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Dariya is single now and is a family-oriented woman by nature. Chat with her and find out your common interests👉 

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. First time ever, I attended investor dating. It was fun. We had only a few minutes to describe our product. It was great to meet many and make connections. Great . It was also amazing to talk to investors, espec…

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Guess I’m married now


I worked from home on Tuesday. My back was feeling a lot better, though still a little tweaky. But I also had to take my Jeep back in to the dealership because it was continuing to leak fluids from the same spot that they said they repaired a couple weeks ago (which they had to repair after they broke something when doing work a couple weeks prior to that). 

I was pretty productive at home. Sir stayed in bed all day, as he contracted the plague on Monday. After work, I made dinner, then went to Legend’s for the evening. We cuddled and fooled around, watched tv, then eventually went to sleep. It was probably the worst I’ve slept at his place since we started having overnights. One of his roommates was up late cooking and had the heat on. We had the window in the bedroom open wide (it was in the high 30s outside maybe?) and I was right next to it, but Legend’s bedroom was a sauna. Eventually the heat was turned off and I got to sleep. We both woke up before my 5am alarm, but neither realized the other was awake and we missed out on early morning sexy times. And I won’t see him again until Friday night. :(

Yesterday, I spoke with my doctor about my back and the poor circulation in my feet and hands that might be raynaud’s. She ordered some labs and prescribed some emergency vicodin for my back. She’s also writing a note so I can get a standing desk at work. Yay! I was feeling pretty good about the day when my service adviser from the dealership called to tell me that the leak was a new leak and would cost >$800 to repair. I flipped out on him and he promptly said he’d have the manager call me. The manager called 90 minutes later and I apologized for my earlier nastiness. He explained that it really is a different problem and he understands my frustration. We settled on a 20% discount and I will likely not take my car to that dealership for service in the future. I am not made of money!

I was texting Legend from my meeting this morning and he replied with some dirty messages that got me super turned on. Holy hell does that man do it for me. I can’t get over how happy he makes me, how much I love spending time with him, how completely in love with him I am. And then you add the sex. Yeah, I’m a goner.

So I’ll see Legend Friday night, heading home at some point on Saturday. Sunday, my mom and sister fly down and we drive out to Palm Springs for a few days. During that visit, I’ll tell my mom about Sir and Legend. She doesn’t need all the specifics; for example, I don’t plan to tell her about the open marriage. I think she’ll be sad for me, but ok so long as I show that this is the right decision for me. Parents just want their kids to be happy, right?

Potential Dating Profile Headlines:
  • Invest in Mangoes – You’re Gonna Need ‘Em!
  • In the event of shock, DO NOT run! (It only encourages me to chase you.)
  • THOROUGHLY AWESOME (between 10 and 2 AM only)
  • Most Ambitious Partner – just add experience
  • Mischief Managed
  • Bigger on the Inside
  • Headless Torsos Need Not Apply

Self-love & Marriage

If the husband has trouble loving his wife it’s not because she’s a problem, it’s because the husband doesn’t see himself clearly, because the husband ought to love his wife as himself, so if he doesn’t love his wife it’s because he doesn’t love himself or in other words doesn’t see who God made him to be, his true value and purpose through relationship with Jesus.

Jesus laid His life down for him—he ought lay his life down for her. When he loves his wife it is revealing that he loves himself in the Lord.

sad but true #2

Everybody is happy about their friends joy. At least you should.( Otherwise I might suggest you think about wether you are really good friends. ) When you meet them for coffee or a drink at your fav bar and they greet you with their brightest smile you are happy for them - even if your own life isn’t going well. And when they even take the time to celebrate your bday with you, you know you can truly feel blessed. But ( yes here it comes) there is just one tiny problem when all your friends are happy in their relationships and deeply in love and you are single. (I know - it is always a bit difficult no matter how old you are.) 

But as a quaterlifie welcome to a new stage of singleness! 

As of now you don’t meet cute people easily at the campus. You shyly smile at the supermarket at the super cute boy-next-door-guy and already imagine how you both could eat those spaghetti together until his girlfriend comes from the third aisle with tomato sauce. So you try your luck online. And after all the swiping at your dating app you think every suitable man/ woman is in relationships or they are too weird to be. 

But always remember (and I am sorry to say but as a single I consider myself as allowed) you are now one of them.

anonymous asked:

think you could date another leo?

I am too much Leo for myself GOD,,

Depending on the moon sign,, I don’t think I could date someone who’s a fire sun water moon like me,, too much man

at my soulmate

why haven’t I met you?

I’m way too hopelessly in love with the idea of a mutual love and that’s probably not a good thing tbh. I like to believe that there is one person out there for everyone to love.

I just want to be loved and equally love someone back. Idc who they are as long as I’ll finally find you and you find me.

But I’m not really looking for you either: I don’t know where and I don’t know how. I don’t wanna be that desperate. I want it to happen when it’s supposed to happen. Even when I’m socially awkward, got social anxiety and the outside world is too overwhelming sometimes.

I hope I’ll find you anyways.

ps: look what valentines day makes me do. It’s 1am and I’m talking about love on tumblr while watching murder documentaries and cuddling my cat