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"How's your love life going Connor?"...."Yeah, not bad mate, obviously Tinder is doing bits for me..." *cropped for the sake of this girls identity and the bait intros.

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Today I wrote myself a love letter

I moved out over a month ago. I left my husband. I’m now living alone for the first time in my life. I’ve been seeing someone. But, it’s a complicated situation and he’s not sure where he’s at or what he wants. I’ve been wrestling with it. Worrying. Fretting. Do I leave it alone and move on? Do I be patient and wait for him to come around? Am I settling? I want attention and affection that he can’t seem to give. Also something my husband had been unable to give for years prior to the split. Why am I attracting men that are unavailable? But more so, WHY am I relying on someone else for the love and affection I need? What would happen if I just gave that to myself? What would that be like?

So, I wrote myself a love letter. I told her how beautiful and sexy she is to me. I told her how I love her eyes and her hair. I told her how I love her company. I love to hike and camp and adventure with her. I love how big her heart is. I love how she cares about everyone in her life. I love how she seeks growth…how she needs to heal and grow like she needs air and water. It’s one of the things I admire most about her. I love the sparkle in her eye. I love the fire in her heart. I love how she sees the good in people and in life in general. I love how she thinks everything is going to be ok and workout just fine! 

And it felt right! It felt good. It felt like exactly what I needed. And I wanted to share because maybe someone out there needs it too.

Much love.

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My boyfriend’s ex has convinced herself they are dating and that he’s cheating on her with me 🤦‍♀️ yesterday she went to his house to give back the promise ring he gave her back when they had actually been dating. Too bad she never shows up when I’m there 😒


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Got any advice for avoiding toxic lesbian relationships? Im in my 20's and only ever had one relationship in my teens and it went so horribly that both the relationship and that girl haunt me to this day? I feel like im supposed to get out there again but i dont.. like.. crush, on anybody. At all. Is that a problem..? I feel its very important for people to be aware that lesbian relationships aren't by any means "easier" than heterosexual ones. Various levels of abuse do still occur sometimes.

Yeah, being L, G, B, T and/or Q+ does not automatically make you a good partner, and abuse/manipulation/bigotry/ etc.can happen in our communities too. It’s important to stay aware of red flag behaviors in your significant other even if you’re both lesbians or gay or whatever applies to you.

Your partner, regardless of gender, should encourage open communication between you, support you, care about you, & respect your boundaries. They should not take glee in seeing you hurt, humiliated, or proven wrong. They should never coerce or force you into favors that you’re clearly uncomfortable with. They shouldn’t make you feel like you’re being controlled and they shouldn’t make you feel like you’re just a burden for exercising your rights as an individual, like having feelings, opinions, friends, dreams, boundaries, or wanting space/time for yourself.

I’m not a therapist so if you’re able to talk to one I would discuss your experience with them. Not everyone experiences crushes the same way, or at all, but if you feel like something traumatic is keeping you from experiencing attraction like you used to, it might help you to work through that with a therapist.


“Nah, dude I’m straight” 

Honestly…honestly, that line wasn’t even clever in high school and now it’s pitiful. Just do yourself and your girlfriend a favor and actually TALK about your feelings, ok?” 

~ Alexej 

Love is more than pretty pictures and having your circumstances perfectly aligned. It’s being so content with who you are in the Father, that you’ll never let life or your spouse’s disposition or actions change the way God has called you to be and walk toward them in love.

Love doesn’t buy time to be right and say you love. It gives its life to make sure the other is their absolute best and lovliest in the eyes of the Father. Isn’t that how Jesus loved us? He walked beside us and spoke into our hearts and gave us life. So that is marriage. You’re giving yourself to be like Jesus toward each other, not to expect from one another but to freely love one another as He has loved you.


I deleted my account ages ago.

So i wanna start a new one, bc i absolutely loved it.

I like to give advice and help where i can on most subjects, whether that be relationships, dating, sex, family, friends, crushes, contraception, anything, legit I just really miss helping people and giving advice☺️

Feel free to drop a lil message/send an ask, i’m honestly happy to answer everything💛

(Just also, by the way, I’m happy to listen to any venting you need to do, i know that thing can be hard when you feel like no one wants to listen, but i do, and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible💛)