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CHILL's original uniform!!!1

本日は、とってもお買い得なイベントのお知らせをご紹介します!🔔🎈 . ただいま店内にて、セールの商品を2点以上ご購入頂くと さらに10%OFF! というイベントをやっております! 週末限定なので、明日が最終日ですよ!✌🏻 この機会をぜひ、逃さないでくださいね❤︎ .

Introduction to own interpretation of the for c/o & . Lease A Jeans for as little as €7,50 a month until you’re done wearing. They recycle those trashed ones. 

El es el fetiche del . Tu ESTILO es el reflejo de tu PERSONALIDAD. ¿Sabes que tu habla de ti? Si el estilo CASUAL es el tuyo, descubre la nueva en prendas con en 💚

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Jacket ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more blue jean jackets)
Made with Polyvore

Jeans and T
I have never found a pair of white jeans I’ve ever liked but these have a vintage feel to them. I’m so happy I’ll be wearing these throughout the year. The t shirt is an oldie. My choker is from Nordstrom BP. Boots I’ve had and loved for almost a decade lol.
My jeans are $15 Gap classic fit
Sage color T shirt is C&C California
Metal brand boots
Beaded choker