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It's quite clear that approve kids to end up been abducted, raped and sold to human-traffickers. If they are ok with DEsMONd to be sexualize, it confirms are a bunch of rapists, pedos, killers and all of the bad things.

Don’t look for good Don’t watch around Don’t touch my heart I’m ready to fight but Don’t tell me lies..


Angels in my universe are the more developed society vs demons. They respect them (well kinda), but still make an effort to communicate and trade. Doesn’t always go as planned tho... xd

How can they talk on me if they don’t know me 🤫🤔 I’m Coming For It All ...⚡️🧟‍♂️‼️ 📑 👺 Arena Football Season 2

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are loving Warlock Holmes! Paranormal, adventure, comedy. Ask your wonderful Barnes & Noble to find your copy Photo .is.reading

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Will, Pride demon/human (6′8″), Bri Greed demon/human (5′ 3″), Liam Pride demon/human (6′11″)

I really wanted a good reference for my boy’s height differences. This is actually the first full colour of Liam, sad that its just a rough sketch.

I am currently building up the world they live in but I adore these guys. They all used to be pokemon gijinkas fun fact. Points if anyone can guess what they were.

The Last Knight

Through the night throught the mist

I was fierce as rain

The mirrors of the world were

scared of my face

In my blackest night

in my deepest fight

I had a queen to lead

A shield to feel

The storms have passed

But my land is numb

Demons swirling all around

There’s no shield and my queen’s away

I’m a lone wolf, searching for the prey

I hope demons still fear my name

My sword is dull but I’ll still resist

I’m the last knight

Fighting through the hell

My world is dark and frozen;

I sob and wail at the skies,

Wondering why I was the chosen?

A pretense of perfect conceals hatred and lies.

But hatred contains beauty as well;

The ice, when melted, is creation.

Light in the dark paves a path through this hell;

You, my angel, are the illumination.

Folks… if some of you still possibly mistrust demonology and wonder if Valak in the Conjuring Universe is male or female, I have answers for you.

“Valak, the Defiler, the Marquis of Snakes”.


It’s a dude guys, a dude with horns pretending to be a nun because it’s a blasphemous form.

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srry but raheem working at target is so fucking funny i’m just picturing him showing up on the first day with some red silk shirt on and 20 different pieces of solid gold jewelry and high waisted beige corduroys he spent 3k on and the manager is just like... ok well technically that fits the uniform requirements.

Nobody knows how he still, in fact, has a job. 

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I know this is going to hurt, but sometimes I feel like Schneep is a spy for Anti. I dunno, do you consider this a HC? XD

That is a HC/theory and it does hurt.

Let’s break down this HC and expand on it shall we?!

-Schneep isn’t Anti puppet, but he is not competly free willed as his spy

-As the doctor of the family he knows everyone’s physical and mental limits and shares such information with Anti for more effective torture

-In return for this information Anti relieves the doctor of any pain he may be suffering from. Whether that be erasing traumatizing memories or anything along those lines

-Schneep’s accent is fake and his name too. He’s not actually German but that’s the false persona he goes under.

-The ‘good doctor’ is actually a damned soul and is inhabiting the body of the REAL Henrik Von Schneeplestein and Anti is his master

-In order to earn his soul back he must work/please Anti for a certain number of years

-Schneep put Jack in the coma

-He doesn’t actually care for any of the other Egos, all he cares about is just getting his soul back and being free

-He constantly has too repair his body because it’s always breaking and falling apart cause it’s literally a corpse. So, he always looks super tired/pale/sick

-Anti quite enjoys making him relive why he was damned in the first place

-He sold his soul in order to save his dying wife, but in the end she just ditched him for someone new.

-Him and Anti have a love/hate relationship and it sometimes gets really weird

-Schneep loves slaughtering patients and feeding on thier life forces in order to help sustain his body

-He likes to drink blood. No real reason, he just does.

-Worships Anti and practically thirsts over him like the fangirls at this point

-Anti likes to give him lost of head pats, hair ruffles and small gestures of fake affection only to turn around and rip his heart out

-His worst fear is failing Anti and never getting his freedom

-Does he even want freedom now?!

-He maybe trying to take Jack’s body as this one dies.

-Constantly leaves Anti gifts of affection that Anti just burns/throws away but he still leaves them for him EVERYWHERE

-None of the Egos have a fucking clue

kinda in love with this concept now

Look what you’ve done


I found 3 sound clips and layered them to create a better atmosphere for this motion comic clip. Moho Pro 12 sound sequencer doesnt have many options though. Still adds so much to the finished animation. Thanks for all the likes!
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