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beats expectations with $30.6B in revenue as ’s growth continues via

New addition to the SAS Visual Analytics Gallery: Visualizing cluster model results with a D3 circle packing graph

i just learned that you can make something that looks like this in R and it suddenly makes me wish i was studying rocks or water: introducing the rayshader package, which you can learn more about @

"Even when a is perfectly designed, it still can 'lie' to us," notes expert & author .

author and data viz expert Alberto Cairo

Our Data Visualisation event is in full swing with giving a workshop on Timeline.js. She is creating a timeline of fire.

Day 51 of traveling for a conference, this is how I spend time during the flight by learning JS using Grasshopper, the coding app for beginners.

World Political Map 2D Edition for is fully interactive and fun. Check it out!

Wondering about how your tax dollars fit in the big picture of federal finances? Your Guide to America’s Finances has info on revenue, spending, deficit and debt: .

[NEW COMIC] Many slide presentation fixes are simple/straightforward. So don’t make your audience do the work for you. See what I mean in my new comic.

My former colleague & friend has published an incredible analysis of just who and what is covered in popular U.S. history textbooks. A must-see for , lovers and educators.

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Maybe I’m being overly cautious but I didn’t want to spoil Game of Thrones for anybody who might still be catching up so I decided to make charts about the show’s rankings on IMDb rather than the subject matter. 15% of all episodes of GoT so far are rated 9.7 or higher on IMDb! A lot of season 6 and season 4, and a lot of later in the season episodes. And of course a lot of violent episodes like The Rains of Castamere, which I’ve been crying about for almost 6 years now. Check out the rankings for all episodes, separated by season, to see how the final two episodes tend to get ranked pretty high.

Los Angeles County attracts over 200K people a year. Yet we lose over 300K.  Where are we losing more than we are gaining and vice versa?

Note: Migration from other California counties has been removed from the chart. That dwarfs all at in-flow of 114K and an outflow of 180K.

Been on a South America kick recently… Here we compare the Instagram hashtags for the 13 sovereign South American nations. What surprises you?

Poor French Guiana/Suriname/Guyana. Time to book some trips and get them trending! At least horrific civic unrest hasn’t propelled them to the top of the list. Glass half-full here…


Uber introduces AVS, an Open Standard for Autonomous Vehicle Visualization. AVS is a new standard for describing and visualizing autonomous vehicle perception, motion, and planning data. Learn more and discover AI technologies in your industry at Welcome.AI ⠀

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Impressions embarquées. Impression IV, Dataviz, projection, Lasers ( raye of carbone in Gafsa, Tunis and Nantes in real time, Gallery Bonus, Nantes, France. 30 August 2018. Project developped in real time by the collectif Apo33.
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Great examples of data visualization from 100+ years ago. Not much of a chance to iterate and adapt the graphic layout when you draw with pencils … I wonder what was the process and roles involved in crafting those: was there a data person and an illustrator, a third person creatively proposing how to illustrate data insights?

An Introduction...

I am embarking on a path to become a data scientist. This blog serves a few purposes:

  • Communication - I’ll be learning a lot over the next few months. It would will probably do me some good to be able to explain the concepts that I’ve learned. 
  • Documentation - Blogs: what are they for, if not for documentation? 
  • Visualization - This ties into communication. While using words to explain things is super useful, a huge part of this is visualizing data and analysis. Some people think better in pictures. I know I’m one of those people.

Anyway, here it is. My blog. Enjoy it (or don’t, whatever. Just do you, man.)

I missed the boat

After the disappointment of the last draw.  The last draw was a draw wherein I chose a big loser set of numbers, but I chose that set based on its comparative value next to a set that guessed 3 out of 6 numbers.  So I decided to tweak a few parameters and try seeding the results every time.  As a result, I started seeing 5, 11,  …   and 4, 11, …. every time…. or with some of my more intense settings it got more abstract like “Wed 21 Nov 201832 1 32442049 43 34  35″

what am I supposed to do with that? If I parse it on my own.. maybe I get 24 and 42  which would count as two right.

Another one looked like this:  “Wed 21 Nov 201832 1 334422491444  22″ again.. if I had accepted it as a possibility I might have picked 24 and 42 again.. but 2 right is pretty common… I want at least three.  And last time the 3 right option was spaced and articulated exactly as I had expected.

This is all to say.  I got tangled up in a mess of second-guessing and self-recrimination and managed not to make a guess for tonight’s draw.

last weeks winning numbers made a fascinating shape:

The most recent draw numbers looked like this when they were drawn:

Back to witches hats… hmmmm?