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£20 bet > acca

Nous avons choisi d'innover un petit peu par rapport à nos article traditionnels, en allant voir un derby de Nationale 3 ! L'US Chantilly, très mal en point dans son groupe, a décroché le nul, à lire ici même ! 👇🏼⚽️😉 ▶️

I tifosi del Saint-Etienne attaccano : "5 milioni di follower, ma nessun padre!". Ma l'olandese...replica alla grande! 🇮🇹 (Il Posticipo : )

No surprise here: Man of the Match Anthony Lopes named in 's Team of the Week! ⚡️⚡️ 🔴🔵

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Après la clim, on a la pluie ! 😍 Rolala mais que c’était bon punaise ! 🔥

: County sign ex-England defender Ashley Cole. Thoughts?

Les stéphanois commencent le match avec une banderole « éternels défenseurs d’une mentalité » et après ils sortent la banderole sur ... Éternels défenseurs d’une mentalité de fils de pute je constate.

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Training is Back on Thursday

My off season was not as productive as I had planned. I didn’t practice lateral glides AT ALL but I did try ramp skating for the first time, and I have been crosstraining at the gym, so there’s that.

Jambi is coaching our first 2x sessions back this week, which is awesome!! Then we have normal training next Thursday, then Derby Fest on the weekend, then freshie intake the following weekend, along with my league’s 10yr anniversary party, which is kinda cool. And then it’s the clinic with Scald Eagle and Lady Trample, which is going to be amazing!

Very exciting month of derby ahead.

Also the dates for our local year long tournament (Open Season) just got announced and I am literally not working every single Saturday that it’s on this year. I work every other Saturday so that’s a pretty amazing stroke of luck and I feel like it might be a sign.

Plus if I get onto a home team soon, my mum will be visiting from the UK for the Grand Final in September. How cool would that be?!

Ugh, I just have a lot of love for this derby year already. I’m so motivated and ready to smash my goals! Please, please let my body and health keep up this year!!