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The real reason has Robin and the whole Bat Family? Claiming them all as dependents during tax season...

O editor de "Coringa" revelou em recente entrevista que Bradley Cooper teve grande colaboração para a edição final do filme.

Had to draw this pairing again. I was going to go for an actual kiss this time but this idea just seemed cuter... I also had no idea for a background so I might go back to it in the future

. changed my life – And now I really know why as I just finished reading “The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes Or Breaks Us,” by Paul Tough – This was me – This is so many young students I meet in Washington, .

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Good morning it's about 10am in and we have some snow this morning.

Save the date! Next Saturday January 25 we will be at the Multilingual Education Fair in Washington, DC! Make sure to stop by our stand to discover our books and programs! 🙂

This weekend, is sharing how our cluster agencies serve residents. provides: ✔️consumer protection ✔️research on ✔️ability to file a complaint on businesses & unlicensed rentals Learn more:

shigaraki is a great Villain with a crazy ability and tragic backstory. This show is refreshing to watch seeing how they treat their heroes and villains is very different compared to or

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Mister Gene Luen Yang is really giving the gays everything they’ve ever wanted huh

Alex- Kara Danvers

Originally posted by supersgirls

Pairing: Kara Danvers x Reader

Characters: Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- “Look. You are my best friend…but if you don’t get off my sister right now…” with Supergirl

Word Count: 418

Author: Charlotte

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Help Through Change (Jason Todd X Reader) *PLATONIC

Characters: Jason Todd X Reader

Universe: DC, Batman

Warnings: Mention of violence and injury and neglectful family

Request: Hi I’d like to request a jason todd x gender neutral teen sibling reader who’s the newest member of the batfam and has a past similar to his so he takes them under his wing to try and help them open up and be less distant with the others and to do so opens up to them and they realize that both of them have more in common than they thought and it brings them closer together and just generally fluffy with a bit of angst thank you :)


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“Jason-” Bruce only had to speak his son’s name before he was up and on the move, Jason already knowing what was going to be asked of him, and honestly he didn’t mind. It was the only thing that his family never had to pester him to do, and that was to help you. 

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Batboys and how they celebrate their birthdays

A/N: Just a small thing I made last night, hope you all like it and my requests are open!


• Dick throws epic birthday parties

• He loves party planning

• Makes a new playlist for it every year

• And dances a lot

• He tries to make everyone dance

• Which causes Damian to hit him every time

• But it’s totally worth it

• After all, he really enjoys it because he can spend some time with everyone he loves.


• He likes to celebrate but doesn’t make a big deal out of it

• And has to reaffirm this to his family constantly

• His favorite gift is always books

• Probably he will spend the day at a bookstore to get a gift for himself

• Still does patrol because he loves being a vigilant

• But once in a while will agree to spend it with his family

• Alfred arranges a cake and candles

• And Jason hates the ‘happy birthday’ song so they skip that part.


• For him, it’s just a day like any other

• Usually doesn’t feel like celebrating it

• But batfam will manage to do a surprise party or a family night

• He doesn’t like to be the center of attention

• Therefore, not knowing how to act and panicking

• “Happy Birthday, Tim”

• “Thanks, for you too”

• Once he got a portable coffee maker

• It was the best gift ever


• Damian thinks it’s a waste of time

• And absolutely hates surprises and parties

• Most likely will spend it with his pets

• And he will beg to go to patrol or do some cool mission as a birthday gift

• Batfam tries to respect his views

• But someone always does something special for him

• Especially Dick, who loves to play the Big Brother™ role

• Last time they made a surprise party for him

• Damian loathed it at the beginning, but eventually he warmed up and actually appreciated the gesture

Just a quick PSA

If you ship Stemily (Stephen Amell and EBR) or Meltie (Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath) or any of the cast, then please unfollow me right now. I’m sure there are other variations on shipping cast members together, but these are the most common ones I’ve seen shipped. These are real people who all may have their own, real relationships, and their own lives, which they don’t want fans intervening in. Y'all shouldn’t ever ship real people and that’s just the basis of why I’m making this post, disregarding the toxic behaviour that I’ve seen amongst many fans of their character’s ships/these ships.

No, this is not an Anti-Olicity post.

No, this is not an Anti-Supercorp post.

This is a get your heads out of your fucking asses post and see that real people’s lives are impacted by your ‘shipping’ (harassment), you can’t do this to real people who just want to live their lives separate from these fictional worlds.

(No, I am not going to tag this 'anti stemily’ or 'anti meltie’ because these ships should not even fucking exist and people deserve to know this. I’ll say more on this topic later.)

Ever noticed how when Lena and Kara sit on the couch, Lena turns sideways towards Kara, giving her full attention, and being open with her (unlike with anyone else). When Kara sits, she’s more reserved and unsure, and sits facing forwards, usually with her hands together in her lap, almost nervously.
Kara is the only person Lena feels open and comfortable with in these non-work related situations. Whereas Kara finds these slightly nerve wracking because she feels like she can’t be truly honest like Lena and has to keep her guard up. But you can see that she wants to when her shoulders turn inwards every now and again when she gets more into the conversation.

To conclude. They love each other, and should make up and fucking get married.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk


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You know I’ve noticed that Steph has acted as a sort of emotional stabiliser for a majority of the Batfamily helping keep Cass, Tim, Damian and even Barbara emotionally stable and healthy. 

Not only that but she’s the one in the Batfamily whose most equipped to emotionally understand Jason (what with the similar childhoods and being tortured) so she’d probably be an emotional stabiliser for him as well (if DC EVER LET THEM MEET!) 

Also really wished DC had explored a friendship with Dick and Steph more since they have a lot in common personality wise (cheerful personality hiding anger) but also during Dick’s Batman run Steph sort of took Dick’s role of older sibling that looks after younger siblings with her interactions with Damian and it would have been really interesting to see Steph further step into Dick’s traditional role while Dick is Batman by Steph providing emotional support and perspective to Batman himself (Dick) also it would provide more basis for all the hints of Steph becoming Nightwing one day as well if DC built up a strong relationship between her and Dick.

 Also it’s kind of funny but Steph being someone who can provide emotional support and stability to most of the Batkids (except Duke but he mostly relies of Cass for that) reminds me of how the entire reason Bruce brought Steph into the fold in the first place when before she’d only worked solo or with Tim is that Tim was mad at him and wasn’t talking to him and Bruce literally hired Tim’s girlfriend to talk to him for him