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Green Line Goblins . . . . .

The once great gem of the universe, the planet RandAnar today destitute as a result of warfare, ecological, and environmental disasters. Prophecy of the Ancients scheduled for release this summer (2019),

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Cinnamaldehyde, the main active component of , may help fight various kinds of . It can also inhibit the growth of certain , including Listeria & Salmonella. The antimicrobial effects of cinnamon may also help prevent & reduce bad

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Your Pain Has Become Routine, Ohio

May: *doing research* fuck, why is this so hard?

Cambridge: ha. That’s what ya mum said to me last night.



May: Cambridge, you’re gay


Cambridge: irrelevant

Cambridge: hey May, got any fags on ya?

May: e x c u s e m e ?

Cambridge: fags, May. C'mon I need a smoke.


May: you meant cigarettes, didn’t you.

Cambridge: well what else could I be referring to, ya spanner.

Cambridge: I am offended and appalled that you would even begin to consider me in love with Hen- I cannot believe you- I most certainly am not and never was in love with that monster

Floss: I am most definitely in love with Freak and I am only partially ashamed of that



Prison H7 was the jail block of a military barracks in a large Belgian city. The buildings were erected in eclectic style between 1890 and 1905, based on a design by the architects de Noyette and Geerling. All in all, the barracks occupy an area of ​​more than 5 acres and could house around 1300 soldiers. On October 1, 1907 the 2nd Line Regiment moved into the barracks. During the two world wars, the barracks were occupied by German troops. After the liberation, the 2nd Line Regiment did not return to its barracks. From 1955 the barracks were manned by the Center of the Health Service. The training center provided the training for the officers of the Health Service. Following the restructuring of the armed forces, a number of buildings were sold to the city, which housed the Higher Institute of Fine Arts there since 2007 (hence the statues). Other parts of the barracks are still owned by the Belgian army. Mid-March 2019 the reconversion work started to turn the barracks into a sustainable urban neighborhood where living, working and recreation meet.


What is the characteristic feature of life?

When is a piece of matter said to be alive?

When it goes on ‘doing something’, moving, exchanging material with its environment, and so forth, and that for a much longer period than we would expect of an inanimate piece of matter to 'keep going’ under similar circumstances.

When a system that is not alive is isolated or placed in a uniform environment, all motion usually comes to a standstill very soon as a result of various kinds of friction; differences of electric or chemical potential are equalized, substances which tend to form a chemical compound do so, temperature becomes uniform by heat conduction.

After that the whole system fades away into a dead, inert lump of matter.

A permanent state is reached, in which no observable events occur.

The physicist calls this the state of thermodynamical equilibrium,

or of `maximum entropy’.

Practically, a state of this kind is usually reached very rapidly.
Decay Series A
The Decay Series A is an examination of the dirty side of life, and the way we live it. Each photograph tells the story of choices and consequences. Each photograph is a large format digital jpg without a watermark. Use them as wallpaper, posters, t-shirts, or wall art. Thank you for stopping by.

Decay Series A