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Just cause you love someone doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life - Dean Winchester

No! Nothing can happen to Jack again leave that poor baby alone!! 😂♥️ Why do the boys never say when their’s something wrong with them so the others can help? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Well, they are righteous, I mean, that’s kinda the problem. Of course there’s nothing more dangerous than some a-hole who thinks he’s on a holy mission
—  Dean Winchester, when Sam was disappointed in angels

So I had a dream….

Malia walks into the hotel room, Sam and Dean are packing

Dean: Did you make reservations on our names?

Malia: So many rooms I can’t count

Dean: Ok then

Dean then proceeds to assemble some gold coins and some cards (I assume they’re vouchers?) in a bag (In the same system as John wick but for hunters…?)

Sam: Dean hurry up we have to go

Dean: Hold up let me just unload a bit

To which dean proceeds to pull guns out of his person (I don’t know where he was pulling them from) and laying them on the bed. I counted around four before Sam said:

Sam: Dean what are you doing ? Those two are your favorites!

Dean: Huh… yea

Sam shot Dean in the face


My predictions for season 14 judging from the last episode, are that as Jack is only alive because of magic drawn from his soul. He is obviously going to be using his powers at some point and his soul will chip away - leading for him to act more like Lucifer.

Then Lucifer will probably come back from the empty and the two will possibly wreak havoc together, meanwhile Dean is still being controlled by Michael and Castiel will be taken away by the empty. When Cas gets taken away it’s because he’s happy so it’ll probably happen right before everything kicks off leading for poor Sam to be alone similar to the S7 ending.



Over on, Willows Dancing in the Wind made the following suggestion:

“I would like to see more Dean and Gabriel interaction. Maybe Dean having to wake Gabriel up from a nightmare and he’s the only one home to comfort him. I’d like to see them bond over Hell.”

I’m adding this as part 12 of Post-Asmodeus Sabriel Feels, even though most of the story focuses on Dean’s treatment of Gabriel. It’s part of the same story line, so why not include it in the series?

Most of my regular readers are here for for the Sabriel hurt/comfort. And that’s what’s coming next. For those of you who are like, “Coolio but let’s just stick with what we’re really here to read,” thanks for sticking with me!

Gabriel had fallen asleep at the table.

 Dean found him when he entered the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He wasn’t surprised. Even with a fair portion of grace back in action, Gabriel was exhausted at least ninety percent of the time and functioned poorly without rest. In any case, sleep and nutrition accelerated the replenishment process. Most likely, by Castiel’s estimates, Gabriel would have had to spend an extra month or so recovering from Asmodeus sucking him dry.

 So here he was, face planted on the table between his arms. Next to his head was a half-drunk mug of coffee and an unwrapped granola bar.

 Well, Dean thought, opening the fridge as quietly as he could, at least Gabriel had tried to eat.

 Dean sniffed at the deli drawer to make sure he was still more likely to die from ghouls slurping out his insides through a straw than by slimy roast beef, then fished out some cheese and grabbed a bottle of mayonnaise from one of the side shelves. He hoped he could find at least one clean plate in the cupboard.


 Crap, he’d been too loud.

 Dean turned. “Sorry man, I - ”

 But Gabriel was still unconscious. He’d shifted so that his face was turned to the side.

 Dean watched him carefully. Gabriel moaned softly. “Stop,” he mumbled again.

 Dean set the mayonnaise back on the shelf. “Gabe.”

Gabriel flinched in his sleep.

“Gabe,” Dean repeated, louder this time.

Gabriel jerked awake and shot upright. He didn’t spot Dean right away but still looked panicked once he did. 

“Gabriel,” said Dean, “Everything okay?”

Gabriel’s breathing was tight and rapid. “Dean?”

“Just me.” He could see how badly Gabriel was trembling. “This was a bad one, huh?”

“Dean, where’s Sam?”

A pause. “He went out.”

Gabriel turned chalk-white.

“He’s with Cas,” Dean explained. “They’re just getting a bite to eat.”

Gabriel shook more violently. “Okay.”

Dean moved over to the table and took a seat beside him. “Want me to make you a fresh cup of coffee?”

Gabriel’s eyes fell on the half-empty mug. “How long have I been asleep?”

