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Thank you for this great post to help men understand and sympathize with the women in their lives who have to deal with ! It is however sad to see that even in 2019 the treatment continues to be removal of uterus, specially when there are uterine sparing options

The lives of a family of drag car racers and one mysterious golden-eyed girl intertwine in a supernatural web of lies, murder, and revenge.

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I feel them rattling the chains, in which they have been bound for so long. The chains are withering, they want to come out and play. . . . . . . . .

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To all the demons in my closet

Don’t get too comfortable

because one day you will cease to exist

Don’t get too comfortable

because one day you won’t have a soul to bleed

Don’t get too comfortable

because one day I will be gone

No bad memories to fog my life

No bad triggers to corrupt my mind

No bad nights where all i did was kill time

- Mehan
sympathy for the devil - chapter 6
The team heads back to the guild to prepare for the imminent battle with the demons. Gray thinks everyone would be better off if he left, but Natsu refuses to let him go.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: The team heads back to the guild to prepare for the imminent battle with the demons. Gray thinks everyone would be better off if he left, but Natsu refuses to let him go.

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Pairings: Natsu/Gray, Mira/Erza, Sting/Rogue
Tags: Alternate Universe - Supernatural Hunters, Demons, Demonic Possession, Witches, Major Character Injury, Crossroads Deals & Demons, Magic, Tumblr: FTLGBTales, Erza is super badass, protective Natsu, they all swear a lot, Supernatural Canon-Typical Violence, Protective Gray, Gray is super badass, actually they all are
Chapters: 6/7

Gray was in Hell.

Everything was hot and suffocating, and the air around him was thick with the smell of sulfur and ash. Screams echoed around him and he wanted to cover his ears, but his body was frozen. He couldn’t move, and panic crept slowly up his arms, pushing hot breaths out of him and making him dizzy.

“Welcome home.” A figure appeared next to him – a dark, twisted shape that slowly coalesced into something vaguely human and smiled at him with razor-sharp teeth. Gray wasn’t sure how, but he knew that it was Azuron. His mother. “You’re finally back,” she murmured.

“This is a dream,” Gray whispered, but Azuron shook her head.

“It’s a vision,” she said, reaching out and running a cold hand over his cheek. “Of the future. I’m coming for you, to bring you home.”

An ache spread through Gray’s chest as he looked down at himself – his hands were too big and ended in claws, sharp and black and dripping with blood.

“I don’t belong here,” he whispered, taking a step back.

“But you do, Zrael,” Azuron murmured, brushing hair back from his face and giving him a sharp smile.

“That’s not my name.” Gray could feel tears on his cheeks, but they were icy cold, and when he wiped his face, his hands came away red. “I have a home.”

“None of that is real,” Azuron replied, grasping Gray by the back of the neck and forcing him to look over the edge of the cliff. Screams filled the air, animal cries of agony, and they were all faces he knew – Sting and Gildarts and even Silver.

“I won’t come back,” Gray said, closing his eyes as Azuron’s claws pierced the skin of his neck. “I can’t.”

“Then I’ll rip apart everything you love until this is all you have left.”

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|Bad days| Writing prompt

Angels. Angels had days that just didn’t feel right, their body itched and their emotions never lined up. It was like being stuck in an endless loop of chaos, everything breaking and repairing itself again and again. Days where they didn’t care about themselves, days when they stretched their wings and felt wrong.

Demons. Demons had days that wrecked their life, days that they can’t help the impulse of being hurt, days where they anticipated a fight. Days where they couldn’t keep still, and days where they wouldn’t move from where they fell the previous day. Days when nothing mattered.

Dark House (A.k.a. Haunted) (2014)

A young man’s search for his father and answers to his curse lead him and his friends to a ruined house in the woods.

Considering that this film looks like the typical trashy horror one might find in the bargain bin at a pound shop since it has the typical silhouetted character on the case with hanged figures and an obvious title, this film actually stood up better than expected. The acting and cinematography in particular don’t look like the cliché low-budget horror film and make it quite watchable.

The first half of the film is very slow since it’s mostly just the characters looking for the house that we know they’ll inevitably end up at so it gets a little frustrating considering the audience knows exactly where it’s going but it takes so long to get there; it’s about a third of the film. The writing was one of the weakest parts since there was no clever dialogue, the characters are bland and don’t develop and the narrative structure is rather clunky.

One of its best strengths is that is changes direction about half way through and goes from probably slasher to supernatural horror and it makes it a great deal more interesting. For one thing it gives a few of the other characters powers which are fun to see in action and add twists. The axe wielders are also aesthetically well designed and their methods are unusual enough to keep the pace going.

There are numerous flaws in the plot and confusing moments. They begin small like tires screeching on a dirt track and a character having wifi signal to google demons but having no mobile signal (that’s a weirdly selective data plan), but then it gets more noticeable. For example, the baby is the main villain’s plan B but he tries to have it killed, the angels have no powers except lobbing axes around, we have no idea what happens to the main character near the end but he for some reason nicks hearts inexplicably, the villain fails but we don’t know how or why and even though he’s trapped he can still chat through grates, and perhaps the most irritating plot hole is that the good guy could have just sat down explained what was about to happen which would have prevented the whole ordeal.

3/10 -This one’s bad but it’s got some good in it, just there-


McKinney Castle Part 4.

So, I am finally, officially doooooooooone with this huuuuge project!!!

It took me weeks to finish this, so you better believe I am gonna spam this one!
Tumblr will see every corner of this lot, unless it gets thrown in t*tty jail, HAH!, whether you want it or not, every inch of this bad boy will be shown.

I cannot thank the cc creators enough, and I cannot even remember half of the lovely people who has made this lot possible with all the wonderful creations.
I take no credit for the building itself, I downloaded it, and I am not even sure from where any longer, I have had it for quite some time.
But whomever you are, you’re awesome!

All I did was redecorate and completely overstuff both garden and the castle itself.
For some magical reason the lot is actually smooth when it comes to gameplay, as long as I don’t add more cc than there already is *nervous sweating* then it will crash!
I once read a very wise simblr say; Don’t be greedy.
Well, this lot is the greediest I have ever been, and ever will be! XD
It has given me so many headaches, but I am finally done, and proud to show of my hard work!

I will try to tag some cc creators here and there, I apologize to the ones that doesn’t get tagged, it is not that I do not appreciate your stuff, if it’s there, it’s clearly because I love it. I do not have cc in my game I do not love.

Special thanks to: @murfeelee