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I’m making pizza stuffed shells for my man tonight. Yes, I freaking cook in a kitchen for this guy. What the hell has he done to me? I like it. I actually enjoy it. I’m so screwed, right?

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Oh Jesus Christ I’m being recognized. Mistakes were made.





Writing, reading, music, KDrama, going on walks, simple stuff. I am looking for a girlfriend but we can be friends before that. If you are in Tennessee definitely hit me up. I’m a Daddy/DaddyDom and I go by Daddy. I don’t like mommy. You don’t have to be into it and I won’t pressure you to be. I’m chill. I love showing the person I’m with affection. I’m a STEM I guess you can say. Also Pansexual but girls are my kryptonite.

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hey, it’s not really an lgbtq+ question exactly but I’m lgbtq+ so here goes: what is the acceptable age range for dating when you’re 17 years old? I would never want to date someone too immature (age wise) but idk where exactly the “cut off” is? I hope this doesn’t sound weird I just don’t want to be predatory if I date a 16 year old or something?? thanks!!

Its so wild that this website screams up and down about pedophilia but instead of focusing on the actual problem yall scare people from dating someone a year younger than them but enough about me if your 17 and want to date someone who is 16 you can, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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What’s a way my girlfriend can “cope” with me being ace (she’s completely accepting I’m ace, but we were wondering if there’s any way to deal with this?

What do you mean, ‘cope’, though? If your partner accepts your sexuality, then that should be the end of it, right? She’d accept any differences between the two of you, she won’t misconstrue the way you choose to express your libido, etc.

A partner that accepts your asexuality shouldn’t need additional knocks.

- Fae

I don’t want a girl who is insecure in her faith but one who is confident in who God says she is. She is beautiful and lovely to me, because Christ is in her and she is learning more and more of who she is through Jesus.

Long Distance <3

I am in a long distance relationship.

It’s not always easy having 7 hours of travel between us… but we couldn’t be happier. Well unless we lived near by each other maybe.

I see him once a month. We try to plan for long weekends… when we can. Our schedules don’t always match. And we alternate who goes where. I’ve been really lucky lately and have seen him every three weeks. But that will slow down now that the holidays are over.

We make it work. Keys to our relationship:

1.) Communicating daily. Especially with kind words and encouragement.

2.) Making unconditional time for each other (FaceTime, gaming), especially when the other person needs a pick me up

3.) Sending gift boxes and cards every so often. This means getting a goodie birthdays, Christmas, any holiday, … typically I send something once a month.

4.) And fully committing to each other when we have time together. No distractions!

I never wanted a long distance relationship. It is so nice to have your honey close and accessible. But I’m so happy and grateful for him that it just happens to work. One day, when our relationship progresses further, we will move closer together. But it is hard to say who will go where as we both have very great jobs.

And, honestly, there are some benefits to it all!

1.) Me time. I can do whatever I want whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about seeing someone all the time.

2.) Our time together is more special, cherished, and meaningful.

3.) I go on vacation once a month. (We are planning to explore United States cities with our future weekends! Hello Seattle!)

4.) We are both given space to grow ourselves, but we still have the comfort and support of each other. THIS IS HUGE. We have already come so far from where we met. And we are still growing. We both have improvements we want to make in our lives. And distance gives us the ability to focus on ourselves and to stimulate growth. While commitment gives us someone to pick us up when we fall and to encourage us.

I’m excited for one day when we are fully together. But the system we have honestly works wells for us. We have so much happiness and like for each other. And I can’t wait to see where this year and the future takes us. ❤️


Idk what to post here so heres this.

My ex-girl friend broke up with me last year by saying that her parents dont want her to date, but a few days later, shes dating someone else and pretending like i dont exist. Now, this year, one day she wants to be best friends, the next, she hates me.

She also dated alot of people in the first semester of school and she blames it on her having “commitment issues” well then dont date someone you’ll break up with in a week. You can if you want to, but dont act heart broken when someone does it to you.

I dont know. It just hurts me that she pretendes that we never dated, because i was in a dark place last year and i dont think i would be alive without her.

Anyway, have a good day.