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Wishing everyone a Happy Makar Sankranti.

Nowadays it is important to enable business users to work with corporate without having the necessary background in statistical or . We can work with you to a customized self-service tool that meets your specific needs!

Our is: ✔️ Performance-Based ✔️ Reduces Provisioning Time ✔️ Leverages Infrastructure-As-Code ✔️ Delivers Continuously ✔️ Scales Delivery ✔️ and has Zero Downtime

Mañana Jueves 9 y/o el viernes 10 tengo la mañana libre. Si alguien de quiere invitarme a un café y charlar sobre dame un toque y me acerco

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// Precisa entender melhor como funcionam os termos e as diferenças entre eles? Então confira o artigo do Thiago Coutinho e vire um mestre no assunto! 👇 🖥

HarperDB across a of devices and gain insights and actionability with peer to peer and , utilizing distributed querying.

Piecing a new network together in preparation for pre-staging and testing. Built using MX and EX Series devices.

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চিনকে চাপে রাখতে মমতার রাজ্যেই থাকবে সর্বাধুনিক এই যুদ্ধবিমান

Just made my first function respond through an API gateway. Next step is to the .

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Online trainings to learn Docker

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How Elixir helps make the most complex systems work effectively?

Previously we described the difference between Elixir and Ruby and the main features. One of the features of Elixir is the ability to work with umbrella projects. With umbrella projects, Elixir allows you to have more than one application in your system. The really nice thing about this is that …