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Flipped Account Sam Winchester Brother to Part of 21+ RP (NO MINORS!) Single Ships w/Chemistry RTs are greatly appreciated (Please do not comment on my pinned tweet. Thank you.)

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RIP Jack. Sam using the gun on Chuck mad sense cuz everything is ending and Sam’s the only vessel strong enough to hold Lucifer now that Nick is gone. The boys are in trouble next season.

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The ending on got me like, all for nothing... but we all know jack is coming back right??? And is gonna kick some ass. Like Sam and dean were worried about jack hurting people well nope leave it to god him self

Supernatural dizi konusu post Winchester Winchester Dizi Konusu

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Le petit dernier, le 13Γ¨me ! Y aura encore 2 saisons et faudra complΓ©ter une autre sΓ©rie

"Who cares where happiness comes from? Look, we're all a little weird, we're all a little wackyβ€”some more than othersβ€”but...if it works, it works."- Dean Winchester #

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Dean Winchester: Magic

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean & Neutral!Reader
Summary: It’s nice to have a dad that’s OK with not having a gender, but having magic? That’s a little different.
Request: Can you do a Request kinda like Dean Winchester Happy Father’s Day? But Dean finding out that he has a child - who is obviously trying to hide that they (gender neutral please?) has magic and is kinda nervous at his reaction so they leave to train under Rowena and that is how Dean finds out? Pleaseeeeeeeee? 

Originally posted by thepumpkin-queenn

It was nice to apprentice under Rowena. She was a decent teacher, knowing which disadvantages were most needed to be helped for you to progress forwards.

It had been rough, leaving your dad and his brother. But after finding out that you had magic, you needed to control it.

And maybe try and not get killed by them. They had a habit of killing witches (along with demons, ghouls, werewolves).

So yeah, training under Rowena was nice.

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The Family Business

Summary: A Lexi Wilson story set after the beginning of Season 15. Monsters check under their bed for the Winchesters and now monsters are everywhere, so at the top of their priority list would naturally be Sam & Dean, but what happens when they underestimate the fiercest hunters.

Word Count: 2612

A/N: This is set to take place sometime after the start of Season 15. So, if you’ve not watched the Season 14 finale, small SPOILER ALERT. Reviews are welcomed, and as always, appreciated.


Lexi Wilson:Chloe Bennet

Evan Clarke:Chris Evans

Sometimes it is the way things end that is beautiful.

Even when things are raw and aching, the endings are magical. -Nikita Gill

Sam and Dean Winchester have saved the world more times than anyone can count. They’ve been the real heroes of the stories people share late at night after too many drinks at the bar. They’ve been saving people and hunting things their entire life, but what happens when the day comes, and they aren’t here anymore. What will their legacy be? Who will carry on?


It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. -Hamilton

The burly man stares at the bearded, blue-eyed man in front of him, the sound of the chaos from the fighting behind him fades away as he charges ahead, raising a sword up to defend himself with. Evan can see the anger and hatred in his eyes, but he quickly flings the man off his feet with a wave of his hand and throws him backward.

“Heads up!” Evan calls out to his friend as the man flies through the air.

Lexi turns quickly to see a body soaring through the air in her direction, she takes a small side step out of the way as the man lands a few feet in front of her and slides through the dirt, coming to a stop right beside her. She twirls the angel blade in her right hand as she very dramatically drops down to one knee while driving the blade into the heart of the man.

Girls like you were born to tame dragons, to fight wars, to lead armies. -Nikita Gill

The girl pulls her blade back out with one hand, while she grabs the sword from the dead man’s hand with her other as she rises to her feet. She strides over to Evan tossing him the sword, “Know how to use that?”

He smirks at her question, “I think I can manage.”

She nods and turns away making eye contact with Jody, who now has blood splattered across her face from the werewolf she just killed. The girl then glances back to her right to see Donna pull the trigger on a female charging at her while Claire runs a silver dagger through the heart of the monster she’s fighting.

“What’s the plan boss?” Alex questions as she makes her way beside Lexi, a sawed-off shotgun in her hands.

“They asked for a fight,” Lexi glances over at the girl with long dark-hair beside her as she twirls the angel blade in her right hand, “I’d hate to disappoint ‘em.”

Alex fires off a round into an approaching werewolf, sending it flying several feet backwards as Charlie comes running towards them with a smirk on her face.

“All set,” she states in a rushed tone as she holds up a small transmitter with a red button.

“You do the honors,” Lexi responds as Charlie smirks.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” the red-head calls out to the other hunters around her and everyone turns away from the door of the warehouse as Charlie pushes the red button in with her thumb.

