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day 11/100 productvity 

11 days ago i started my 100 days challenge my goals this year is to graduate in bachlor’s  degree financial accounting so i have to finish the year with good grades also prepare my graduation memory in “ the role of tax control in limiting the creative accounting and to acheive that  i’ve accepeted in intership at taxs departement in my town 
Also my second goal is to finish my course in data anlyst and pass the test at the end of decembre 
My biggest goal is to prepare my self in a national exam to access to the commercial university to get my master degree in logistics 
this are my goals for this year wishing to achive them which they will be a huage part in my career and my life
Oracular Thinking, Ancient and Modern – Jill Marshall – Medium
Political Forecasting in Ancient Greece and Modern America
By Jill Marshall

As a student of ancient religions, I see parallels between the ancient Greek desire to know the future and the modern American urge to predict political outcomes. Both attempts at forecasting address the unpleasant situation of uncertainty and aversion to risk. While the underlying assumptions are worlds apart, the reasons for seeking wisdom from a Delphic oracle or a political forecaster are rooted in similar human anxieties. And interestingly, the oracles — ancient and modern — give similar explanations when their predictions turn out “wrong” in the eyes of others.


China’s State-Run Media Press Unveils “AI Anchors” to Read the News. The AI system uses the base image of a real newscaster, with machine learning technology recreating realistic speech patterns and facial movements akin to human counterparts, the South China Morning Post reports. The effect is similar to that of a digital puppet, according to an analysis by tech news site The Verge. A synthesized voice emits news scripts from an almost-human visage. #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #news #voice #industry #data #deeplearning #datascience #ai #technology #tech #impact #startup #futuretech #future #innovation #revolution #bigdata #business #entrepreneur #usecases #airevolution #Algorithms #DataScientists

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