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Pictured here is an Orchid winner from 2018 for the Architecture category, the Civic Center and Town Hall. ✨

From casual lunch breaks to elegant dinners, Mosaic always provides exceptional food, polished service and the best cocktails in the El Camino Real corridor.

Mouthwatering delicious food is awaiting you at Alborz Restaurant, like our delightful chicken and beef kabob! Visit in San Diego. Visit us at .

A little late to making plans? Well, we've got you covered, if you live in . Is that enough hashtags for you?

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's latest track "Must Have Been the Wind" won't let you down—slowly or otherwise. Give it a listen here, and get pumped for his performance this September:

Abandoned boat found on the beach in . We’re told ⁦Border Patrol is in the way. ⁦

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Ashes and Stardust Excerpt

Caius stared wide eyed, waiting for the room to come burning down, but nothing was actually burning. Shadowy opaque black flames licked off the walls, the furniture, the floors, everywhere, but nothing seemed to be harmed. Just smelled of faint charcoal.

Caius had never seen anything so beautiful, or so strange. And he had bore witness to a great many things that were strange in his hundred years, including his sister’s cooking, but this had to be a first.

Caius stepped closer, almost drawn to them, and he reached out a hand. There was no heat to them at all, like he thought, they were actually cool. But before he could actually touch, a hand yanked him back. Caius blinked and shook his head before yanking his hand back. “Don’t touch me.”

Delmar looked at him flatly. “Be glad I just saved your life.”

Caius turned around, to look at Roan, but Roan was crumbled to the floor, out cold. Pure fear was etched on Deirdre’s face as she lightly touched her brother’s skin. But she winced and pulled back. There were pale grey lines- cracks- on his fair cheeks, neck and hands, traveling up his arms. Caius took a step forward, to somehow help, but she pointed at him. “One more step and I will burn you from the inside out.”

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idreamonpaper  asked:

All of greed for whoever has been on your mind lately?? :D

thank!!! ok ok ill,,, do the honorless kids

💎Greed: There’s never enough, why stop here when you can get more? Greed, the isatiable hunger for power and materials.

  • What makes your OCs keep wanting for more, what do they keep taking and taking even though the have a lot of if?


he is a pirate. he steals and burns things down,, all part of the job i guESS. He doesn’t Care. He’s taking gold and priceless things all bec he thinks he can. Look at where life has gotten him, and he thinks the world Owes him

  • How far would your OCs go to gain power? Which one is the most likely to climb the social ladder with ease?

the main antagonist of Honorless, Drust, goes as far as murder and pinning those murders on his nephew to gain access to a source of power that could level countries

Esca could climb the social latter the easiest. He’s conniving and manipulative and could talk his way out of hell. A smooth talker with a pretty face and deep pockets

  • Who is ashamed of their greed? Who thinks they don’t deserve anything and shun away their wants and needs convincing themselves that they’re just being selfish and greedy?

I think Weylin is def ashamed of what he wants. He thinks he’s selfish for wanting Zied. he doesn’t thjink he deserves anything with him killing his brother. He suppresses his wants and needs as much as he Can

  • How does the idea of greed shape your WIP? Does Greed come up as an major or minor theme?

oh,,, i think there is a very big idea of greed in a lot of ways in the WIP. Between Drust trying to p much take over the world, and Weylin trying to suppress his lust, I think there is an interesting dynamic between the two of them


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A new addition to the Equine Family for the upcoming 2019 Horse Racing season! 🎉✨#delmar #racehorses (at Los Angeles, California)

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#familytime at the #beach in #delmar #grateful (at Del Mar Beach)

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Fun little video from @adrumhelps

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