A loud boom comes from the door and when they turn to look, there’s a giant hole where the deadbolt lock used to be on the door and it now swings open freely. The door on the second story balcony of the warehouse suddenly flies and a large man comes out with a pistol, hesitating on who to aim at first, but Charlie has her gun drawn and fires a round into him before he can decide.

“Charlie,” Lexi states, “you and Alex take the second story, the rest of us will clear out the first floor. Jody, Donna, you guys want to circle around back, make sure no one tries to escape? Claire you’re with us.”

The two older women give their nods of understanding as they split off from the group.

“Got it,” the red-head responds, then turns back to look at Evan who’s just decapitated one of the monsters with the sword, “Hey Clarke, mind giving me us a lift up there?”

Charlie grabs Alex’s hand as Evan smirks and uses his free hand to levitate them up to the balcony, before moving to stand beside Lexi while Claire walks a few feet past them. The dark-haired girl looks up at the man beside her.

“I’ll take point, watch my back?” She questions, as she cuts her eyes to the blonde girl in front of her then back to Evan.

He catches her signal and nods with a reassuring smile, “Always.”

The man standing before Sam comes down hard across his face with another punch before he says, “They’ll never get past the soldiers I have outside. The only hunters we were concerned with were you two, all the rest are either dead or useless.”

A slow laugh escapes Dean’s lips as he closes his eyes and his brother glances at him, as he too begins to laugh. The two of them are tied to chairs, both are bruised and bloodied from being beaten, and they both are laughing almost hysterically.

“You think this is funny?” the man before them questions angrily and suddenly an explosion blows a hole in the warehouse door.

He has several men on the second story walkway rush toward the door leading outside, while another group head to the door that has been compromised.

“You pissed off the wrong hunter,” Dean says smugly as his laughter subsides.

“Yea,” Sam remarks with a devious smile, “she can be a real witch.”

Gun fire rings out as Charlie and Alex make their way across the top catwalk, making easy work of the werewolves, while Lexi, Claire, and Evan force their way through the front door. Evan’s relying on his swordsmanship to take out the men who are coming for him, while Claire’s knifing any werewolves who get close enough to her, not realizing that the man behind her also keeps one particularly agile monster at bay with quick flick of his wrist. Sam sees this though and smiles in appreciation at Evan’s subtle protection maneuvers.

Lexi uses a combination of hand to hand combat on one guy before she manages to get an angel blade through his heart. She glances up at the second story cat walk, watching as Charlie and Alex fight their way through, noticing a dark-haired female is trying to get the drop on the red-headed hunter, but Lexi raises her free hand, quickly twisting her wrist sharply in the air, and like the reflection in a mirror, the female’s head jerks around abruptly, the sound of her neck snapping causes Charlie to glance back. Realizing what’s happened, she gives Lexi a small appreciative smile and nod. The dark-haired hunter goes back to the monster before her and she jerks her angel blade back out as a large man from behind her grabs her right wrist in mid-air and rips the angel blade from her grasp. She quickly spins around to face the man; she can see both Winchester brothers just past him and they are both tied to chairs and looking as if they’ve been run over by the same truck.

If you want to know the secret, if you want to know the truth,

there is nothing more dangerous than a girl who is aware of the flames inside her,

and all the damage she can do. -Nikita Gill

The dark-haired girl can feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins as the sight of her friends angers her. She has her fists down to her sides and she looks up at the man menacingly as she swiftly moves her fists together in front her, keeping her arms straight down, then with a quick fluid motion she jerks her arms back out to her sides, twisting her wrists outward as she does. The two brothers watch in amazement as silver daggers magically manifest in each of her hands and she gives the man in front of her a devious smirk before she lunges at him with one of the daggers, slicing his throat first, then ending him with a fatal stab to the heart. Dean’s not witnessed Lexi’s powers in action much since she has gained control and he glances over at his brother.

“What was that?” Sam whispers in shock.

“I don’t know,” Dean replies, trying not to smirk, “but I’m impressed, slightly unnerved, and a little turned on.”

“Dean,” Sam hisses, and the green-eyed hunter shrugs his shoulders, a playful grin plastered to his bloodied face.

Two females charge Lexi, and she flings both her daggers into them before she turns to look at the Winchesters expectantly, “Hi guys.”

Both men give her boyish smiles as Jody and Donna kick in the back door, making work of the few men back there. Lexi tilts her hands back towards herself causing the daggers to pull out of the victims and return to her hands.

