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Hogares con magia

Using 3M Command hooks & picture hangers makes your holiday decorating a snap!

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Listening to while decorating with our homemade/recycled ornaments and the 10 y/o is dancing, singing “Slave to Time” and “Bread and Roses.” Be still my heart.

We loved the for and particularly the Christmas tree! has shared some beautiful trees with all different festive themes. Check it out and let us know your favourite!

Decorating doesn't need to be hard, and using the right decorator can make all the difference. We are skilled painters and decorators providing a full range of services for domestic properties.

Vetraio 3 Light Bronze Vanity Strip Heavy Hand Made Glass Is Held In Classic European Iron Works Giving These Pieces A Contemporary Quality, With Strong Traditional Appeal As Well. 22801  

Are you this weekend?! ✨ Today we feature our "Mischievous Kitten" for you and your loved one with to complete! 😸 Check out our website for more exciting resources.

The only thing I HATE about decorating the house. Putting the lights on the tree. Send help. Must bring rosé 😫😤

There’s no right or wrong way to deck your halls. All you need to do is pick your style (minimalist or maximalist) that speaks to you for various rooms in your home.The Minimalist and Maximalist Guide to for the via

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We’re Ready For Christmas!


I love @amybrownart!!! She’s such an incredible, talented artist and I cannot wait to hang all of these beauties in our bedroom, which will henceforth be known as the Amy Brown Faerae Art Gallery!!! #dreamhouse #fantasyart #art #fav #faeraes #doodles #leiphartventures #decorating #homedecor @bradlovescourty

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#Flashbackfriday -‘Tis the Season of JOY! We use our Holiday gift tags as tree ornaments in the salon. Can anyone guess who’s singing in the background?🎄
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Day Three: Decorating


“Dames hurry up they’re going to be here soon!” That’s the first thing Damian hears from his wife when he gets home after a quick debriefing with the team about the next mission.

“Love you too.” He says sarcastically as he puts his keys on the table and hangs his coat up, “And who’s going to be here soon” he asked generally confused, walking over to kiss a frazzled Marinette on the head, who somehow has little bits of tinsel in her hair.

“Ha Ha. I love you too. Adrien and Jon obviously.” Turning to look at her beloved she realises “Oh my god! You forgot our best friends were coming over. Jeez, Dami that’s so nice.”

Chuckling a bit to herself, Damian who feels the need to protect his honour, pouts and looks down, making the sorry excuse of “No I didn’t.”

“Oh, my poor big baby.” She places a loving hand on his cheek making him look at her, and places a soft kiss on his lips, filling Damian with warmth. “Come on we need to finish decorating the house before they get here so I can shove it in Adrien’s face when he gets here that I’m the superior decorator!”

Chuckling at Marinette’s antics he reassures her that everything will look great and reminds her that they better get started if they want to finish by the time the other boys show up.




“They should be here soon.” Marinette reminds him as he pulls her down on the couch with him, getting ready for snuggles.

Then the unmistakable sound of the doorbell is heard.

Groaning Damian stands up “Ugh. Speak of the devils.” He keeps muttering to himself about how he just sat down and their terrible timing, pulling Marinette along with him by the hand to answer the door.

As soon as the door was open two literal balls of sunshine, Jon and Adrien rush in out of the cold. Only once hugs were exchanged between the four young adults did the newest pair look around the house.

To say they were stunned did not describe their reactions to the—probably excessive—decorating. Tinsel, stars and wreaths were hung everywhere along with the most beautiful Christmas tree they had ever seen.

“Okay, fine you’re the better decorator bugaboo! This place is incredible.” Adrien declared, not at all putout.

With the praise in mind, Marinette turned to Damian showing her love, thanks, and appreciation towards him with a kiss.