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I show my tits, to all who retweet. Snapchat jennym-27

billimax-I am very active person; I always look after my manners and habi...

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if you tell people that they need to have prior experience that doesn’t do anything but incentivize them to lie about having prior experience!!!

I get crushes on guys sure easily and it’s kindaaaa annoy. Cause like I’ll be really into one guy but then a new one will get my attention and I don’t even talk to them half the time. I just kinda find them on social media talk to them for awhile but I then realize I’m the one putting all the effort in so I stop. I’m so afraid that these boys just think I’m a flirt but I really do want a boyfriend, just no guys are into me, so I flirt with a bunch.

Please someone tell me I’m not the only one who do this.


Straight relationships. Confuse me. My friend is dating this guy who tries to control pretty much every aspect of her life.

-made her delete social media accounts.

-made her stop talking to a lot of her friends because he didn’t like them.

-doesn’t let her have friends over at his house which is where she always is because she’s super dependent on him.

-argues with her over stupid shit and then make her feel like it’s her fault.

-gets super distant at random times and makes her question his feelings for her and then turns right around and acts all lovey dovey.

-regularly flirts with other girls in front of her when she’s told him it makes her feel like shit.

And I’m just like…that sounds emotionally abusive?? But she defends him saying that he’s really sweet?? But on the other side she isn’t great either??

-she gets mad at him when he doesn’t feel like having sex with her.

-is super possessive to the point where she doesn’t even want a female to do his hair???

I hate the relationship they are in. They aren’t good for each other and the entire thing seems super unhealthy but she blows me off whenever I try to bring it up. I’m worried things might escalate and something bad will happen.

And this is usually how most of the relationships my straight friends get into go. Although only two of the girls act terrible too. I just. Why do they get into relationships with pelple who obviously don’t respect them and get off on messing with their feelings? And why won’t they let people help them? It’s confusing.


Don’t know if anyone will actually talk to me, but there’s no harm in trying lol.

Hiya! I’m Kayla, 18 and I live in Texas ☀️🌵 I’m super shy honestly and I don’t know how to keep a conversation going to save my life, but I swear I’m trying! I’m Pansexual and I’m looking for some friends.

My interest include art, music, YouTube ummm and more but I forget. Disclaimer! I’m currently really into kpop and kdramas 😅😅

@hellishfvck on tumblr and dm me for other socials! 😊