For a moment, it’s as if time slows down for the two Winchester brothers, as they watch Lexi take a smaller man down to his knees, grabbing him from behind in a headlock, while she swiftly flings one dagger across the room into another monster who’s just picked up a dropped shotgun and is aiming it at Evan. That monster falls, dropping the weapon as Lexi shoves her other dagger into the man still in her grasp. Evan’s dropped the sword and currently besting an equally sized werewolf in some hand to hand combat. Claire stabs a man without hesitation swiftly and then spins quickly to take out another one approaching her from behind. They look up and see Charlie elbow a female hard in the face before she stabs her with an angel blade, then she looks back at Alex and tosses her the weapon for the dark-haired girl to use on the monster she’s currently fighting, both having tossed their guns to the side after running out of ammo. Jody and Donna come up beside them firing their pistols like trained assassins taking out the four werewolves they have in their sights. Sam glances to his brother and they share a proud brotherly moment at what they’re witnessing. They were the reason these strong women were together, and in that moment, they felt a sense of peace for the first time in a long time. They knew the world would keep spinning, even when they were no longer there to protect it, but one question was always in the back of their minds, who would keep saving people and hunting things?

They would. The wayward souls they brought together, the family they created. Those people they left behind; they would be the ones to carry on the family business. Winchester wasn’t just a last name, it was a way of life, and these women had chosen it.

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

These are girls made of dark lace and witchcraft and a little bit of vice.

These are damsels made of flawless fearlessness made of more bravery than knights have ever seen.

These are princesses made of valor and poison alike and they are here to hold courts as your queens.

-Nikita Gill

“I thought we had a date,” Lexi states in mild irritation, looking at Dean, bringing them both back to the present situation.

“I was tied up,” the green-eyed man responds, then gives her a smile, “I tried to tell that douchebag, he didn’t listen.”

The man who had been standing in front of the Winchesters tries to slip through the shadows, hoping to go unnoticed in the chaos, but his movement comes to an abrupt stop as he feels the blade of a sword at his neck.

“Don’t think so pal,” Evan whispers to him.

Jody’s cutting Dean loose from the chair, while Donna is doing the same for his brother as Lexi approaches. Evan leads the werewolf in charge back over to where the Winchesters are as Lexi flips one of her daggers over in her hand to grasp it by the blade, offering the handle out as Sam and Dean both stand up.

“He’s all yours,” she says, and the brothers share a glance.

Sam gives his older brother a nod of approval and Dean takes the blade from Lexi’s hand before approaching the werewolf with a malicious smile. Evan takes a step back, lowering the blade to his side as Dean grabs the man by the front of his shirt.

“We’re not the only ones coming for you,” the man snarls at him.

“Is that so?” Dean’s voice is almost a growl, “Let 'em come.” He says, then shoves the dagger into the man’s heart before he releases his grip on him, allowing him to collapse to the floor.

“That’s all of them,” Jody states as Charlie and Alex come down from the second story catwalk.

“You called in the cavalry,” Sam says with a grin, accepting the quick side hug from Claire.

“Bet your ass I did,” Lexi responds, “so, what, monsters are rising up now? Banding together in like…factions…since Chuck brought them back and went all dark side?”

“I guess,” Sam says with a shrug of shoulders, “we need to get the word out to the rest of the hunters.”

“I’ll start making some calls,” Jody states.

“Me too,” Charlie agrees.

“Let’s get out of here,” Donna suggests, nodding her head toward the door and everyone begins moving in that direction.

Dean flips the dagger in his hand, offering it handle first back to Lexi. When she reaches to take it, he pulls it away, just out of her grasp and she narrows her eyes at him, while everyone else leaves the two of them alone.

Jody and Donna are the last to exit the building, both sharing child-like smiles as they see their two friends, both filthy and bloody, standing in the middle of a warehouse full of dead monsters. To an outsider it would look like a scene from a horror movie, but to these two women it was a clip from their favorite love story.

“How’d you do that?” He questions her, “The trick with these knives.”

The green-eyed man lowers his hand so she can reach the dagger again and she takes it from him saying, “One of the perks of being a monster I guess.”

Dean tilts his head in disapproval at her comment, “You’re not a monster.”

“I think the verdict’s still out on that,” she replies, “depending on who you ask.”

“I don’t have to ask anyone,” he replies with a smirk, “I think I know you pretty well.”

“Think we should go?” She questions, “They’re probably out there making bets on the ’will they, won’t they’ Dex pool as we speak.”

Dex?” he looks confused.

“Donna,” she confirms, “it’s our ship name.”

He looks amused, “Well, your 'date’ comment was only fuel to their fire.”

“We did have date,” she gives him an offended look, pointing a finger at him, “the season finale of Doctor Sexy is not something you miss.”

He can’t help but laugh as the girl turns to leave and he smiles as he says, “Hey Lex.”

She stops and glances over her shoulder at him expectantly.

“Thanks,” he says appreciatively, “for the rescue.”

“Anytime,” she smirks.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear darkness, some wear wounds. -Nikita Gill.

