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Small Business Days Starts Now! Support and Celebrate Small Businesses with Souq! Shop from Dubai and Ship to India through !

Craving your favourite Asian Box dishes? Just call, we'll deliver. Super fast service brought to you with a smile, we'll make you a believer! Offer valid only in Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Mundhwa and Camp.

Your New Direction is Calling! Choose Possibility In Every Direction with Unique Air Express and Make Your Next Big Move!

Saw this from the 1930s on an delivery. He was nice enough to let me take a pic of him gassing up. Yes, the gas tanks in the trunk.

We strive for sustainability. Here you can see Balu preparing the electric pump to spray Dashparni an insect repellant made using the leaves of ten different plants.

LAS MEJORES ESTÁN ACÁ!! HACÉ TU PEDIDO POR WHATSAPP 👉 !! ENVÍOS A TODO !! Pedidos x whatsapp al 3413549770

Winter is just around the corner and so it might be time to start thinking about your firewood supplies. Do you have a supplier? Here is what I used to do when I needed to buy firewood in Brisbane >

We are specialist in last mile fulfilment for Apparels, Food, Electronics and Grocery. To place your order visit our website @ or write for us @

HOY VIERNES HASTA LAS 3AM!! HACÉ TU PEDIDO POR WHATSAPP 👉 !! ENVÍOS A TODO !! Pedidos x whatsapp al 3413549770

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PM sent. Wasted hours only to find out your UPS support entered WRONG hub to try and stop the return of my stolen box What can brown do for me? Making my whole weekend 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Uber’s virtual project seeks to capitalize on budding food ; leasing and stocking space that it rents “to restauranteurs planning eateries that cater exclusively to delivery customers”.

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Small Business Days- Souq

Small Business Days Starts Now! Support and Celebrate Small Businesses with Souq! Shop from Dubai and Ship to India through Transit Address!


Woman help by cow delivery

Rant time….

I’ve recently started driving for doordash. And by recent I mean this week. I’ve only done 5 deliveries so far and that’s fine.


These asshats of customers don’t tip. I’ve had one tip so far and that’s it. Like what the fuck.


Like that’s just a general rule. Its not that hard people. If you have money to order on the app, you have money to tip your driver. What are you doing?

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Don’t quit your day job @deckandydeck! Maybe you can #moonlight as a dancer lol. We’re waiting for our @dexerdry product to show up so we’re trying to finish up everything else we can until that happens. I’m going to make up some stuff for us to do tomorrow and hopefully we get our shipment of product. #please #now #hurry #delivery #shipping #freight #weather #drdecks #yourprescriptionforquality (at Dr.Decks L.L.C.)

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🙌🏽 raise those hands if you’ve ever worked in the food industry. 😭🍕

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Introducing Cookshop Market

Cookshop Market serves all your grocery shopping and delivery needs with a focus on local vendors. We provide an instant storefront for local farmers, food manufacturers and retailers, with on-demand delivery and easy payment options.

Since launching Liberia’s first dot-com company in 2014, we’ve committed ourselves to lead the way, pioneering on-demand eCommerce and creating a new range of job opportunities for Liberian youth. We’re proud that Cookshop has come to represent local innovation, created a paradigm shift in the food and ICT sectors, and inspired other online businesses to follow suit.

Cookshop Market is the next step in our mission to use tech to resolve challenges in Liberia’s food value chain, and to increase market access for Liberian businesses.


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What is the luckiest food in the entire world?

March Madness is in the air, Saint Patrick’s Day came and went, and a spring awakening is right around the corner.  March and luck go hand in hand for many.  Whether you have the luck of the Irish or not, many of us are superstitious.   Even when it comes to our food habits!

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So does food luck really exist?  Depends who you ask!  The Spanish and Portuguese tradition involves ringing in the New Year by eating twelve grapes at midnight.    Ring shaped foods such as bagels and donuts are supposed to highlight things coming full circle.  Not to mention, they taste delicious!   Sorry Pigs but Pork is considered a lucky food staple by many.  Symbolizing prosperity.   

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Our taste buds all steer us in different direction, and everybody perceives luck in a different way.  When in March, food for thought!