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Encyclopedia yet novel's flow site's view: While 's were given a by its# voters, India's Supreme Court did not a either

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If you are serious about wanting to see fewer abortions, then vote for the party that wants us ALL to have healthcare, real sex education instead of Abstinence dogma and birth control.

Seems as if got what he paid for. is in shambles... & as a lifelong Anarchist that votes all I have to say is, I tried to warn you all.. good luck with your new Banana Republic..

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Well he's saying he doesn't have a prayer in pulling the rug out from under the party. 😂😂😂

President Pelosi watching your next marching on ward to the and wanting to walk right in your Open and add to the beautiful streets of & take advantage of all the Free Government Programs To Vote

Follow the money. This was a (corporate) administration. Any questions?

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It is no longer a question of whether hearings will be held; it is now a ? of whether, after is impeached in the led House, will the / led follow the Facts to a ! !

Replying to A under the ten-year plan of is the only and popular solution to the Iranian people's right to in and peace and stability in the .

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What great is once leaves office, WILL release the evidence on to impune the image of a former President and make the process appear to be a farce. Putin isn't anywhere done yet and has already won

If the IGNORES the decision of the electorate to then is dead in the . Remember "It's YOUR choice...."

Junior Congresswoman Have Disqualified themselves on opening of new session. After and Cortez used vile language, made statements, now comes Omar from Minnesota, attacking & . garbage in, garbage out!

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Do people realize that Trump has affectively turned us into a dictatorship via gov shut down

And refuses to do anything until he “gets his wall” which means hundreds if not thousands of workers don’t get paid (which means many families go hungry and run out of basic supplies like toilet paper or other home essientuals).

All because an old racist xenophobic man hates brown people can’t failed to realize that Mexicans can come to America also by plane or boat AND most “illegals” actually came here legally and they’re only “illegal” because their legal status expired.

Person who is literally running the country: *shuts down the government and refuses to open it back up unless a highly expensive wall is built between Mexico and America, despite the fact that most of the “illegal” immigrants are coming here because they need to escape persecution*
The same person: *doesn’t demand for a border between Canada and America despite immigrants coming from both ends of the continent*
Democrats: Uh, no. We’re not funding that. 
Conservatives: Well, you’re delaying the shutdown. You’re therefore the one making it worse.

Say what you will about Democrats/feminists, but we’re not the ones being racist. 

some people are so ignorant.

radicals in any group are unintelligent, extremists.

the existence of a few extremists doesn’t mean that the group as a whole has a flawed message.

feminism is the belief that men and women should be treated equally and if you’re against that then you have a serious problem.

it’s funny how the most ignorant also turn off replies.

shaking my head.


kurdistan by jan Sefti

Propaganda will destroy the best choice for president and leave us with the the so-called best of the worst. VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WRITE THEM IN. This Trump election will be held over your head forever and you will have crappy representation for the rest of your life if you don’t. This is the same game the Corporate Democrats did to prevent Nader & Wallace. It’s the Democratic propaganda that causes the party split because they have people sfraid of a Trump re-election. VOTE YOUR GUT and DON’T FLIP-FLOP!