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saudades ....

zoando o flamengo mas com dor no coração por conta

Un rincón escondido dentro del parque más emblematico de la capital ¿Alguien sabría decirnos donde se encuentra este lugar? . .

When you want to know your Spanish language level, it comes the inevitable question: how do you determine your Spanish level? Our post will answer all your questions. Link to the blog post

「あなたが  の資格を取得した理由は何ですか?」 現在の回答で最も多いのは、 「語学力の客観的な評価が欲しかったから」 となっています。 ぜひ、あなたのお考えも聞かせてください。   ☆アンケート実施中です☆

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meu lil peep apaixonado pelo lil peep

Nueva visita al Pero… esto no solo consiste en visitar, debemos practicar nuestro . 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 Pequeño ejercicio de interacción a la hora de realizar compras.🍱 . .

スペイン語の資格と学習についてのアンケートを実施しています。回答くださった方の中から抽選で、受講料を割引いたします。 あなたが各種資格を取得した、あるいは取得したい、その理由や動機は何ですか?    

*qualquer oportunidade de ser gado * eu:

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If you’re interested in buying any of the T-shirt’s please get in contact 💙☺️ xx

Estrenamos sección, cada lunes vocabulario, la semana empieza con el tema: vacaciones🏖️ ¿Podrías unir cada palabra con su imagen? ⛰️🏝️🚢 . . topicoftheweek

feliz aniversário pra uma das minhas melhores amigas q me aguenta falar todo dia. Teu aniversário é hj mas vc tá de parabéns todo dia 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪Eu te amo demais❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Colour me jealous

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Teasing dele before he goes to pre season

the new kit delivery had arrived at the house whilst he was out to lunch with his brother, deciding on putting it on with his favourite underwear and stockings just to drive him crazy, “oh my fucking god” he’s groaning, footsteps freezing as he returns home to the sight of you strutting around the house in his jersey, “my babyyyy, you look so good” he’s pulling you by your hips as you bite your lip with a smile, “you’ve made me all hard princess” he kisses your neck, but your pulling away before he can take it any further, “you gotta pack, get to work mister” your smug grin makes him roll his eyes knowing he’s gonna have to put in some work to get what he wants