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One more time the demon assassin goes against the corpse bride in a battle that could rip the very fabric of the multiverse but we have no fear as the shadows plan is in full effect and the demon will once again claim victory & maybe a prize trophy 😀

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Like whale carcasses deep in a green sea ... microscopic sharks are feasting on the old giant oak

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We all decay…


Two beauties by Raccoon Photo



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Decayed Beauty por Kindra Nikole
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A new piece from a breezy, beautiful shoot with @foxorz, wearing a beautiful creation by @squirrelvscoyote. I’ve been thinking about the topic of beauty for the sake of beauty in relation to art. I think, in my desire to grow as an artist, I had been rejecting works of mine that weren’t pushing the envelope “enough,” existing in a space of merely being pleasing to the eye. But what I’ve been realizing lately is that beauty for the sake of itself has a place in the art world, and in the world at large. Something beautiful can lift someone’s spirits–can remind someone that life is indeed worth living. For me, that’s reason aplenty to make something beautiful. And even in those “simple” pieces that seem to not have much of a message, they are helping me to become a better artist. In the process of making each piece, I am growing–I am learning what works and what doesn’t. In the simpler pieces, I may feel emboldened to try a risky technique, or simply to further hone the tools in my tool pouch. My technique is expanding, even when it feels like it isn’t. The ability to create freely, without judgement, and to allow myself to *play* is deeply important to me as a person and an artist. When I stifle myself because the work isn’t “enough,” I hinder my growth. I didn’t realize it until very recently, but when I cut myself off at the pass, I’m adopting a toxic attitude toward myself that is not serving my highest self in the slightest. Mostly what I didn’t realize was that my harsh internal criticism was hurting–not helping. I’m the sort of person who believes that I should always be pushing to grow, but that growth can’t always come from a place of such harshness. A place that lacks freedom of movement and *play*. The critique must be balanced. Critique is important, YES! But balance is equally as important, on either end of the spectrum. We never know why someone has created what they chose to create, and social media can muffle and confuse things further. But the fact that people *are* creating, whatever they choose to make, well, that, to me, is making the world a better place. I don’t have to like what everyone is making, and I don’t always have to like what I’ve made, either. But artists have a responsibility to themselves and the world to *keep going* no matter what. If we can inspire one another and be inspired, the growth will come, and the art already matters and is already doing its job! Thank you for flexing my brain on this topic and chatting with me at length about it, @reddwalitzki, @adricknight, @karilise, @casstronaut. Love you all.

Decay and Dreaming

Flesh is so…temporary. Lay here with me in the rich earth. Let my roots curl round you, embrace you, pull you close. Let wind and water and insects strip away what is temporary and reveal the soon to be sun-bleached white below. Flowers grow where eyes once gazed, mushrooms from a rib cage, and together we shall slumber in the other’s embrace. Kiss me my love, bone against bark. Kiss me and dream away all that makes you so subtle and impermanent. Your grave will be our marriage bed for centuries to come.