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Summer Festival Day 2: Who Will You Invite?!

Well it is obvious who Henri and Cole will be inviting Buuut one has to propose and the other has to sing her a song. But with their gifts ready to be shown to them its such a lovely thing for both of them giving their loves all of them. 

Henri and Root-Beer Cole belongs to me. 

The Summer Festival Event is Hosted By: @mabelcococups and @inkyandpaint

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oh my god. you live in saskatchewan. have you ever actually seen a mountain before? like with your eyeballs?????

i’ve taken the 12-14 hour road trip to the rocky mountains before 

BUT if you want to know something fun about Saskatchewan we actually have Mount Blackstrap: which is a mountain built out of garbage– it was a ski resort until they closed it. we did field trips there every year in school 

heres a close-up and a long range photo for scale

Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ at 10: How Her Debut Was a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

With her 2008 LP, Stefani Germanotta went from yearning for stardom to embodying it

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#cajas- Bluray

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jason v.oorhees: appears.
alex, in the middle of making a sandwich:  … you want one too or.
alex:  ya’ can use the machete to cut the crust off if you want.

            alex would honestly survive any horror movie because he genuinely would just not be there to deal with the horror stuff.


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i honestly can't read celeb blind gossip because it makes me feel scummy... like seeing the stuff abt elis moss being closeted made me want to die and i think we shld all agree to not screenshot it and like give it notes online. but like idk if that's just me projecting my own neuroses

it just sounds like you’re more of the opinion that you shouldn’t gossip and i love to gossip like i’ve been following taylor swift’s lesbianism for years. posting a rumor about a celebrity possibly being gay (backed up by zero evidence) is exactly what it is…a rumor. i would never post photos taken without an actors consent/etc like unstaged paparazzi photos are worse than reading blind gossip imo. 

also i think the only blinds i ever post are to dunk on taylor, the one with lizzie was a rare case because i was so shocked by it and it made me feel validated as a gay person
Back Here At Home There's Nothing To Do - Chapter 1 - bewareoftrips - Riverdale (TV 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

1000 hits! I can’t believe that. 

To my 5 faithful readers… I am sorry I’m such a flop and don’t have the time to write. One day. 

reminder that minerva is 5′10″ and her shoes tend to add another 1-2 inches to her height so basically at any given time minerva could be standing at 6 feet tall and she will use every bit of that height to her advantage that is all