It’s been pointed out that angels don’t have to touch to heal but cas usually touches Dean I think that everytime he does he dosnt just heal the injury he restore s Dean to the way he rebuilt him this why Dean can eat/drink badly get concussion repeatedly and dosnt seem to age much also Chuck knows

A Whole New World - Dean×Castiel.

Pairing: Dean×Castiel.

Words: 420.

by psyleedee.

Prince Castiel has never been outside. Once or twice maybe, if you count the times he sneaked out, but got caught by the guards King Michael had sent after him immediately. Its a hard life being Prince Cas. King Mike provides him with everything he wants, from the finest fabrics to the shiniest jewels, and yes, he looks absolutely ravishing with or without the gems, but what Cas wants… That freedom… He’s never had it before. So that’s why he takes it forcefully by rebelling, sneaking out, enjoying the local fairs and food.

Its a pleasant night, the wind is just perfectly cool and the atmosphere around is comfy. Cas however, is least interested in the soft bed. He’s anxious. And excited. And nervous. He’s feeling a lot of things at the moment. True, he managed to sneak past the sleepy guards out back, cross the wall and make it to the empty roads, but now he’s a little scared.

That’s when he bumps into Dean. Dean is… He’s beautiful. Plush lips, light brown hair, green eyes, lightly dusted freckles and a goofy grin on his face. Cas is confused at first, to find someone like Dean out in the streets this late at night, but when he talks to him, he realizes he is a small time thief. Stealing bread and food and butter, and already Cas’s heart aches for him. No one should have to go through all this. And when he learns about Dean’s purpose for stealing is to feed his younger brother, Cas’s heart fills with empathy and love.

He tells Dean about his situation, about how suffocated he feels, how much he longs to wander wherever his heart says, how much he longs to love someone on his own, and do even the most mundane thing with them like hold hands, or rest his head on their chest.

He doesn’t know what it is about Dean, when he grabs Cas’s hand and guides him up to his small house, if it could even be called a house, at the top most floor of a building, and makes him watch the sunrise together.

But then there’s the guards, and they’re after Cas, and he has to leave. But not without pressing a small kiss to Dean’s cheek. He knows his brother would never allow him to be with someone like Dean. So with the bittersweet memory of Dean, he goes back to the palace, now placed under strict house arrest, unable to even move out of his room, meet his friends or brothers, let alone have any chance to see Dean again.

So imagine his surprise one night, when the same loving green eyed, freckled face boy shows up at his window, now with a carpet that’s floating in the air, promising Cas he would show him the world, from France to India to Egypt, wherever his heart wanted, all in return for Castiel’s love.

Great time..(one shot)

Summary: Dean was walking in a park, searching for our reader. Suddenly, a storm breaks and they managed to find shelter into a gazebo.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: Dean x reader

Words: 3k

Warnings: Full fluff and the reader having some issues.. But it’s mostly fluff

Something was off with you lately.. Dean could see it. For a week now, you were constantly out in the afternoons. And you were coming back late. He knew that you weren’t in a bar or any kind of a store. He could tell. Basically, from the smell. Your clothes didn’t smell like alcohol or cigarette’s smoke that would indicated you were in those places. They were only smelling like fresh air. So, you were probably either walking, or sitting somewhere outdoors all the time. He noticed that you left today too. And that was the last straw for him. So he decided to find out what was troubling you. Even if he was probably crossing a line by trying to found what was bothering you, he couldn’t bear seeing you like this.

Keep reading

Heaven Help Them , Chapter 25: Comfort

Gadreel returns from the Empty just as Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack are trying to solve Heaven’s angel shortage. If they can overcome the past, they might just be able to secure Heaven’s future.

Rated T, Gadreel/Dean, Sastiel, Sam & Dean, Jack & Gadreel, Jack & Sam, Team Free Dads, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Guilty Dean, Good Person Gadreel, Emotional Baggage, Baby Angels, Celestial Wavelength Sorta Mpreg, Jack Uses His Nephilim Powers To Help Heaven’s Angel Shortage, Witchcraft, Canon Divergent At 13.22.

Did I mention Lucifer is actually dead and Michael’s actually stuck through the closed portal and Jack gets to keep his grace?

New chapters posted each Tuesday. ♥

Chapter 25 is here on AO3!


Type: Smut
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Genderless Reader
Song: Echos - Guest Room

A/N: Considering that I somehow slapped this together and kinda made it sound nice, I’m gonna admit that I’m slightly proud of myself.

“Are you sure there’s only one other room left?“ You question

"Yes, for the last time, I am sure there are no other rooms.” The disgruntled manager answers

“We’ll just take it.” Dean suddenly cuts in

You turn to him, about to ask him if he was sure as well, but Dean had already taken the keys from the man and set some money on the counter. And with that, the two of you were out the doors and headed towards your assigned room, number 19.

