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Has anyone else experienced this type of rapid recently ... ๐Ÿ˜‰

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BIZCOVER2019 Young Entrepreneur School's (YES) 8th International Delegation to Europe. Our Chairman's send off message to all the YES members who are participating in this International Delegation to Europe.

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The Easier Way to Delegate for Perfect Results: Delegation is critical to leadership. You canโ€™t take on more responsibility unless you are willing to delegate to others. But that doesnโ€™tโ€ฆ

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Officially the Lima 2019 Pan American Games concluded with good news for the Costa Rican delegation who earned five medals, one gold, and four bronze. The โ€œTicaโ€ Andrea Vargas... Read more about it here:

Iโ€™m traveling for work this weekend so my husband tasked our 7y old to come up with the dayโ€™s activities. ๐Ÿ’•

You may be believing some myths about delegating tasks that are holding you back as a leader! Read this article:ย Delegation Myths: When to Hand it OFF, When Not To

Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza received a delegation from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)โ€˜s Association.

Delegate and have more time to work ON your business rather than IN it.

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The art of delegation

To delegate a task

To delegate a task / a role / a responsibility

Do it!

Please do it

Could you do it

Would you do it

Please could you do it

Please would you do it

I’d really appreciate it if you could / would <verb action>

I was wondering if you could / would

I hope you don’t mind me asking but I was wondering if you could / would

Can you see a pattern?

The longer the sentence, the more polite, the more formal it is.

The longer sentence, the more difficult the request.

The longer the sentence the more senior the person being requested is / the more junior the requester is.


I felt really sleepy this evening because I slept fewer hours last night and I didn’t have time to nap in the afternoon. I needed to go out and get the paper that I applied 8 days ago. 😅
Well, at that moment, I just wanted to go to bed and had a nice sleep. So an idea came to my mind. “Maybe I should just send a post and tell my followers that I am really tired today. So I won’t record a podcast for today! Let’s do this.” 🤨
But this idea didn’t stay long. I suddenly recalled a reason and it brought me back on track right now. I went and set my camera and started recording today’s podcast.😄
What is this reason? Why can it stop me from quitting? Do you want to know my secret on this? You know what, this reason brings me back on track every time I want to quit. 💪
What is your reason that has a similar effect like mine? Tell you about it! 😄
If you feel related, say “yes” and share this post to your stories!📩
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In the morning, we were lucky enough to get into the annual review conference. The director was talking about all the work done during a year, and this work was truly tremendous. The day was spent in the department I was appointed in-Middle East. Firstly, we had a round table with the Head of the Department or Keeper-Jonathan Tubb. The man is very knowledgeable in the sphere of his specialty. After, Gareth made a quick tour in the storages of the department where we could see different exhibits from different time periods and from different materials. 


Also, we visited the tablets room which is located on the ground floor of the Victorian library. We saw amazing pieces there which are dated hundreds and hundreds of years. Some of them are like little puzzles which have to be attached to each other. Then we went upstairs to see an actual library. Finally, I saw a good selection of books about Central Asia, mostly in Russian. 


The most amazing part of the day was ahead! After a long tour of the new Islamic hall by Venetia Porter, I was invited to meet a delegation from Uzbekistan. The delegation consisted of the minister of foreign affairs and the ambassador of Uzbekistan in the UK. It was truly a great honor and coincidental luck to meet such influential people of our country in the walls of the BM.  

Derek O`Brien-led Trinamool Congress delegation, on way to meet Sonbhadra victims` families, stopped at Varanasi airport

A four-member Trinamool Congress (TMC) delegation, led by senior party leader Derek O'Brien, were stopped by the Varanasi Police on Saturday, ahead of their visit to Sonbhadra district where 10 people were killed in firing over a land dispute on July 17.

Derek O`Brien-led Trinamool Congress delegation, on way to meet Sonbhadra victims` families, stopped at Varanasi airport

Assam flood toll mounts to 48; delegation of MPs meets PM Narendra Modi, Governor Jagdish Mukhi reviews situation

The statement issued by ASDMA said that a total 3,705 villages in 92 revenue circles of 27 districts have been affected due to floods till Friday. 

Assam flood toll mounts to 48; delegation of MPs meets PM Narendra Modi, Governor Jagdish Mukhi reviews situation

Assam flood toll mounts to 48; delegation of MPs meets PM, Guv Jagdish Mukhi reviews situation

The situation in Assam continues to remain grim and the death toll due to rain-related incidents has further risen to 48, the State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) said in a statement on Friday. 

Assam flood toll mounts to 48; delegation of MPs meets PM, Guv Jagdish Mukhi reviews situation


I’ve been really enjoying playing this when it gets to evening time, lately. Standing in the kitchen, with the backdoor open and the early night breezes wafting in. Mmm.




When I get lost, feel I’ve been crossed
She will be my salvation
When I feel low, I’ve nowhere to go
She’ll be my inspiration Yeah, when my poor heart is breakin’ apart
She’ll pout it back together
She ain’t the kind to show off her mind
But talkin’ of love she’s clever, yeah Oh, honey (Oh, honey)
Oh, honey (Oh, honey)She rarely spends time with her friends
Tells me she’s blue without me
When things go wrong her faith is strong
I know she’ll never doubt me Yeah, when she arrives and stands by my side
Makes me so proud to know her
High-steppin’ dames with high-soundin’ names
There ain’t nothin’ they could show her, yeah Oh, honey (My honey)
Oh, honey (Honey, honey)Now I just wanna thank you, baby
For givin’ me a brand new start
I was goin’ down, you saved me
When you let me in your lovin’ heart, yeah Oh, honey (Talkin’ ‘bout you, honey)
Oh, honey (Honey)Oh, honey (Beautiful honey)
Oh, honey (You make me feel so proud, so proud, baby)Oh, honey (I’m proud of my baby, yeah)
Oh, honey