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Will Automated put out of work? That's like asking if the Power Loom put clothing designers out of work in the 1800s. .

Use this Canvas to keep , domain experts and developers on the same page and see better designed systems and predictive applications come to light.

[rethinking finance] Head of sales Making available to access to training to envision all possibilities of the tools and

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Recently completed my Certificate on from ⁦⁩ Prof. Kristen Sosulski was an incredible teacher. I highly recommend her book “Data visualization made simple” ⁦

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often seem like wizards who can chant a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and produce amazingly detailed predictions of what the future will hold. However, as much as we’d like to believe it was, data science is not magic. Here's the process:

preparing for an easter egg hunt, knowing they've developed an algorithm that predicts the location of each one based on historical data.

RT SAS_DACH: RT GSvolba: For is not always a treat. Especially in you have to make sure that your software can handle moving dates. Read more about the challenges and how SASsoftware can help you here. …

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Changing Sketches into Photorealistic Masterpieces
A deep learning model developed by NVIDIA Research turns rough doodles into highly realistic scenes using generative adversarial networks (GANs). The tool is...

This. is. a. GAME CHANGER


Fancy a career in data science? We’re looking for talented and ambitious technical people to join us as we build a brand new tech hub here in the heart of London Victoria. It’s a chance to kick off a fantastic career in data science where you’ll not only help us continue to make good things easily accessible to more people – you’ll build a future for yourself that’s just as exciting as ours. Interested? Get in touch below…