“When’d you decide to pass out in here?”

Gabriel considered. “2:00? 2:30? I was planning on having lunch.

Dean glanced at the untouched granola. “And lunch was a Quaker bar.”

Gabriel shrugged 

“You’ve been out for an hour and a half,” Dean told him. “So how about that coffee?”

“No. No thanks. Sick to my stomach.”

“Same old routine, huh? Glass of water, then.”

“I can’t right now.”

But Dean went to the sink and filled a glass anyway, then set it in front of Gabriel. “If you change your mind.”

Gabriel stared at the glass. “Thanks.”

Dean resettled himself next to Gabriel. “It’s a gross feeling, I know. The whole nightmare game. Truth is I’d rather face down an entire army of Michaels than go through that every night like I used to.”

Gabriel offered no response.

“Listen,” Dean went on, “I’m not Sam, but I know how to do this.”

Gabriel looked at him.

“You know how many years of experience I have trying to hold someone together? Doesn’t always work, but I ain’t a new pledge.”

Gabriel had calmed down a little, not quite as tense as he had been a few moments before. “You probably don’t want to watch the show.”

“I can guarantee you I’ve put on better performances.”

“Trust me, it gets ugly.”

“Yeah, I know. But it’s uglier if you’re alone.

“Dean, I don’t expect - ”

“Hey. It’s all good. We don’t have to talk if you don’t wanna talk; I can just sit here, give you … moral support.”

Gabriel sighed. “It’s your funeral.”

“So can you think of anything that’d …” Dean made vague gestures with his hands. “… help?”

“Well, you’re not mad or freaked out, so don’t worry about extra credit.”

“What are the extra credit options?”

“You could write a paper on how much of a disaster I am. Sam can grade it.”


“You’re not a sympathy puker, are you?”

“Who do you think was the one to clean up after a preschool-aged Sam, huh?”

“I just wanted to make sure you have the credentials for this job.” Gabriel paused. “You know that’s what Sam called it? His ‘job’?”

“I think it’s more than that to him.”

Why? Just …” Gabriel struggled for the right words. “Why?”

Dean considered. “No offense, but if you’d seen yourself when you first got here, you’d probably understand.”

Gabriel gave a hollow laugh. “I wouldn’t have touched me with a ten-foot pole.”

“What can I say? Sam is … you know, sometimes I wonder why he stuck with hunting. The kid used to catch spiders in cups and take them outside. He sees someone like you and just …”

Gabriel smiled. “Catches me in a cup and puts me outside?”

“Nah, man, he wanted to hold onto you.”

“That was a strange decision.”

“I don’t know Gabriel, he just cares.”

“Yeah, okay, but - I mean, Cas I can sort of get. He’s my brother and maybe he feels like he has to do something. But Sam? Dean, I’m the most irritating bitch of an archangel in all of Dad’s creation.”

“Right, I forgot how much more fun it is to watch Lucifer and Michael corrupt the integrity of existence itself than to pick you up off the floor once in a while.”

Gabriel slumped in his chair. “It drives me nuts that your brother’s so good at both.”

“I’d like to say he learned it from me, but I’ve gotten more out of watching him than I’d ever be able to come up with on my own.”

“Yeah, well …” Gabriel ran both hands through his hair. “Shit.”

Dean watched him carefully. “Gabe, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Takes me a little while is all.”

“You wanna tell me about it?”

Gabriel groaned, still holding his head. “I just - this always ends messy. I don’t even remember what I say to Sam most of the time; all I know is there’s never any pride left to spare.”

“I’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want, but I don’t think it is.”

“Mm. Yeah. I guess not.”

They sat in silence for a while. Gabriel kept his head lowered and his eyes fixed on the table.

Dean was surprised when Gabriel was the first to speak. “Asmodeus did so much to hurt me. Even if I manage to catch a break from thinking about one form of torture, there’s another right behind it. And angels aren’t supposed to dream. When we do it’s … it’s so real.”

“I don’t think that’s unique to angels,” Dean told him.

Gabriel lifted his head. “I can’t wait for all this to be over. These nightmares, they’re screwing me up so bad.”

“You just gotta wait for your grace to come back and then take it from there.”

Gabriel looked desperate. “I don’t know how to wait this out. It’s taking too long.”

