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Here are 10 predicted trends to look out for in 2019 ...

Very interesting discussion on the importance of for organizations at "Using data for common good" event at Toronto.

Catch our last Chat for the year, host David Harlow & his guest, national expert Art Gross, discuss the biggest topics of the year, & how you can better prepare yourself for security & compliance in 2019

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Hacker expõe senhas de 97 milhões de pessoas, incluindo usuários do . Um lote com informações de mais de 97 milhões de pessoas foi publicado neste final de semana na deep web. Leia:

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Important Data Encryption Through SSL certificates

Unprotected data can easily be hacked and manipulated by hackers. To avoid or prevent the middlemen attack, it is important to secure data and transfer it over the Internet through a secured connection. To know how SSL work on big data security visit@!


Inaguration of the Arctic World Archive

Decentralization helps in Securing Data

In current times, if there’s a crisis capable of standing neck-to-neck alongside global warming, it is possibly data security. Contrary to our belief, our data is not as protected as we may prefer it to be. With the amount of our personal, private and sensitive information being stored and transmitted online, security and privacy have become an issue of concern. Data has very easily become one of the most valuable resources which is why it is a prime target for the cyber-criminals. 

Blockchain for Data Security

In this situation of crisis, Blockchain is the rising solution for data security. It is a major technological breakthrough that helps in securing the network for data storage. To ensure the safety of data, Blockchain’s feature of decentralization comes in play. 

Data - Broken and Distributed

Decentralization means distribution of powers and function from the central unit to other units. To execute this, Blockchain can be used to break up data and distribute it across a chain of computers making it easily accessible. The data is encrypted and can only be accessed using the hash key. Distributing the files means that there is no single point of weakness vulnerable to security breaches. The file is scattered across the network in a way that all the files are available even if a part of the network is down. Since the data is broken in parts and exists on multiple networks, it ensures that nobody can read or tamper with other’s sensitive information.

A cryptographic signature of the document or file on Blockchain can also be saved. This eliminates the need to save the entire file on Blockchain as well as makes sure that it is untampered.

Why is Blockchain useful?

There are a few benefits that slide the tables in the favour of Blockchain storage. The peer to peer networks can make the speed of downloading very fast. The data is distributed all over the world, so it is highly available in need. No one can access it except the one who uploads it. Data storage can be extremely cheap as compared to other storages and you can also rent out your free space to earn money. Most importantly, the immutable nature of Blockchain records implies that you can confirm if a file is accurate and unaltered.


Blockchain can notably change the scenario of data storage in the future. Products are already in the market, competing for decentralized storage space. The Blockchain technology is developing rapidly and will be easily accessible quite soon. It will be interesting to see the technical transformation when that happens.