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photo dump last thursday's christmas party πŸ’«at nung wala pang bangas mukha ko ☹️ might this later 😜

Okay , I tried your β€œSmart News” stinks. On the politics tab, there were several articles from CNN, Huffpost, Politico, The Hill, Rawstory and many others. There was ONE Fox News article and it was lame. No bias though, right? πŸ™„

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Imagine how many goons were poised with their fingers over the send button before Eriksen nonchalantly scored the winner....

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WOW 10 years ago, back when I was junior high schoolπŸ˜‚ What a night! so now, just brick back No More Words! And Jeff need another WWE title run!

When you are & this you are bound to your doings, which you did after getting hold of the . Madam please ask her to act as , she is even herself being a . I really her .

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So basically you let steve harvey anounce this trade !

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ughhhh why do i keep dissociating for no reason i was just taking out the recycling and now my soul has exited my body

I would seriously delete my Tumblr account because of the thing that has been happening, but then I remembered this is the only ONLY place where the mighty Zone-tan acknowledged my existence. I guess I’ll keep it.

I’ve got an alarm set for this dog show 😤😤 I Need To See The Dogs because

1) herding group is my absolute favourite

2) working group used to be my favourite

3) T E R R I E R S

4) I’m probably going to be very Upset with best in show I literally always am