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Dear worry heads, I write this post to reveal the point of view of a husband, who supported his depressed wife in the darkest days of her life. But there are ways you can help...

My has really been punching me in the face this month, especially in the last week. I’ve been ignoring email, avoiding Twitter, and generally not feeling on top of anything. But, today felt like a good day at school, and I am treasuring this note from a student. 🧡

Seasonal Depression Can Be Especially Difficult for Entrepreneurs. Here's How to Fight It

Can kill your confidence, get away from who leading you to expect something from them. Expect you to succeed! Expect you to not be bothered if things don't go your way! Be neutral!

“Social media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is depressed.” Bill Murray

Definitely can relate to this for myself and with many of my clients. Ask yourself what is real and true in the actual moment. What other tips work for you?

Online Treatment for Depression via Skype - Online Mindfulness Therapy for . See:

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