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Latest update for WINNER..

Biggest 24 hour female artist debuts in YouTube history: 1. thank u, next (46.2m) *21 hours* 2. Look What You Made Me Do (43.2m) 3. -DU DDU-DU (36.2m) 💗 4. Yes Or Yes (31.4m) 5. Hello (27.7m) 6. Boom Boom (24.1m)

dommage que le ciel était voilé hier au dessus de ... j'ai beau ouvrir grand les yeux, je ne vois pas l'Astrolabe dans l'anse du Lion sur la photo satellite depuis le sol à

le verra-ton depuis l'espace à ? photo du 8/11 avec la trace sur la banquise de Prudhomme à l'île des Pétrels

BLACKPINK! TALENT- ✅ (no doubt) BEAUTY- ✅(no doubt) ATTITUDE- ✅(no doubt) BODY- ✅(no doubt) such a GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL !! stream AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST!!

BLACKPINK in幕張 めっちゃ可愛い&かっこいいし声量が凄い❤️ スタイルも綺麗だし演出も全て最高でした💖 DDU-DU DDU-DUも日本語ver.で聴けて幸せでした☺️ また会いたい😭❤️ -DUDDU-DU

めっちゃ載せるの遅いけど。笑笑 推しのジェニが来た😭💗 もうほんまに嬉しい笑笑 買ってよかった気する!! ヘアタイもついてきて良かった🙆‍♀️ -DU DDU-DU

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BLACKPINK - ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ M/V [3/3]



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just here to say i’m proud of my girls and i love them so fucking much 💗🖤

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The girls were great


Ok so maybe I recycled a photo… but there wasn’t much writing today!

  • Greek vocab learning
  • Latin vocab learning
  • German revision

I had a music workshop most of today, and a lot of the samey kind of revision and vocab:/ the workshop was good, kinda moderately terrifying at points but I’m alive! Also please enjoy the old candle picture (I like it 😂) and a lil canvas my friend made for me. I couldn’t find anything else worth photography, sometimes there just isn’t and that’s ok.

Currently stuck in my head: Ddu du ddu du - Blackpink


And today we welcome back horrific lighting in my photos :)

  • Latin vocab learning
  • Greek vocab learning
  • Made a Greek quizlet
  • German vocab learning
  • Piano

I also called a friend and spent some time with my family, so not a bad day! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well 🎉💗

Currently stuck in my head: Ddu-du ddu-du - Blackpink