Dean raised his eyebrows. “You’re an archangel and six months feels like a long time to you?”

“Yes! I mean, look at Sam! He’s fine. He has his bad days but he’s so …so not like me. And you, too. You both went through the same thing I did and you’re human. You’re the ones who are supposed to have low expectations.”

Dean’s expression soured. “Thanks, Gabriel. Look, I think you’re missing a few pieces here. One, Sam doesn’t just have ‘bad days.’ He’d never let you witness it, but sometimes the resemblance between you guys is creepy. Two, you were in the pit for a long-ass time, longer than me or Sam. And three, I’m not the role model you should be looking to when it comes to making a healthy recovery. I was in there for less than a century and sometimes I can’t see three feet ahead because someone looked at me funny. Cut yourself a break.”

Gabriel squirmed. “But I can’t tell there’s anything wrong with you! I could settle for just being able to pretend.”

“Bad idea. I know archangels probably don’t have livers, but - ”

“Sam keeps reminding me it’s going to take longer than I think it should,” Gabriel continued. “Tell me, Dean: if you guys are still as damaged as you say, how is it that you function? How do you … how do you just keep going without falling apart again and again?”

Dean looked down at his hands. “If I knew, I’d pass along my wisdom.”

“Dean, you’re both so much stronger than I am.”


“You are. I’m not trying to host a pity-party; I’m giving the facts.” 

“Gabe - ” Dean turned back to him. “Beating the crap out of yourself isn’t gonna do anything except pull you backwards. You were in Hell. You were screwed over in the worst way. And the only person who’s mad at you for the fallout is you. Me and Sam … we don’t like seeing you like this. The most you should’ve gotten for being such a jerk to us before is maybe a solid half hour of me yelling at you. But this? What you actually wound up with? I wouldn’t have ever wished that on you. I wouldn’t send anyone to Hell unless they were part of the administration. It sucks down there, Gabriel. It sucks and we just want to help.”

He watched as Gabriel’s eyes filled with tears. Normally, Dean would have frozen up, but he’d been expecting things to go south sooner or later. He had known that the situation would become, as Gabriel put it, “ugly.”

“Dean,” Gabriel croaked, “I spill my guts to your brother even though I know better, and no matter how many times I let him take care of me, I still haven’t - haven’t told him even half of what  Asmodeus did to me - and hardly anything about what Asmodeus made me do. I can’t. If Sam let me talk about that stuff, everything would change. You’d all look at me differently. You wouldn’t want to room with me. There’s so much I - ” He turned away, and the last words came out as a sob. “So much I can’t tell any of you.”

“Hey,” Dean replied softly, wondering if it was better to reach out or give him space. “If there’s stuff you don’t want to say, you don’t have to say it. If you keep it to yourself just because you think those are the rules, you’ve gotta let one of us try to change your mind.”

“Have you - ” Gabriel’s head was lowered towards his lap, his eyes squeezed shut. “Did Sam ever tell you anything? Any of what I confessed to him?”

“No. I don’t think he’d do something like that.”

“But you know the kinds of things they do in Hell.” Gabriel shuddered, then opened his eyes. “You know how they … everything that they …”

“Of course I do,” Dean said gently.

“So some of it … you might be able to guess.”

Dean grimaced. “I think it might be more than just ‘some.’”

“But how do you know when it’s cool to talk about it? What if people really do start seeing you like … like what you already know you are?”

“Okay, look.” Dean shifted his chair so that he was facing Gabriel. “I’m not exactly an over-sharer myself, but Sam and Cas have never, ever given me crap for bringing up the worst. Including the torture that I carried out with my own two hands. And when I was in Hell, everything happened to me - and whatever happened to me, I did to the newbies over and over and over again. And Sam? When he was in Hell, that kid saw the dark. There’s still mountains of crap he won’t tell me no matter how hard I push. The truth is that if anyone’s permanently messed up, it’s him.” Dean’s softened his tone. “Just like you said, I know what they do down there. I know, and so does Sam. Now, I don’t know exactly what you went through for all that time, but a solid fifty percent of it is bound to be familiar. If anyone’s gonna judge you for what happened, it ain’t us.”

