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1/2 Hey ! Here's the forecast for the next 7 days. Headline will be the storm system this weekend creating a risk of strong storms ahead of strong cold front & then strong winds Sunday.

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Nadine Overwater recognizes the strength of Wyoming women working together. Today and tomorrow she hosts Backcountry Bootcamp for snowmobiling women of various riding levels.

Not having enough qualified workers is No. 1 concern. is always looking for solutions to this problem. Join DRMA today to make sure you get a seat at the table >>

RT DaytonHoopla: Our sponsors do an amazing job at making the a successful celebration each year! Thank you! πŸ€πŸŽ‰

Our sponsors do an amazing job at making the a successful celebration each year! Thank you! πŸ€πŸŽ‰

🎀OPEN MIC🎀 Our weekly Open Mic is BACK! Join us and host as we open up our mics to anyone and everyone! Musicians, comedians, poets, all are welcome! Open Mic runs 8:30-11pm - Griller B’s is open 5-10pm!

(4/6) This same passion is shown by fans at Dayton Flyer basketball games (fun fact: Jon Gruden played football for Dayton)

A quarter of our adults are experiencing and 1 in 25 are suffering with a severe mental illness. We want the folks of and to know that you are not alone! That this isn't something that you have to face by yourself and that help is AVAILABLE.

Where’s the best place in Dayton to get dinner and drinks? The Barrel House! Our constantly rotating tap list is arguably the best around, and Griller B’s is open tonight 5-10pm!! Come get tasty food and great beers!

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The floor is in. It’s down to the last week!


Xenia, Ohio


YRD Music Presents New Music Video From Raysean Reese Called “Cruze In 2” From His Highly Talked About Project “Crusin 2” Shot By Julian Cook (@cookfilms ) & William L. Henry Sr. And John Draper Jr. Directed By: @being.just.cook Link In Bio #lyrics #undergroundhiphop #california #bars #rap #hiphop #cruisn2outnow #Dayton #Ohio #Flow #backandforth #unsignedartist #talent #wordsmith #enjoy #comment #share #regram #rapgod cruisn2outnow #linkinbio #back2back #therepeat #undergroundhiphop #hiphop #music #grammys #rapgod #lyrics #dayton #ohio #atlanta #newyork (at Dayton, Ohio)

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Convergence 66

Jonah- There y’go buddy. You just hungry? My boys were always hungry. 

Dayton- <smushing food through his hands> MAmmmm mMmmmmammmma mamamamama.

Jonah- Mama is sleeping. She’s tired from dealing with your sorry little ass from sun up to sun down. Changing diapers a hundred times a day, washing diapers, cleaning snotty little noses. Feeding you food that you end up mushing into your hair and nostrils. <sigh> 

I mean, its easier dealing with a baby than when your older… sneaking out.. sneaking girls in. Coming home with alcohol just steaming out of their mouths. Telling me that we were ruining their lives by just being in their presence. 

Fuck it Dayton. I miss them so much. 


Just Vibing to a Joint I did with the homie @eazfonzarelli937 #lyrics #undergroundhiphop #california #bars #rap #hiphop #cruisn2outnow #Dayton #Ohio #Flow #backandforth #unsignedartist #talent #wordsmith #enjoy #comment #share #regram #rapgod (at Dayton, Ohio)

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yes, I tried (keyword: I TRIED) to draw Will Kemp and already imagining him as Mento!

(probably the next drawing I’m going to do will be Rita !!)

So … apparently Steve will appear in the doom patrol series and Will Kemp was cast for the role! I really thought it fit it well!

First of all I would like to clarify that regardless if you think Steve is a jerk or a good character I respect your point of view, I am very open to several interpretations of the same character,and even because if you read the comics it is possible to get the two different interpretations of him (at least I got it …!) I even recently came across this interpretation of the character made by @darkspellmaster and I have to say, it was incredibly consistent in everything!

I hope dc do not bring him as a “villain”, an evil character, (because, frankly, Rita does not deserve more suffering, poor girl, it’s enough what the chef did and does …), I think it would be interesting if Steve were like the guy who realized that chef was manipulating the patrol and tried to help in some way … I do not know .. I’m not the best with plots …. Is that why I do NOT write anything : / … dc surprise me!

I also do not want him to be just a RIta’s “fleshback”,I’m really curious and I think it would be interesting to approach him in a way a little different from the other re-readings (seriously, this character rich, good-look and arrogant , who thinks that he can get everything he wants with money, that is enough, right? I mean,how many characters have that same description ??)!

I believe that in that first season he does not appear much, and although I am curious of how they will adapt him to the screens I have to admit … I will be relieved if it is the case … in that first season I really want them to focus on introduce and develop the individual personality of each character and show their dynamics together (and show some “adventures”, introduce villains, etc.) … I wanted Rita to have a “solid” personality, so to speak, before pushing Steve in the story, so that she is not just another “beautiful woman who has attracted the attention of the rich handsome guy”, so that she can actually interact in an active and interesting way with him (independent if she rejects him in the beginning as in the classics  comics or being kind a friend) !! Good, this is it! any opinions on the appearance of dayton in the series ??And I am sorry for my bad english….

We never gave up hope when all others did…

We never gave up hope.

We kept searching.

We keep searching.

When ZackAttack made the announcement in late 2010 that our movement had come to an end, I didn’t know what to think. For so long, so much was given, so much sacrificed to prove to the world that Kevin Flynn was still alive. That Flynn still lived.

We here in Dayton, Ohio, where the first physical foundations of Flynn Lives were cemented, felt that with Sam Flynn now in charge of Encom, we would finally get some answers. The circumstances surrounding Kevin’s disappearance was too suspect to be anything short of an Encom internal cover-up, and we FINALLY had a big name on the inside! Encom finally had nowhere to hide.

And then, just like that, Flynn Lives was gone.

I know there are still those of us who still believe. ZackAttack said in his final message to us, “Today, Sam Flynn has brought us a little closer to his father by reclaiming Encom. But these are confusing times. We may have not found Kevin Flynn, but Flynn lives in all of us who want to believe in him.”

Movements are an organic thing. Give it energy and it will thrive and grow and evolve. Take away the energy, and it will fade away. We choose to believe that Flynn is still out there. We keep his memory alive by continuing the search. Our numbers may be few, but our passion burns as bright as a thousand suns

We will keep searching, because we believe that Flynn still lives.