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Envía Presidente cubano mensaje de condolencias por fallecimiento de Le Duc Anh

NOVA TURMA PREPARATÓRIA AO DELE B1 Sábado 14h-17h Início 27/abr VAGAS LTDAS CÍRCULO DE LÍNGUAS desde 1991 Centro Oficial dos Exames de Espanhol DELE Inglês Espanhol Francês Alemão Italiano Portuguese for foreigner Crianças e adultos Rua 15 Novembro 2506 Tel 67 3324-0990


Volvemos tras las vacaciones🔥 Hoy hablamos sobre las y abrimos debate para nuestro alumnos ¿Qué sabes sobre la situación política española?¿Qué sistema político tiene tu país?👉

舞台「タンブリング vol.2/ピンク」のパンフレット、販売中です!【23】 菅田将暉、千葉雄大、鎌苅健太、平間壮一、水田航生、鮎川太陽、鍵本輝、良知真次、植木豪、岡本貴也さん。    銀魂2 

ganhei uma florzinha sábado cheguei em casa bêbada e esqueci de avisar que não era pra jogar a flor minha mãe jogou

Happy Earth Day!!! Feliz día de la Madre Tierra!!! We hope you enjoy the spectacular nature when visiting Tenerife!!!

Si vas a certificar tu nivel de en nuestra convocatoria del del mes de julio, ¡no prepares la prueba solo/a! Te ayudamos con nuestro curso especial al que ya puedes inscribirte. ➡

como que paga pra ter aula de 1 só professor em dia que não tem aula mas se tivesse teria aula #

RT RT : deleの麻生久美子さん演じる坂上舞っぽい人を作ってみました 前髪いいのなかった😭 こんな弁護士いたらやばいけどwww

não tenho ovo de páscoa mas tenho o ovo 🙏🏿

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Tottenham vs Brighton and Hove Albion || 23.04.2019

Big shoutout to the German commentator from tonight’s game who not only consistently called Dele ‘Dele’ throughout the whole game but also apologized the one time he got it wrong and actually explained why Dele doesn’t wanna go by his last name?? If even foreign commentators who mispronounce names left and right can get it right then maybe,, it’s really not that hard???

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dele flirting with other girl at the party and you get jealous and give him silent treatment

and he has no clue what he’s done… like are you dumb! and your getting so pissed off cose she was gorgeous and you feel so insecure and not talking to him for legit like 2 days and he’s begging you to tell him what’s wrong and when you finally do he feels so guilty cose he didn’t even mean to be flirting with her cose he’s only got eyes for you

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You and Dele taking your baby on a first stroll in a pushchair after birth. Bet Dele would be so proud!

and he’s insisting he has the be the one to push the buggy, and your loving watching him be the best dad ever and he’s so obsessed with the baby and it’s just the cutest thingggg

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Dele being nervous to go public about your relationship and you think he's embarrassed of you when in actual fact he's just nervous about the hate that you may endure and when you finally say about how insecure you feel he's going "nah baby, you're the prettiest in the world I just don't want you to get hurt"

and once he’s explaining himself you totally understand and yeah your kinda nervous too cose a lot of people know who he is and everyone has their opinions… but once people start finding out their being so sweet and your instagram mentions blow up with everyone telling you how pretty you are and Del is so relieved cose all he wants if for you to be happy