For almost a full minute, Gabriel simply stared at him, eyes bright with fear. Dean decided to ride the silence out, to let Gabriel take control of the conversation.

When Gabriel finally spoke, his voice trembled. “What if you three do everything to help and it doesn’t work? What if it’s a waste of your time? Dean, I - ” He clenched his fists, face crumpling again. “I don’t think I’m going to get better.”

“Hey, you know us. We’re stubborn sons of bitches and we don’t give up easy. For better or worse, you’re gonna have to live with that.”

Gabriel went on crying, trying to choke it down.

Dean pushed the glass of water towards him. “All right, drink some of that. It’ll only do you good.”

Gabriel shook his head, eyes locked shut again.

“Come on, Gabe, you know it’ll help.”

“I can’t,” Gabriel rasped. “Dean, I feel really sick.”

“I promise this is the best thing for that.”


“Okay. Okay. Then let’s get you lying down or something. You’re exhausted and you need to be somewhere you can take it easy.” Dean got to his feet and carefully touched Gabriel’s shoulder to signal that he should rise too. Gabriel didn’t flinch at the contact. “Let’s go; I’ll stay with you until Sam gets back.”

With a strangled sob, Gabriel stood up. He moved a little unevenly as they made their way down the hall, but mostly because he was still shivering, not because he couldn’t balance.

They arrived at Gabriel’s room and Dean ushered him inside, leaving the door open so that Sam could hear them when he arrived home. Gabriel lay on his side and curled up, turning his tear-streaked face away from Dean.

“Take off your shoes; get comfortable,” Dean instructed. “Just relax, Gabe; it’s gonna be fine. You wanna talk, we’ll talk; you wanna lie there and just not think about anything, that’s okay too.”

“I can’t not think about it,” Gabriel whispered. “The dream.”

“But you don’t want to say what it was.”

“It’s no different from what I usually dream about. That’s the problem. Everything is the same and it shocks my whole system no matter how many times I see it. I thought maybe I’d get inured to it after a while, but I - I didn’t.” He hesitated before adding, “I keep dreaming that he comes here. Not even that he manages to get past the warding, but that he rings the doorbell and one of you lets him in. I scream; I always end up clinging to Sam, trying to get him to help me, just - just begging for one of you to reconsider, and then Asmodeus grabs me  and I can’t breathe and - ”

“All right, all right. Try to calm down. Here, let’s talk about something different, okay? Something to keep your mind off that asshat. What else d’you want to talk about?”

Gabriel rolled over so that he was lying on his back, looking up at Dean. “There’s nothing else. There’s only him. That’s all I am now, Dean. He took everything away.”

“No, that’s not true, come on.”

“It is. I can’t be distracted. Sam’s tried that, and it never works. It hasn’t done any good, not even once.”

“Okay, so then what else might help?”

“Nothing helps. It just doesn’t. I have to wait it out.”

“All right.” Dean sat down on the bed. “We’ll wait it out together, okay?”

There was a long moment of silence during which Dean simply sat still and Gabriel hugged himself, shaking. When Gabriel failed to speak, Dean took the initiative. “You doing okay?”

“Just scared,” Gabriel muttered.

“Nothing to be scared of.”

“I know, I know - I’m trying.”

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you’re afraid, then you’re afraid. It’ll pass, like you said.”

“Hey, can you, uh … can you get the wastebasket for me? I think I might throw up.”

“Sure thing.” Dean moved it next to the bed, within Gabriel’s immediate reach. “You’re gonna be okay.”

“Don’t get excited.” A beat, then: “You said you know what it’s like. And so you know it won’t go away. You’re still there. The feeling infects everything.”

“Yeah, I do know.”

“Sometimes I … I look at Sam and even he doesn’t seem safe anymore. It’s like I can taste the dream at the back of my throat.”

“I get it, man. I really do.”

Gabriel closed his eyes. “This is too much.”

“Just ride it out, Gabe.”

Gabriel suddenly jerked upright, panicked. “Dean - ”

Dean picked up the wastebasket and gave it to him. Gabriel dry-heaved, struggling for breath.

“Hey,” said Dean, “You want me to touch you or no?”

Gabriel whimpered. “Help.”

Dean inched nearer and rested a hand on Gabriel’s back. “You’re doing good.”

