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Savage Love: My boyfriend won't delete his ex's pics from Instagram

Ever rewrite something over and over due to crippling self doubt and the feeling that its never good enough?

app in Vegas is mostly bored, suburban housewives reporting every black person in our neighborhood as “suspicious” and bitching about the price of coffee at the new stand down the road.

Pa bò isit sou , depi yon swadizan Atis panse li ka blo mouvman a pou n pa genyen , N'ap mete ou deyò... Menm lè ta menm jan ak | Nou

He thought I would never LEAVE him. He had me under control until 1 night, he crossed the invisible line. I hit that button HARD! I went 2 bed & slept like a baby. He stayed up & cried all nite. Oh, poor, forlorn NPD. His game was over!!

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do u guys ever think for yourselves or do u just wait for tumblr to tell you what to believe……

i am notttt posting the ask. this is such a stupid thing to defend - this is a game, chill outtttt. 

nonny, i grew up around & working with various sorts of working dogs. we cropped or docked a dog to avoid injuries in the case of our livestock workers if necessary, same for our herd protectors and hunting dogs, again only if necessary. we had one dummy hunting dog that ended up getting docked ‘cause he kept injuring his tail & an injured dog can’t work. at that point it’s an extra mouth to feed that can’t earn its keep (not the stance i personally have towards my own dogs now but such is farm life out in the booneis), a simple docking early in life would have saved him a lot of pain & been heaps less invasive then the docking we had to do to him as an adolescent. 

cropping & docking isn’t a thing i have any strong feelings about one way or the other in regards to conformation or working. stahp bothering me about it! like, end of the day who gives a fuck it’s the sims.

Okay not to be fussy but the really realistic look like actual humans Sims really disturb me in the inside. Sims are not meant to be fucking human. Close to looking human is okay but looking on point human is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.