You trudge inside the room upon finding and unlocking it. It was as described, one king bed room with a tv, a couple of dressers, nightstands, and a bathroom. Nothing in it was even slightly above average, but it was nice. Although, the king bed was a big problem since you were, how do you say, a bed hog and a snorer.

“Are you sure that you’re comfortable sharing a bed with me?” You suddenly question

“Of course” Dean replies “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Dean walks over to the dresser and sets his suitcase down. He takes a moment to unzip it as you plop your suitcase down beside the bed and climb on top of it.

“Now, how about,” Dean begins “You relax and,”

He reaches into his suitcase and pulls out a long brown paper bag containing a mystery bottle. With a smile, he grabs it and pulls it out, revealing the brand to be none other than Jack Daniels as he turns to face you.

“You take a load off.” He finishes

You grin and shake your head at his antics.

x x x x

You take another swig of the Jack Daniels bottle, listening as Dean spoke of things you were having trouble grasping. Your mind was hazy and spinning in the nicest of ways. Your eyes drift around Dean’s body from where you laid across the bed with your legs dangling off. He was indeed a little bit buff, maybe Rowena was a little right in that area. As much as you felt weird about listening to her say random things about the Winchester Brothers’ separate appearances, at least she was accurate with her words.

You suddenly lean it, your lips meeting his in a gentle peck. Dean appeared surprised to say the least, or at least from what you could see as your eyes lulled shut. You tilt your head and wrap your arms around his neck, climbing into his lap. Dean returns the affection, wrapping an arm around your waist whilst his other hand cupped your cheek, holding you there.

You pulled away from the kiss and got to work tugging your shirt off. Dean was even kind enough to pull it completely over your head, only to gently drop it off the side of the bed. You get pulled closer which prompts you to re-wrap your arms around his neck as your chest presses against his as the kiss deepens. Dean grips your hips, and grinds you against his growing erection in his boxers. He pulls away from the kiss just in time for you to let out a gentle moan as he begins to pay attention to your neck, leaving kisses and gentle nibbles in his wake.

You let out a soft whine and buck your hips against his, earning a soft huff. Your hand wonders down to grab one of his, and there you lead it into your pants. Upon taking the hint, he slips his hand in [grasping your hard member and starting to pump/beginning to gently rub your soaked sex.] You hold him closely as his neck kisses grow more sloppy and you nibble at his ear.

Dean slowly begins to lay you down on the bed, continuing his actions in your sweatpants whilst giving your neck a break. You reach down to grab his wrist as he [runs his palm over the tip/rubs your clit.] a soft groan leaving your lips.

“Fuck,, Dean~” You puff out

Dean removes his hand from your pants and gets to work puling your pants and underwear off at the same time to save the hassle. You blush darkly at the sudden cold air hitting your last area, and it prompts you to look away. Dean chuckles and takes a moment to pull his black T-shirt off and pull his cock out of his boxer-briefs. He pulls you closer by your thighs, earning himself a squeal from you as he aligns himself with your entrance whilst you grip his shoulders for support. And no, this was not your first time.

Dean gently inserts himself, and you are quick to wrap your legs around his waist, arms falling back on the bed and resting above your head as you turn your face to the side. Heavy breaths leave your lips as you moan over and over again.

“Fuck, [First Name].” Dean hisses through his teeth

“Dean~” You whine back

You once again raise an arm and place a hand on his shoulder, digging your nails into it as he continues his steady, rough pace. His necklace swung back and forth above you, and you resisted the urge to grab it and just tug. Your back arches as he hits a certain spot within you and you let out another cry of his name, ultimately pushing him to pick up speed. The bed shakes and creaks, it knocking against the walls in a rhythmic manor that was lost in your self-conscious. A familiar knot begins to tighten in your stomach, and you begin to scratch at Dean’s shoulders and back. Dean sits himself up, quickly adjusting positions so he was sitting upright as he drilled into you. He reaches downward once again [stroking you/rubbing you] and you immediately begin to buck your hips in rhythm, letting out whines and moans for him.

Then suddenly, the knot grows too tight, and you release, your legs trembling and your hands diving into the ocean of sheets and blankets beneath you, gripping them. Your head turns upward as your back arches and your eyes roll back

“Dean!” You cry out

But Dean continues for a bit longer, allowing you to ride everything out into over-stimulation before he finally pulls out and finishes himself off. Sweaty, panting, and tired, he rolls off to lie beside you. You run a hand through your wet hair with a pleased sigh.

“We should share a room more often.” You remark

“Definitely.” Dean replies

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Dean x Reader

Here are all my Dean x Reader fics.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Dating with Children

Dean Doesn’t Return the Reader’s Feelings 

Tour Guide Training 

Bridesmaid Dress

A Trip to the Zoo

The Zookeeper

Daddy!Dean Texts Wife!Reader

Daddy!Dean Doesn’t Have It Covered

Wife!Reader Texts Dean About the Kids 

That’s My Pie 

Like a Date?

