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Thinking of buying or selling your ? Here's what happened in .

A lovely review from a guest who stayed with us for one night in We look forward to welcoming you again soon. Read the full review here >>

’s #2019 ! did specific reports for , , and . For more info, Please contact Shirley Lai at 647-779-8172 or

What happened in the ? Our by compiles from the region and two on the religious buildings law in and possible trends for euro-atlantic integration ➡️

We hope you are all enjoying your ! ☺️😁 We had a really busy , so are taking some time off to relax, recharge and come up with some amazing menu ideas. Whilst we do that, it would be rude not to enjoy a slice of cake! 😂

ジン展示会 グッズ代行 今週末に行われるジンニムの展示会「December」に参加するので、2枚目のグッズ代行しまーす!! DMきてください

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december 2019


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Model: @fatimagrande Photo: Edel Pereira Photography Fashion: @atelierricoy Mua: iamyurugil Location: Vigo, Galicia. 📌 🐦Twitter: @EDELPEREIRA © All Rights Reserved.


New character coming soon…


These are not her headcanon colors nor is the ‘X’ eye apart of her design (I struggled drawing the other eye so much I eventually said “f**kn it.”) , I was just inspired to that based off the song “Friends on the other side” from “Princess and the Frog”

More Easter eggs will be dropped about this character, in some of my later post, let’s see if you can put the pieces together…