: Sharon Poggenpohl