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: Me wearing ripped jeans back in the early 90’s. Fashion styles come and go, and come back in.

We've got jeans for moms and moms to be! Click the link and you will see! @thelittlefarmhands

So I've been struggling to get the best jeans that suit my needs (fit, cut, quality,etc.) and FINALLLLLY😅 I get some some. Thanks , now we great...

re·li·a·ble – adjective - consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted. Looking for a trusted marketing partner? Like this workhorse of a tractor, Denim Marketing is a proven, reliable performance partner!

Grab this amazing Long Sleeve Short Korean Slim Fit Tight Sweater at an unbelievable price of $ 20.08 🤩❤💣👌 . . For more trending fashion follow us 😇☝ . .

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Limited is unveiling the production Long for men, made of 12.5 Oz in Fit through wash with destroy detailing. This Jeans one of our collection, to reduce our impact on the environment.

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I’ll upload once of a week due to how many accounts I have

falling-red-petals  asked:

1/? You could turn your blog into an "Into The Stevenverse" at this point lol. Denim-Steeb could very easily be the stand in for RiPeter while Twoie is the equivalent of Peter B, and lil Steeb is the Miles stand in. The plot could be Evil/Shadow Steeb going throughout the multiverse and trying to kill all the slightly younger Steebs in hopes of erasing himself.


oh HELL yeah