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आत्मविश्वास वाढविण्याच्या तीन महत्त्वपूर्ण स्टेप्स… वाचा येथे 👉

() ・・・ Titled: "THE JOY OF A PHOTOGRAPHY" photo: Model: .lagos location: white castle hotel, neni village, anambra state. Nigeria.

We all know that we should be more in our but ? We get so caught up in the that we don't . I love this , it give some really ways to be more

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my dream


How’re you?

I wish that when someone asks me this question, they’re sincerely wanting to know and not waiting for me to politely ask about them and they can start babbling about themselves.

Because I’m not. Everyday, I tell myself I’d live each day to the fullest. But I’m struggling each day. However, I know that not everyone would be willing to listen to me talking about my problems so I’d refrain myself from talking too much (or not at all) about it.

I’m grateful that I’m still able to go through day to day. I hope that people out there who has the same condition as me has good people around whom they can talk to.

So all that was pretty basic stuff. I typically spend my day waking and baking, cleaning up in the shower, putting on my make up, whatever outfit I settle on, and hanging out with friends.

During this time I will try my best to convince myself I’m normal looking and that nobody is going to make fun of me in public. I work in food service in a moderately red state. I’m constantly worried A more red necked patron is going to say something or realize I’m trans in the first place.

Luckily, I’ve had a pretty good run of it, incidents of harassment have been pretty low. There is the occasional misgendering or whatever, but shit happens I guess. Some people are dicks about it, which sucks but I never let them see it bother me.

Most people I meet are really accepting of me though. Not the most gentle with how they speak to me sure, but they mean well. It’s probably why I’m so lax on pronouns or Pc culture. It didn’t take off here until pretty recently and I don’t go to college lmao. So most of my friends call me the group trap.

Some people hate that word. To me, I don’t mind it. At least they admit I pass I guess. Intent matters a lot I think. Like I said, they mean well so I’ve never really taken issue with what people call me.

I also find not caring about it a good way of protecting myself. I won’t pretend I’m just so above the status quo that I’m immune to dysphoria or feelings of despair, I’ll just be damned if I give somebody the power to hurt me with a simple choice of words. Yes, I know, cowardly. It’s just easier not to fuss or argue I guess.

Well that went on a bit. What do you think about this kind of stuff?

Entry 2: July 25th

July 25th, 2018. It’s another boring day. My aunt, sister, and myself went to go see a musical that bored me. I mean, it was good but it had a lot of slow emotional songs and I’m more of a estatic, jazzy type of person. My older sister was supposed to come today but she messed up the flights and she is coming tomorrow. I think my other aunt is also coming tomorrow which will be a surprise to the surprise (the arrival of my older sister[she trusted me with the secret]) I feel like this will be seen when I die or when I become famous (probably won’t happen, not even 15 minutes) but I hope yall enjoy. By the date you can estimate my age. Anyways, I can’t seem to think positively about myself. No matter how many times I try to convince myself that I am normal and that weight gain is normally during adolescent years, I just can’t. My mind will automatically go to the “Why does anyone even like you?” “How could anyone love you?”. My brain just loves to degrade me. It sucks but it’s bareable. I’ve been like for a while so I’m just used to it. One thing I’m not used to is random burst of tears. Whatever though. ++ recently I’ve been very clumsy and shakey for some reason. Im already clumsy but the past week I’ve been extra clumsy. No one is going to read these for a while but it’s fine. I just need to express.

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Same time, everyday….

It is 06:30 and I find myself sat in the car park at work drinking coffee, out of an inadequate coffee flask that has yet to be replaced. It is often this time of the morning I start to question the choices I have made in life to get me here, dont get me wrong I am glad that I have got this far but I cannot be the only one to ask myself how and why.

This morning was different than most, I woke up knowing I had written the first piece of this blog and something made me feel uneasy. I have been keeping this information of leaving this country for so long with only select people knowing. Now the environment i work in is something i wanted to discuss this morning, something i feel strongly about since first starting in this specific area of work.

Being an older apprentice can sometimes get me down but i remind myself constantly of the rewards in the long run.

The engineering sector is well known to still contain for the next 8-10 years the remaining men that once worked in our steel and mining sector, in my local area they tend to be spending these last few years working in maintenance roles. Now dont get me wrong, the information and skills these guys have is something that cannot be taught anymore and will cease to be once they retire. I appreciate this.

The downsides of this however is sometimes having to join in with the fake masculine bullshit that occurs in this “environment”. That is all i will say in this matter for now, but il be clear to point out something, it is very hard to be yourself in a room full of fake people with fake personalities.



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