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In the summer of 2003, on Smackdown (15 years ago) there was a time traveler during your match against Rey Mysterio.

Idea for new app: Pokémon Go but with 80s sitcom characters. Check behind the Argos Biffa bins for Officer Crabtree! Who's that lurking by the air quality monitoring station? Why, it's Kirk from Dear John!

When iCloud decides to throw a bunch of pictures of your ex back in your photo library

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//. Be careful what you say about, or think, or say about my writer, because she will & silent you to

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anonymous asked:

With that last shot of Allen (❤️A❤️) i would say something about fighting lol. But I WANNA WATCH IT- 😭

{{ooh yeah with the way Al is in my au maybe even Kuro there would be some fight scenes going on ^^;; }}

ask-2p-italies  asked:

oddly enough if you were to do it like an anime i get a durarara feel from it, but that'd be super cool though, to see something you make as an anime because your style really flows

{{:o Durarara was one of the inspirations for making those pictures ;w; As for my style I’m still trying to find something that I like ;;; i look back at my blog and its just a timeline of different artstyles.

thank you for the kind words!}}

it’s funny how i leave and then come back to complain but this is one of the few places i know my family can’t find

i wish i wasn’t trapped with my mom. like… i wish i had somewhere else to go. i really don’t know how much more of this i can take to be perfectly honest.

I know that I have to let my boyfriend have fun with his friends and stuff without lurking in the background and being disruptive but they’ve been playing board games for like three days in a row and I need attention !!!!

Goretober Update

I didn’t forget about it my PC just broke down unexpectedly :^( Found the problem today; it’s my monitor (not the motherboard. o man it’ll be a big problem if it is).

… Going to find a replacement for it soon :^)

In the meantime have sum bongoket!

Imma be real I don’t mind f*nnr*y in the slightest. I like a lot of the fanart, edits, etc. I’m just someone that likes good content in general. But holy fucking shit you’re gunna say people see it as platonic because they don’t know what a healthy relationship is???? Nah I’m sorry fuck that mental gymnastics