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Hello Bushwick, good-bye security deposits! 🐷🐽 Welcome renters to our network of deposit-free properties!

Drumroll please.... will be the first to bring renting to ! Tenants can now rent homes with with , while landlords get up to . Banishing the , one deposit at a time.

Open Banking tech has been available for a few years, but only a small number of innovative concepts have emerged. Our CEO shares his view on why the real revolution is upon us. Read ➑️

With renters all over NYC demanding to use Obligo, it's now only a matter of time before we rid landlords, property managers and brokers from the burden of security deposits. 🐷🐽

It's a perfect match. is delighted to partner with , the London start-up that matches landlords with their ideal tenants, and tenants with their dream home & housemates. Life's about to get better "generation rent”

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