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Having projects completed properly and within your budget is the main benefit of hiring experts.

‘En Concreto’ by , part of ‘Prototypes & Experiments XI’ - the latest show of the craft & materials involved in the creative process #…

Here are some general guidelines to take a look at to ensure maximum efficiency and best placements.

Let me know what you think. Should a creative agency be keeping their own digital image alive?

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👀 Detalhe de uma telinha que amamos. . 💡Ambiente assinado por @mikarquitetura 📸@vanillafotografia .

Two of my favorite artists/cartographers colliding in one amazing image?! What did we do to deserve this?! 🙏🏼

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Do you ear the latest celestial news? Today 2d July a new Moon… by Cafelab >


Excited to share TWO new books exclusive to Zine Dream this Sunday: HOMINID, a collab zine with me good chum Mat Larone, and ART MATTERS: THE POSTERS, a 12-page oversized zine collecting all my poster work in association with the Art Matters Fest in Montreal from the past year. This, and so much more, will be at our table at MOCA in Toronto. If you wanna show some support or just wanna do some chit-chatting, stop on by.