It’s My Turn 

Good Morning Texts

Good Night Texts 

Second Chance Prom 


But I’m Your Boyfriend 

Reader is Sick with the Flu


The Rockstar Life 


Dean Asks the Reader to Be His Girlfriend

Not in the Mood

Pregnant!Reader Texts Dean 


They Text You When They’re Sick 


Super100012′s Masterlist 

Drunk together~ supernatural

What is it like to be drunk with the fabulous threesome… Dean, Sam, and Castiel…

Changing things up…

Originally posted by giantmonster


Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

Drinking with Dean is basically shot for shot… you both know what you are doing and are ready to deal with the hangovers in the morning


Originally posted by downworlder-bane

In the end you will always out drink Sam because you dont know when to stop. Drinking helps you and for him it is just a warm up for blocking his true feelings. Drinks help you both be very honest with each other.


Originally posted by booasaur

Castiel can obviously drink more than you, he is an angel. But you try to keep up hoping this will help you both.

Three’s a Crowd (masterlist ~ coming soon)

Summary: You are a shift manager and waitress at a restaurant called Moonlight Bar and Grill. You work along side your best friend and roommate, Meg as well as your other best friend (and ex-lover) Sam. Everything seemed to be going well for you until Moonlight Bar and Grill was losing money and losing it quick. The district manager formulated a plan; bringing in two men, Dean and Gabriel, from another well-off location, to help the team get back on track. After hitting if off with Dean, the man you hoped would one day be the love of your life, you learn that nothing is fair in love and war. What does Sam have to say about your blossoming relationship with Dean? And does he allow his jealousy to get in the way of your friendship? With so many obstacles in the way, you try your very best to figure out what really makes you happy. Sam, Dean… or neither?

A/N: this is an AU Supernatural fiction, where Sam and Dean are not brothers nor are they hunters, and have no relation or friendship outside of working together at this fictional restaurant. I have been working on this for a bit and it is a wild ride but I hope you hang on through the whole thing and enjoy it.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Meg, Cas, Gabriel (1 chap), other minor OCs

Series Pairings: Dean X Reader, Sam X Reader, Meg X Castiel, Reader X OC (one chapter)

Series Warnings: angst, fluff, pregnant reader (and miscarriage. I’m sorry), mentions of past sexual trauma, alcoholism, talks of depression, heartbroken reader, manipulative friends, slow-burn Dean X Reader, jealousy, drama, smut; slight BDSM(being tied up/blindfolded), semi-public car sex, vaginal penetration, oral - female and male receiving (that’s right, I’ve decided to write smut in this fiction)

Also: These don’t apply to all chapters, the smut only applies to a few, however, all chapters will have warnings on them as well.

I’ve seen this key used before and I love it so…

* = light drama, fluffy chapter

** = flangst, light angst, kissing

*** = smut, much angst, 18+

Series word Count: tbd (still editing, touching up, etc)

Schedule below cut (I’m still finishing Sacrifice - it’s turned into a mini series though, so these dates may or may not change)

Keep reading

Dean woke up slowly, not wanting to let go of the dream he had had. It was about mom, she had come back to life and she said she was going to stay with them forever.

Dean sighed softly and automatically curled more towards the warmth that was his brothers figure on the bed, reaching out to grip at his sleeve.

It was all he had ever wanted, his family back together. To have mom back and make everything alright, make all the bad things gone.

He’d never admit it to dad or to Sammy but he wanted a home again. He loved the impala but he also remembered his room, remembered having toys and having his bed, mom or dad waking him up and…

Dean felt his breath hitch and he curled up more, moving so that he could curl around Sammy. His brother was still asleep but turned to him as well, reaching out to cling to him.

Sammy never had that, he was a baby when everything happened and all he had ever known was the back of the impala and the changing motel rooms. It bothered him, Dean knew that, but he also didn’t have anything to compare it to other than a small room that they stayed in when they were at Bobbys.

And Dean knew that their dad wanted to give them that again, sometimes Dean heard him talking to Bobby about it but he knew that he couldn’t and so he kept quiet, he didn’t complain, tried to make it something interesting and something fun at each and every hotel room for Sammy.

Sighing Dean curled closer to his brother, not wanting to get up and face everything else and losing the rest of the pleasant dream.

Sammy shifted slightly and gave a small noise, bringing his head up to look up at Dean with sleepy eyes. “Morning.” he mumbled. “Time is it?”

Dean glanced over his shoulder at the clock, winching slightly. “It’s a bit after eight.” he said softly. “We’re late for school.”

