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When 2.0 🤣 Coming soon on the Join the revolution Here Some Sneak Peeks 🌔🚀⛺️🍞🥬🥒🔉

किया है ये - तो तुरंत कर दें डिलीट, वर्ना हो सकता है खाली Website :- Instagram :-

Ram 5500 (2014) Thank you for your bidding consideration on this sharp 2014 Dodge Ram 5500 flat bed. I purchased this

just like the celebs who said they would leave the USA. Full of shit.

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Karl’s response to what he feels is shameful treatment of over 60’s seems to be his own shameful treatment of and lazy generalisations about under 20’s? Quick Karl still time to

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James Woods is like Tom Cruise....talks a lot but makes no sense, & nothing I want to hear! It’s Saturday, go to the 🎰 or something!

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i am what the kids these days call exhausted

y’all can really tell who’s still stuck in the time period where happiness and positive thinking is not allowed when critiquing Marina’s new singles

Dealing with trauma sucks Bc there’s a rational side of me that’s like “hey! Things are okay now we can work to fix the damage that was done between us and other people Bc of it” then the damaged side of me is like “are you kidding we will be shamed and ruined are you kidding who even missed us go to bed forever bitch”