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Excited to announce that my article on Convolutional Neural Networks have now got more than 500 claps on (published under ) from 140+ people :)

Hyperlex lève 4 millions d’euros Hyperlex, la legaltech dédiée à la gestion et l’analyse de contrats grâce à l’intelligence artificielle, vient de boucler sa Série A ...

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What will happen to all the studyblrs and studygrams and study- whatevers when they are finished with school/college/uni?


[A letter to myself]

So, I’m in the middle of self-finding phase where I think nobody stands for me, like there’s no one there for me when i’ve lost myself for a quite long time.

been feeling like i’m not who i used to be. feels like am pretend to be someone else while trying to satisfy everybody, and then i think i’ve lost myself. i’ve lost the values in me.

blaming myself for the things that happened not in the way i expect them to be. or, blaming my own self for the people I couldn’t keep. and ya know?

it is fucking exhausting, literally.

during that period of time, i’ve been filled with negativity, self-blaming, and self-hatred in most of the time.

until one day. i’ve come to the conclusion that, it’s life man. we can’t force people to stay or neither to leave. it’s human nature right? some people will love us, and some people not.

and, we can’t force people to love us no matter how freaking hard you try. I feel so sorry to myself for the past few months, for pushing my own self to hard to try over the things that’ll never works.

i truly am sorry to blaming my self over and over again. for not accepting my own existance, and could not love it as much as i love people surrounds me. I am sorry for being such a fools, who expect ppl to love me while i cannot love my own imperfections.

this time, I promise to myself that i’ll try harder to accept myself, my self worth and learn how to love myself, so I can share the equal loves to the people i care the most in the world.