Gabriel gagged, bringing up the half-cup of coffee he’d managed before falling asleep, as well as whatever Sam had coaxed into him that morning.

Dean was so intent on trying to ground Gabriel that he didn’t notice his brother and Castiel in the doorway.

“Oh god!” Sam sprinted over to them. Gabriel, too sick to raise his head, didn’t seem to notice. “Dean, what happened to him?”

“Just a shitty nap.” Keeping his hand in place, Dean glanced over at Cas. “You two have a good time?”

Castiel’s eyes were fixed on Gabriel. “Better than yours, I’d imagine.”

Sam looked on in horror as Gabriel continued to vomit. “Dean, why didn’t you call me?”

“Because we were okay.”

“You call this okay?”

“Come on, it isn’t like you’re seeing anything new. You were out and I was here and we were fine.”

Sam moved nearer and bent down to examine Gabriel. “Gabriel?”

Gabriel was pale and shaking. He stared down into the wastebasket for a few seconds before throwing up again.

“He’s bad,” Sam whispered.

“I think he’s almost done.” Dean peered more closely at Gabriel’s face. Gabriel spat into the wastebasket and raised his eyes to meet Dean’s. “See, look at that.”

“Gabriel?” Sam pried the wastebasket from his hands and put it on the floor. “Hey, Gabriel, what happened?”

Gabriel coughed weakly. “Why the hell are you acting so surprised?”

“Guess I shouldn’t’ve left you alone, huh?”

“Jesus Christ, Sammy, he wasn’t alone,” Dean protested.

Sam sat down on Gabriel’s other side. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here.”

Gabriel waved him away. “I can survive two hours without you.”

Maybe Dean was imagining it, but he thought Sam looked almost hurt.

“Dean,” said Castiel, “You shouldn’t hesitate to let one of us know if something feels out of your depth.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Cas. What do you guys think I am, a Vulcan?”

“A Klingon,” Sam admitted.

“Okay, Sam, you know what?” Still resting his hand on Gabriel’s back, he met Sam’s gaze. “First of all, why’d you leave if you thought I’d only make things worse? And second, if anyone should be writing a half-assed letter of recommendation, it’s definitely not you.”

Sam closed his eyes in frustration. “This isn’t the same thing.”

“No, Sam, he has a point,” Castiel broke in. “When children learn to play the piano for the first time and all they know is ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ … it isn’t as though they forget which keys can be used to form a different melody.”

“Well,” said Dean, “I just lost twenty years’ worth of testosterone, but I appreciate the new attitude.”

“Will you stop talking about me like I’m not here?” Gabriel snapped. “Sam, leave your brother alone. Cas, give Dean his testosterone back. And Dean, if these two eventually decide I’m worth consulting, you won’t need that letter of recommendation.”

Sam glanced between Dean and Gabriel.

“Stop worrying so much,” Dean told him. “I’m not made of stone.”

“I think you may have underestimated your brother, Sam,” Cas agreed.

Sam looked at Castiel, then back at Gabriel. “Did I, Gabe?”

“Yeah,” Gabriel replied, “It looks like you did. Man, are you both annoying.” But he leaned into Sam’s body and hugged him.

“Okay.” Sam returned the embrace. “Sorry, I … I guess you just looked pretty wrecked when I came in.”

“That’s because I am a wreck.” Gabriel pulled away. “How is that news?”

“In any case,” said Castiel, “You must feel worn out. It sounds like it’s been a long afternoon.”

“Yeah.” Gabriel laid his head on Dean’s shoulder, failing to notice Sam’s look of astonishment. “Feels like I can hardly move.”

“You were quite sick,” Cas agreed.

“What do you think about trying to lie down?” asked Dean.

Gabriel scoffed. “Because that went so well the last time.”

“Okay, yeah, but you’re over the worst of it, don’t you think?”

“Maybe. I guess.”

“Why don’t I stay with you for a little while?” Sam suggested.

Gabriel lifted his head from Dean’s shoulder. “It’d be good to talk to you.”

“Yeah, okay. Guys, I’ll take care of things in here. You go relax.”

Dean stood up. “Holler if Sam gets too annoying.”

Gabriel smiled.

Out in the hall, Castiel turned to Dean. “Don’t let Sam’s skepticism get to you; he … he just feels guilty that he might not be doing enough.”