Sam gave a small whine at that, slowly sitting up. “Are we going?”

Dean gave a shrug. “Don’t know, dad said we were done here yesterday so we might be leaving.”

Sam sighed and laid back down on the bed, grumbling to himself for a moment before falling silent, staring at the ceiling. “I had a really nice dream.” he whispered.

Dean laid down next to him and stared up as well. “Me too.” he said quietly, reaching down to take Sam’s hand in his. “What was yours?”

“Mom.” Sam whispered. “It was mom and…she was here.” Dean froze at that, slowly sitting up to look at his brother. “What?”

“I had the same dream.” Dean whispered. “That mom was here.”

The two stared at one another and as if waiting for that they could hear some shuffling outside the bedroom, behind the door, muffled voices staying low and one was distinctively female.

Together they scrambled out of the bed, shoving sheets and pillows away as they tried to get to the door. Dean reached it first and opened the door for them, stumbling into the other room.

And there she was, mom, turning around to look at them. She was just like Dean remembered and Dean felt a rush of relief and disbelief and pure happiness go through him.

“You’re still here.” Dean whispered.

Mary smiled at them and crossed the rest of the distance, kneeling down to hug the both of them. Dean clung to her and he felt Sam do the same.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Mary told them.

If you want to see how much a character has gone through (how broken they are) look at their coping mechanisms.

My examples:

Dean Winchester-

alcohol (among others)

Wynonna Earp-

alcohol, running away

Klaus Hargreeves-

drugs and alcohol

Leo Valdez-

In The Lost Hero he says that “humor was a good way to hide the pain.”

(There’s plenty more but my brain can’t function.)

I Don’t Do, I Love You

Dean x Reader

Part 3

Warnings: language, injured reader, pissed dean and Sam, hint of depression

Mentions: Sam, unknown monster/or human

A small voice stops him as his hand hovers over the doorknob, “please stay…” she whispers.

Y/n woke the next morning, feeling heat next to her, she quickly remembers what had happened the night before, she looks over at Dean, his emerald eyes already focused on her. She sticks her tongue out, wetting her bottom lip as she thinks, she shakes her head gently, “I.. um” she stands quickly and goes to the bathroom.

Dean lays there, he watches the bathroom door, shaking his head lightly, he sits up, chewing at his lip. Trying to think of what to say to her when she gets out.

Y/n looks in the mirror, shaking her head she takes deep breaths, biting at her lip gently, “you asked.. you asked him to stay, you can’t ignore him” she whispers, “you need to talk to him, you owe it to him.. and yourself.. closer” she whispers again, shaking her head, “you need closer t-too.. too move on.”

He stands outside the door, listening to her, he shakes his head, quickly getting his shoes on, he writes ‘sorry’ on a piece of paper and quickly leaves, tears filling his eyes. He gets in the impala and drives off.

She opens the door and walks out, her heart dropping as she realized he was gone, she quickly runs for the door and throws opens it.

“Great! Leaving again!” She yells into nothing, tears filling her eyes she walks back in, slamming the door behind her.

She paces her room, “he.. he wanted to talk. Said we would in the morning” she says softly, she shakes her head as she slides down the mattress, her back leaning against it.

Few days later

She felt numb, just like after she left the first time, but this time he did it. Her mind on Dean and them, everything that’s happened, that she didn’t notice that someone was currently unlocking her door.

Sam’s POV

Sam glared at a drunken Dean, “you’re an idiot! Come one Dean again?” He asks.

Dean glares, “she wants to get over me! She needs ‘closer’ sammy” he growled, “what closer could she fucking need” he slurred out.

Sam walked out, slamming the door, he had enough of this. He makes his way to her motel, picking the lock on her door once she got there, his heart stopped, “dammit!” he yells, he picks her up, running out to the car.

He drives to the hospital, his mind thinking about a bunch of things that could have happened, worse case scenarios first.

He gets there, quickly getting her in and in surgery. He started debating with himself, before he picks his phone up, calling Dean.

“The hell do you want Sam?” A growling voice asks

“What do i want?” He half asks, “what I want, is for you to sober the hell up and get to the damn hospital if you care about Y/n at all Dean. Someone got her, doesn’t look like…” his voice cracks, waivering as he sits down, “doesn’t look like she fought them off either.”

Dean’s never sobered up so fast, grabbing his jacket and key to the room, before he was put the door.

Running. He ran, towards the hospital, rage, and sadness, fueling him to get there.

“Don’t.. God just please do fucking do this” he growled.

Once he got there, he ran in, his eyes searching for Sam, he saw him, the sight broke him, his baby brother had his head in his hands, his left leg going a mile an hours, fidgeting.

“S-sammy?” He asks, Sam looked up, his eyes bloodshot, a glare covering his face.

