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Thinking about starting investing this year? @freetradeapp is a London based startup with some great UI and its guess what... there’s a free trading option.

So much happening in this picture. It was at the height of . I focused My , placed My north on on of My . This weekend I will more and solidify My . What are you doing to ?

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Another step team - Stepjoy who have created a lovely, colourful design, for those stylish runners.

A sense of wonder for all ages. Increase footfall and dwell time with bespoke installations

We have a fantastic design team at ! 🖌🖍 Struggling for flyer/logo design? All of our customers benefit from our FREE service 😱 Put our team to the test, you will not regret it 😉

A little snap of us working together in collaboration. Representatives from different teams across the business met on site to ensure the client receives expertise and knowledge from the individual services they require.

Moin ihr Lieben! :) Wir nehmen wieder Stream-Layout & Logo Aufträge entgegen. Wenn ihr Interesse habt, schreibt uns einfach eine PM oder meldet euch per Mail. Twitch-Panels für - ___

2018 fue el año del Centenario del y fue un año intenso de trabajo para conmemorar sus 100 años de vida. Logo, libro, cartelería, web y muchos más trabajos que hicimos para ellos, aquí 👉🏼

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‘Sunset Snow - Design ’ Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy by Alemway
Sunset Design / -Clothes / -Photo / -Images / -Nature / -Design / -Scarves / -Men & Women • Also buy this artwork on phone cases, apparel, stickers, and more.

Phonce Case




I’m young. Too young.

Too young to be taken advantage of.

Too young to be played.

Too young to be messed with.

But that doesn’t stop you.

(I’m just a toy in your house of dolls.

Your pick of roses from your garden.

You told me I was lucky.

And that I should be thankful.

That you had thousands more.

But did you ever stop to realize…

I was the only one without thorns?)


[“Cruel” (Just plain cruel, and nothing more.) from the You Called Me Rose series I’m working on.]


More freehand fun, no pencil🍩
I guess I’ll start posting more of these.

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