“Gabe’s better than he was,” Dean replied. “I hope Sam can see that.”

“Even if he does, he may not attribute the improvement to his own efforts.”

“I’ll give him a pep talk.”

“And I certainly hope,” Castiel added, studying Dean closely, “That you know your input counts for something too.”

“All right. Well.” Dean turned and started making his way back down the hall. “While you and Sam were out feasting, I never got an opportunity to finish my sandwich. Come sing my praises in the kitchen.”

My friend asked me how I felt about Cas making the deal with the Empty creature in the last episode. I went off a little but I liked what I wrote… 

Either true love’s kiss will kill him and it will be TRAGIC and beautiful…
Dean finally comes to terms with how he’s feeling. He feels this is the perfect moment to let Cas know. He tells his angel and Cas can’t keep from smiling and saying, “I love you too, Dean.” Dean pulls Cas to him and kisses him. A long awaited and urgent kiss that communicates the years between them. Cas can’t help but to feel truly happy, his arms wrapping around his hunter. Dean’s arms are locked around Cas in a loving embrace in a manner that speaks volumes and screams, “I’m never letting this moment go.”  
All of the sudden Cas goes limp. His head rolls back away from Dean and his knees bend. His arms have fallen. Dean screams. Sam runs in and finds Dean crumpling to the floor, a very limp Cas in his arms, the blue eyes somehow vacant and dim. Sam watches in horror as his strong older brother screams, his fingers digging into the trenchcoat. Tears stream from the bright green eyes like they never have before. 

OR it doesn’t happen with the kiss.
Cas can’t let himself be happy. He knows that with this kiss his life will be over but he’s never wanted anything more. He and Dean are wrapped up together but the happiness is shrouded in guilt. Guilt at not telling Dean about the deal. Guilt at letting Dean be happy for only a moment before he’s taken away. Nothing happens. They start sharing a bed. They hold hands under the table. They love openly. They make love before Dean sleeps with his head on Cas’ chest and Cas holds him all night to keep the nightmares at bay. Months pass like this and nothing happens. Cas feels happy and in love and a little bit invincible. Jack calls them both Dad. Dean is happier than Sam has ever seen him. He moves lighter now that his burden is lifted and his love is shared. Happiness is felt. Cas finally lets go of the guilt. It’s been a year exactly and Cas feels it’s time. It’s time to let go of the guilt because obviously he’s free. He’s free to love and be happy. He’s free to be with Dean. He and Dean celebrate their first year together. They go to a hotel to celebrate. They eat a pie together, straight from the pie tin. They make love and this is somehow better than all of the other times combined. The two are content in each other’s arms. Dean falls asleep as Cas holds him and gives him small light kisses on top of his head.                                                        Dean whispers, “I love you more than anything, Cas.” and Cas whispers back the most dangerous thing. “You make me the happiest I have ever felt, Dean Winchester."                                                                                                    Dean falls asleep and wakes to the horror of what looks like Cas sleeping. But Cas doesn’t sleep. His eyes are closed and he’s cold. Dean starts shaking and tears are already streaming. The last words that Cas said to him replay in his mind as he tries not to scream. He fumbles with the phone and manages to call Sam. Sam picks up and can only hear Dean sobbing and gasping like he can’t breathe. Sam and Jack rush to get there but only find a heartbroken Winchester and a dead angel. Jack hears Dean gasping Cas’s last words and it feels like a punch to the gut. He and he alone remembers the deal and he wants to tell Dean but it would only hurt him more. 

Three words – Part 4

Summary: Dean breaks-up with the reader without any explanation.

Pairing: former Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: language, injured reader, blood, angry Dean, violence

MoC set in Season 12


One month later

You could kick your own ass for telling Dean about the baby. For breaking your promise to yourself to never tell him. At least the Winchesters leave you alone for now, hopefully for the rest of your life.

Checking the information again you smile. This time you’ll find him; this time you’ll kill the bastard…

Two hours later

Cursing yourself you try to free yourself from the ropes binding your hands. Of course if was a trap, it was too easy to track him down. Two years he was hiding himself and suddenly he reappeared. ‘Stupid, so stupid.’ You mumble.