“You did this Dean!’ He half raised his voice, but trusting it, “she’s in here. Because of you”

“You don't… you don’t think I know that!” Dean spoke, taking deep breaths, his chest rising and falling quickly. “I left her alone! I know that! I’m not stupid!”

Sam goes to speak but the doctor comes out, Sam glared at Dean, making him stay where he stood.

He stood there, before he looked behind the doc, they were wheeling Y/n to a room, he snuck behind them, quickly going to the room.

In that moment, his world crashed. She was broken, cuts over her face, her arms, a gash against her neck, he couldn’t breath, he didn’t wanna breath, he quickly sat down.

“Listen to me” he started after he sat there for awhile, “I know I’ve been a horrible boyfriend, a horrible friend but God please don’t leave me” his voice waivers, closing his eyes he bites his lip harder to keep from crying.

“I know I’m poison. I know everyone around me dies but please don’t die” he kept talking, Sam stood in the door, listening to Dean, tears filling his own eyes. “Please… please don’t leave. I’m sorry I made you leave,” he spoke, “it was stupid of me and n-now you’re here, in a fucking hospital because of me”

“You don’t deserve me… hell, it I could I’d make you forget” he starts saying before he stops, he looks up before Sam quickly runs in.

“You’re not doing that to her” he growled, “you can’t make her forget like Lisa Dean. She isn’t, and never will be like Lisa” he says.

Dena shakes his head, “I’ll do what I want Sam. She needs to forget about me! It’ll give her the closer she needs” he says, “let me do this, I want her to be happy, I want–”

“Y-you..” a voice croaks, making both boys whip around and looks at her, “I-I was happy” she growled, her voice weak, but she didn’t care. “With you Dean. God I was so happy, but t-that d-didn’t matter did it?” she asks.

He shakes his head, “it did matter. But I need you to f-forget about me” he says.

She scoffs, “you don’t get to make that decision Dean.” She states.

“To hell I do. You need the perfect life Y/n” he starts, “the white picket fence, the kids, the dog” he says “the perfect husband who does anything and every-”

“Fucking hell Dean Winchester I want you!” she growled, her voice raising and cracking, “fuck” she whimpered.

“You really think I want anyone else? After all the shit we’ve gone through together?” She asks, she shakes her head, “hell no” she spoke.

“You think that just because you fuck up, means you don’t deserve anything. But that’s a fucking joke, you deserve the world just as much as I do. You deserve a family, besides me and Sammy. And if I’m not that woman, then just fucking tell me! Stop dragging me on an-” she didn’t have time to continue, Dean took three quick steps across the room, crashing his lips against hers.

She couldn’t move, her mind went blank, she almost forgot how to breath, or do anything for that matter, before she started kissing him back. She felt tears fall on her cheeks, but she wasn’t crying, at least not enough for falling tears.

Dean pulled away first, tears filled his eyes, that’s where the tears came from, she thought.

“Don’t. Don’t think that you’re not the woman for me.” He says, his forehead pressed against hers, “and.. and don’t tell me what to do or what I deserve please” he says.

She shakes her head, “you really think so lowly of yourself Dean?” She spoke quietly, he nods, making her whimper

“God Dean.. all I wanna do is make you think more of yourself” she whispered, “I want you to see the man that I do. Wanna know what I see?” She asks, he shrugs, sitting up.

“I see a man that has been through nothing but hurt and pain, but he’s strong because of it, I see a man who helped raise his baby brother into the man he is today. I see a man who loves more than he lets on, I see a man who will rather drag himself to save his family” she says, “I see a man who would rather fight everyone’s battles for them, but leave his to be lit on fire”

He shakes his head, looking down, “you need to forget about me though” he spoke, making he shake her head,

“no. And don’t make me please. Damn it Dean, I love you” she spoke, “please don’t do this to me again” she spoke, “I couldn’t.. I couldn’t do it last time” she says, “and I.. i won’t do it again this time” she said, glaring at him, or trying to.

Tears fell down both faces as they sat in silence, both not knowing what to say and they sat.

“you’re the best thing that’s ever happend to me Y/n” his voice broke the silence, “and I.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore” he spoke quietly, not trusting his voice in the moment, “but you can’t stay.. I’m too broken Y/n/n”

“Dean.. I want to stay. I want to be with you, but I need you to want me to stay. I need you to want me…” she says, looking at her hands, she tries to fight back more tears.

He shakes his head, standing up, looking back at her, a frown on her face as she watches him walk to the door.

“I swear to God Dean… y-you walk” she couldn’t breathe, “you walk o-out that-that door” she says, her heart racing as she watched him, she couldn’t breath, she couldn’t see, all she saw was tears… then the door closed shut.

“D-dean?” She cried out.

Too be Continued….