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-DU-DDU-DU Стэнте блэкпинк, они офигенны

BLACKPINK! TALENT- ✅ (no doubt) BEAUTY- ✅(no doubt) ATTITUDE- ✅(no doubt) BODY- ✅(no doubt) such a GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL !! stream AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST!!

BLACKPINK in幕張 めっちゃ可愛い&かっこいいし声量が凄い❤️ スタイルも綺麗だし演出も全て最高でした💖 DDU-DU DDU-DUも日本語ver.で聴けて幸せでした☺️ また会いたい😭❤️ -DUDDU-DU

めっちゃ載せるの遅いけど。笑笑 推しのジェニが来た😭💗 もうほんまに嬉しい笑笑 買ってよかった気する!! ヘアタイもついてきて良かった🙆‍♀️ -DU DDU-DU

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[Update Chara] [UPDATE] 180719 — BLACKPINK’s DDU DU DDU DU mv has now reached 200M views on youtube! It is now the fastest to reach it by a K-pop group Congratulations BLACKPINK & blinks ~✨💓 Keep streaming blinks! 🔗

[Update Chara] [UPDATE] 180719 — BLACKPINK’s DDU DU DDU DU mv has now reached 200M views on youtube! It is now the fastest to reach it by a K-pop group Congratulations BLACKPINK & blinks ~✨💓 Keep streaming blinks! 🔗

Congrats blackpink for your award in music core🖒 du ddu du

-DU DDU-DU やっとカムバックきたー❗ もイイなぁ~✴️ しかしコノ戦車ナンボすんねん‼️(笑)

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BlackPink - DDU-DU DDU-DU

While waiting for my family 😜


BLACKPINK has released a “Moving Version” dance practice for “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” the title track of their 1st mini-album “Square Up.”

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BLACKPINK is amazing. Stan BLACKPINK. Why should you stan BLACKPINK? There’s no need for an explanation, but if you really need a reason, I have many.

To start off, BLACKPINK is a K-pop group of four managed by YG Entertainment. And no, they’re not like BTS, they have their own unique style. Each member is talented and charismatic in their own way. 

There’s Lisa, the lead dancer, main rapper, sub vocalist, and maknae. The maknae is the youngest member of a K-pop group. Her birthplace addresses her as the “Thailand Princess.” She’s the most popular internationally among BLACKPINK’s members.

Lisa is said to be the tomboyish one in the group. She looks good in every outfit she wears. Her aura offstage is totally different from her aura onstage. She may not look like it, but she’s actually really playful and energetic. That would also explain her impressive dancing skills during her solo performances. If you like a fierce, but also adorable and childish girl who can spit fire, then she could be the bias for you.

There’s Rose, the lead dancer and main vocalist. Before her debut, she placed first in YG’s auditions in Australia. Her vocals are so strong and captivating that I get goosebumps from listening to her sing just a few lines.

Rose is said to be the “pasta girl” in the group. She can play the guitar and piano. Another famous K-pop idol who did a collaboration song with her said that her voice was really unique. She even beat four-hundred singers in a competition but sadly didn’t win, but she’s still an exceptional singer. If you like getting your heartstrings pulled over and over again, she could be the bias for you.

There’s Jisoo, the lead vocalist and the visual. She’s referred to as the “queen of stability”, meaning that she’s the best at keeping her voice stable even when she’s vigorously dancing onstage. She is underrated and deserves more appreciation for her soothing voice.

Jisoo is said to be the mom of the group, because she always keeps the other members in check and cleans up all their messes. She has a bizarre personality, most of the time she’s a mom, other times, she’s your average teenage girl. She never gets scared of horror stories and doesn’t easily get emotional, but she also sleeps with many plushies, plays video games, and reads manga in her free time. She’s my bias-wrecker. If you like maturity mixed with eccentricity, she could be the right bias for you.

Finally, there’s Jennie, the main rapper and vocalist. She tends to be a bit of a “savage” to other members, causing fans to misunderstand and give her hate. She’s not actually mean, she’s just good at acting. She’s also referred to as the “YG Princess.”

Jennie is said to be the fashion icon of the group because she wears a lot of expensive and fashionable clothing from Gucci and Chanel, earning her many invitations to luxury fashion events. She’s not actually the fierce woman you see above. She’s actually a fragile little thing who gets scared of everything, and has a motion sickness problem. She’s my ultimate bias. If you like to get absolutely wrecked by an adorably fierce woman, then she’s the perfect bias for you, no doubt.

Individually, they are unique. But together, they are one-of-a-kind.



Me and my friends really enjoy KPOP and wanted to share that over the summer, check it out if you’d like!