“Well, well Dean Winchesters little slut. Was last time not enough? Did you miss me?”

“No. You know why I came after you.”

Snickering the demon circles the chair you’re sitting on. “Poor girl…so full of pain.”

“Hmmm…let’s see what we can do with you.” Grinning the demon cuts your skin for the tenth time. Gritting your teeth you hold back a whimper.

Before he can cut you again the door bursts open. “Get away from her.” Sam warns.

“Sammy keep him under control, I’ll check on her.”

“Dean?” Barely conscious you look up.


“Don’t exorcise him, kill him. He killed my baby.” You plea, before loosing consciousness.

Clenching his jaw Dean tightens the grip around Ruby’s knife.

“Awe poor daddy never had the chance to see his daughter. She would’ve been as pretty as her mother. But it’s your own fault; you let us get close to her.”

“Why?” Dean yells.

“Oh, well…you know you killed the wrong companion. You took my girl so I thought I take two girls from you, but that little bitch over there is tougher than I thought.”

“Let me.” Sam says, trying to exorcise the demon.

“No.” Dean says stabbing the demon with his knife.


“No, he killed our baby.”

“Okay let’s bring her out of here.” Sam says opening your bindings.

“It’s all my fault…he tried to kill Y/N and killed our baby because of me…” Dean sighs.

Shooting up in bed you look around, panicked. The room looks familiar, even the smell is… no, no that’s Dean’s room.

“Hey, how do you feel?” Dean asks softly.

“Like a demon cut me with a knife.” You spat at him.

“I’m sorry…he did this because of me, I killed his companion.”

“We…” You whisper.


“We killed his companion, not you. Remember the case in Wichita Falls?”

“Oh, the missing girls? Sacrificed for a higher rank demon.”

“Yes, one of the demons we killed was his companion.”

“Still it’s my fault…”

“If you want to blame you fine by me.” Trying to get out of his bed you groan in pain.

“Sorry, Cas isn’t around but he’ll be back soon. He can heal your wounds.” Dean whispers, carefully stroking your hand.

Flinching away you glare at him. “Don’t touch me!”

“Sorry, old habit I guess.”

“Why am I wearing only a flannel? Where are my clothes?” You grunt.

“Oh they were bloodstained I thought you don’t want to…Sorry I needed to undress you to change your clothes.”

“I need to go.” You state, getting out of the bed.

“Please wait, at least until Castiel healed you.

“Those cuts are nothing to last time…” You whisper.


“No, I need to get away from you as far as possible.”

“As the demon was after you because of me?”

“No, as you’re the reason my life went downhill. You made me believe I could have love in my live but that was just a big lie. You ruined my life and I don’t want to be close to you ever again.”

“I…the reason I broke up with you is…”

“Not important. You could’ve told me two years ago but now I don’t care anymore. Where are my clothes?”

“Wait Sam drove your car to the bunker I’ll bring you fresh clothes.” Sighing Dean leaves the room.

Wiping a tear away you look around the room, nothing has changed, except that you aren’t welcome anymore…

“Here your duffle bag.” Dean whispers, casting his look down.


Nodding Dean leaves his room knowing he lost you forever. There’s no chance you’ll forgive him.

Leaving the room Dean looks at you completely desperate. You know that look; two years ago you saw it in the mirror - day after day.

“Can we not try?” He pleas one last time.

“What? To have another baby? No, the dream died with my baby. The injuries were too heavy. The doctor said back then it’s almost impossible for me to have another baby.”

Sighing you leave the bunker, the only difference this time Dean is the heartbroken one…


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14.08 slight au

Tires squeal as the truck comes to stop, car doors opening and slamming shut as Dean and Castiel get out.

Sam sits like a little kid, knees drawn up to his chest, chin down and hair falling to the sides of his eyes. It looks wrong. His brother, this 6’4 man, Dean can only count on one hand the amount of times Sam’s drawn into himself and looked like this. So his reaction, naturally, isn’t going to be good.

“Tell me you didn’t make a deal!” Dean shouts, rushing forward, meeting Sam as he stands. Instinct takes over and he checks Sam for something, anything that might to him doing something incredibly reckless. There’s splinters of wood in Sam’s hair, minute scratches on his cheeks and forearms, tiny little tributaries of blood. His eyes catch on the way his hands tremble and shake, like there’s a raw energy pulsing through them.

