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More and more users are asking if Oracle Analytics can provide best in class data visualizations on top of being an AI and Data Platform. Here are some dashboards and dataviz!

I totally just used ggplot2 to graph the schedules of my spouse and her classmates to map out when and where they can meet up on campus. I am such a nerd. 😂😂😂🤓

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Playing with an idea to help our UX teams understand what people actually do whilst using their app.

A look at the explosion trends by type. Notice the Under Water tests stopped immediately after the PTB Treaty which banned nuclear testing in the atmosphere, outer space, and underwater. code:

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First of many contributions to . The US and USSR were responsible for over 80% of explosions. Random fact; After rejecting the CTB treaty in, Pakistan tests six nuclear weapons, 1998 in response to India’s tests. code:

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We added a new type of "oval" pie chart designed to stretch when using wider (or taller) image aspect ratios ... like we have on now. With this type of your / will be more clear and easy to understand.

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I was supposed to be reading something but then I got bored and got to wondering how many counties have enough people to fill the average football stadium. This was the result. 

Recently I asked about 50 people to give me their worst movie of all time. I clarified that I didn’t mean bad in a “so bad it’s good” sort of way. Rather, we’re talking about viscerally bad. The sort of movie that makes you feel violent inside and conjures up horrid memories of having to watch even a second of it. I took all those PTSD-inducing films and found their IMDb ratings. While there was some alignment between the average IMDb viewer and worst ever, there were quite a few outliers, notably Forest Gump, Gladiator, and Magnolia (I took special exception to this pick). 

Overall, the films selected had an average IMDb rating of 6.0 and a median of 6.3. A 6-6.3 is by no means good but it’s also not Battlefield Earth level bad.

And what did I pick? Cat in the Hat obviously.