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You don't have to believe... just beware 🐝 . . . #…

Ain't no fun if the homies can't get none. Sharing my love for the sounds of the with my girlfriend while we rock out with our hubbies to at ! When talks we listen!

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THIS IS FOR ANYONE who wants to be married, thinking of marriage, getting married, and folk that have already said I do:

Sometimes, we take our relationships (and advice from others) so seriously that we forget that there’s no one way to live our happily ever after.

Do what works for the two of you.


#datenight #justbecause #cheers 💕🥃🥂

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My babe ❤️

Walking by the beach, getting food and going to the park, sitting at the picnic table talking about us, walking around the lake picking up some trash untill the sun goes down. Feeling the cool breeze while we sit on a bench talking some more about everything, no social media no nothing just you and I. Driving down the beach we spot a bubble tea place, we park, run across the street only for it to be closed. Except you knocked and asked them if they can still take us and the owner actually let you come in the store and I got bubble tea thanks to you. It’s the smallest things you do that makes me love you more than I already do.

Steve Urkel: I have a spectacular evening planned!

Laura: We’re not going anywhere until the ground rules are straight. First of all, this is not a real date. It’s a “non-date”. Second, no one must ever know about this “non-date”. Third, if you touch me at any time, the “non-date” is over.

Steve Urkel: Well, what if you trip or something?

Laura: Just let me fall! The rest of the rules are covered in this contract.

Steve Urkel: [reading] “No mouth breathing, no snorting, no drooling”. Who does these things? They’re disgusting. Where do I sign?

Went on a date with myself today.

Was feeling lonely, hadn’t left my building in what felt like days. Had become a disgusting little gremlin subsisting off of vending machine snacks and eating Annie’s Mac and Cheese out of the pot on my bed at 6 AM whilst exhausting the catalogue of Netflix original films.

Got up, showered, put on a dress, my only pair of heels. and some makeup. Took the bus into the next town over.

Bought myself a cup of tea, sat in a coffee shop and worked on job applications. Finally went to the drug store, got a light dinner and a warm cookie, got on the bus and went home.

Result: I am tired and stressed, but feel 1000% better about myself than before.

Date yourself. It works.


Are you ready?
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GoGoGo !!!🚨🔥🥵


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Come, join!
For the love of #food
Love #redthaicurry, though it looks so #yellow here.
“Looking at me you can guess that I love food.
And that I don’t like to pay for it.
I mean if you ask me out, you pay. ” best lines in a stand up I recently saw…
Anyways, back to the yellow looking red #thaicurry..
I guess I’ve been #livingunderarock cuz I’ve not been out for legit so long.
So, you know, did I miss some crucial things?
Since when did they start serving like this?
What followed was:
You mustn’t have seen Mirzapur.
Me: No.
He: Why? It’s on Amazon prime.
Me: Umm, expensive.
He: 1k is not expensive.
Me: Rolls my eyes. (Tell me about it)
Finally finds a voice to say, “It is”
I mean I’d prime before.
(When it was free).
No, I wasn’t vocal about the bracket part.
Yeah, but you know, ..Not now…
(You know why)
He: it’s 1k FOR A YEARRRRR. For a WHOLE yearrrrr.
Me: I know.
Nods my head.

But anyways meeting people you used to know years ago, does reconcile a lot of stuff. I long for that peace of equilibrium. Luckily that’s not 1k for year.
When one confesses, restlessness better be done. Things settle with time.
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