“No, Dean I wasn’t- Of course I didn’t-“ Sam stutters his way through the sentence and his eyes flick to the forest. Dean follows them.


There’s an ax obanonded on the side of the road and Dean doesn’t quite understand what he’s seeing.

The Impala illuminates the splintering of the trees, the grotesque way they look like they’ve been struck by lightning, the slivers of wood littered on the forest floor, the Implosion of everything like a bomb in the night.



Dean understand anger and frustration better than anyone, can pocket it and use for it later, control it like the slow-closing of a vise. Sam doesn’t do that.

“I didn’t mean to.” Sam wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, fixes a stare on the ground. “I wanted to build a pyre for Jack, one second I had the ax in my hand and then the next all the trees just-“.

Dean feels Castiel lingering behind him, hands possibly held out in some sort of surrender, eyes switching between the trees and Sam.

“I know you didn’t but-“ He wants to ask, wants an explanation. He thought they left this years behind, thought it was done with the boy with his knife and the yellow eyed demon. After Sam got up from that blood-stained mattress Dean didn’t think he’d see it ever again.

Now Sam gets grief as a weapon.

“This hasn’t happened since Cold Oak, I was just scared,” Sam meets Dean’s eyes with glassy ones, ones that are filled with worry and confusion and fear.

He thinks they mirror his own.

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Hi, I would love a ship ^^ Supernatural, marvel and Harry Potter I prefer males but any gender is fine. I'm a very nice and a little overly polite person who doesn't enjoy when people are rude. I'm really into obscure things like tarot, vudu, astrology, conspiracy theories and such. Everyone I know says I'm intelligent. I'm also an artist. I love listening to music and talking for hours on end. I dislike boring people I hope this traits are enough to find nice ships Thanks in advance -Devil

I ship you with Dean, Loki and Luna!

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“Hey, guys,” you said, coming into the kitchen to grab a drink. “What’s happening?”

“Whole lot of nothing,” Dean replied, perusing the newspaper in front of him disinterestedly. “What are you up to today?”

You sighed. “Dunno yet. Gonna work out first I think and go from there.”

Sam smiled at you warmly as you struggled to twist open the lid on a jar you had just grabbed. You fought with it and it finally slipped from your hands. “Whoa!” Sam caught it reflexively and looked up at you. “Need some help?” he asked with a laugh.

“Geez. Nice ninja catch,” you said. “Yes, please… you’d think I would be able to open a jar…”

Sam easily cracked the top open and handed it back to you. “Nah, it’s okay. The lid is just too big for your hand.”

You smiled at him. “Thanks. I knew there was a reason I kept you around,” you said. As you walked behind him, you laid a hand gently on his shoulder for a brief moment and Sam’s heart responded with a leap.

Dean was watching the interaction closely and cleared his throat. “So, uhh… if you need a work-out buddy I’m sure Sam would be more than happy to help you out. Ya know, spot you or spar with you or… do something else with you–ow!” Sam had kicked Dean in the shin–hard.

“Uhh…” you could feel your cheeks burning a little bit. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks…” You glanced between Sam, who was avoiding your eyes by staring down at his cereal bowl, and Dean, who had a boyish smile on his face and was peering right at you. You left the kitchen rather abruptly after that, more than a little puzzled and wondering if you were interpreting what had been said correctly…

Sam watched you leave, fading down the hallway and then turned to Dean. “Dude!”

Dean shrugged and took in Sam’s annoyance. “What?”

“Don’t ‘what?’! You know what! What the hell was that?”

“I’m just trying to help, Sammy–” Dean said with a grin returning to his face.

“Well, don’t! Subtlety is not exactly your strong-suit!”

Dean chuckled to himself. “Why? You’ve been sitting on your ass, doing a whole lot of nothing for… how long?”

Sam’s mouth tightened into a thin line and he avoided Dean’s eyes.

“Exactly. Nothing is going to happen there with you doing nothing… and I know you want more than nothing.”

Sam sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. “God, I regret telling you that.”

Dean patted a hand hard on his back. “Rum is good for making regrets. But I’d suggest making a move if you don’t want to add any more to the list.”